As noted, WWE ring announcer and backstage interviewer Dasha Fuentes was released during WrestleMania 35 Week earlier this month. She was reportedly replaced by Sarah Schreiber on the RAW brand.

Dasha released an Instagram video and confirmed that her WWE journey has come to an end.

She wrote on the Instagram caption, “I can’t thank you all of enough for the past 5 years it has truly been an honor and privilege to have been able to work for @wwe!!! To all of my fans throughout the years and coworkers who have reached out to me it truly means a lot!!! Although my journey with WWE has come to an end it’s just the beginning!!! I most definitely am not saying goodbye, but rather I’ll see y’all around!!!!”

In the video below, Fuentes thanked everyone who helped make her WWE journey possible. She said it’s been an incredible 5 years with the company.

“What’s going on everyone, Dasha here. Just wanted to address some of the rumors that I’ve been getting and questions that have been asked to me. Yes, unfortunately, those rumors are true, I am no longer with WWE, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank WWE. It’s been an incredible 5 years, I’ve learned so much. A lot of people don’t know, I actually started in WWE as a wrestler, then got the opportunity to host, and announce, and work my way up, and got to interview backstage as well. So, I’ve gotten to wear many, many hats within WWE. So, thank you to all the agents, producers, coaches, everyone that’s helped me out along the way, and also wanted to thank each and every Superstar, person that worked there, that pretty much reached out, made sure I’m doing OK. And I’m doing OK! So, I just wanted to let you guys know that. And thank you to all my fans throughout the years. So, guys I’m not going anywhere. Get ready to follow my journey. Thank you guys so much,” she said.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.