Conor McGregor is no stranger to the WWE—while never appearing for the promotion—he's commented multiple times on the company, teasing the prospects of one day showing up there. Most recently on Twitter, McGregor congratulated Becky Lynch on becoming the WWE RAW and SmackDown Women's Champion after defeating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte at WrestleMania.

"Congrats to Ireland's Becky Lynch, the WWE's first Champ Champ," McGregor wrote. "Wow! What a match these ladies put on! Ronda Rousey is something special in that ring, as is Charlotte Flair of the Flair dynasty! Stephanie McMahon you are right, I could not do what these athletes do. Or could I..."

While talking with Sky Sports, Bobby Lashley (who lost the Intercontinental Championship to "The Demon" Finn Balor at 'Mania) was asked about if McGregor would be an exciting addition to WWE. Lashley was all for the attention McGregor would bring to WWE.

"I think he wants to [join the WWE], he's been talking a lot," Lashley said. "Conor is one of those guys that will shoot first and then shake hands later. He did it last year when he tried to call out the wrestlers. I think he'll have a good opportunity to come over here and shake things up, run his mouth a little bit and bring some notoriety. I'd like to see him in. It would be cool."

Lashley noted a role outside of being champion would have to be found though, since McGregor is too small to carry one in WWE.

"I think he wants to be here," Lashley continued. "If he wants to be here he might have to try and find a role. We're not going to put a big title on him, he's way too small."