On the latest Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho spoke about WrestleMania 35, and how WWE has cut off talent from appearing on his show, even if it's to promote the event. Jericho signed with AEW earlier this year and according to Jericho, he's not in the WWE's good graces at the moment.

Jericho started out by joking that he wouldn't be going to WrestleMania because he's banned, but truthfully he was told he's not allowed to have WWE Superstars on his show.

"I on the other hand am not going to be [at WrestleMania 35], as I am banned," Jericho joked. "I don't think I am necessarily banned from the WWE, I don't think that's the case at all, but I know I'm not allowed to have any WWE guests on Talk is Jericho. Yeah, that was told to me from a very high source that it would not be appropriate because I am now with AEW.

"So, this is officially the WrestleMania Preview that the WWE doesn't want you to hear. ... It's one of those things where there's certain rules that play now. I'm assuming I'm allowed to watch WrestleMania."

WrestleMania takes place from MetLife Stadium this Sunday. Jericho is currently scheduled to face Kenny Omega at AEW Double or Nothing in the main event on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

You can hear Jericho's full comments below and previous episodes by clicking here.

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