Since rejoining the WWE main roster last year, Drew McIntyre has had an entirely different mentality than he had his first stint with the company. McIntyre was just 21 years old when he was signed by WWE in 2007 and he admits that his immaturity often got the best which hastened his departure from the company in 2014.

McIntyre then traveled the world and worked for various promotions which allowed him to see how things operate outside of the WWE umbrella. He then joined NXT in 2017 with a newfound perspective on how good he had it as a WWE Superstar.

McIntyre talked to The State Journal-Register about the new mindset he had when he rejoined WWE and how he tries to prevent current Superstars from making his same mistakes.

"I can look around now and see people who have lost perspective," McIntyre said of the WWE locker room. "They're perhaps tweeting about how upset they are and their lack of opportunity instead of bettering themselves or working harder outside of the ring. They're clearly not going to the gym and they don't have that fire anymore, and I understand it because I was there. And I can spot it because I was that guy."

The Scottish Psychopath said he makes it a point to call out those Superstars who are veering down the wrong path and tries to set them straight.

"It's my job and my character's job to get rid of those who don't necessarily have that fire and remind me of my younger self," stated McIntyre.

McIntyre humbled himself by choosing to go to NXT upon his WWE return where he won the NXT Championship, thus becoming the first person to win the title after previously being on the main roster.

Now he has his sights set on winning the Universal Championship on Raw which would be the first World Heavyweight Championship of his career.