Eric Bischoff Talks The Best Day Of His Career

Not everything on WrestleMania Weekend centered around WrestleMania 35 and the WWE. Also in New York City was WrestleCon which featured many of the industry's current and former stars.

Eric Bischoff was a part of the festivities and our Andy Malnoske caught up with Bischoff to ask him about the best moment of his career.


"When I look back at the day I was most excited to be in the wrestling business, it was probably when I went to work for Verne Gagne in 1987," revealed Bischoff. "I never aspired to be in the wrestling business. I never dreamt it would be possible, but I grew up a fan of it and was a fan of Verne's.

"By sheer coincidence, to end up working for him was probably my best day."

Bischoff went from being an interviewer for Gagne in the AWA to a WCW announcer to the eventual EVP at WCW. He helped cultivate some of the greatest wrestlers in history and he spoke about what it takes to be successful as a performer.

"Probably a lot of the same characteristics it takes to be successful as an actor, actress, musician or any form of art... charisma, athleticism, the ability to work a microphone. A lot of is timing as there's been a lot of great characters that have come along and the timing wasn't quite right for them," stated Bischoff.


"So much of it is just timing, luck, hard work, charisma, good fortune?all those things."

Bischoff now has a podcast titles "83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff" which received it's name from WCW beating WWE 83 consecutive weeks during the Monday Night Wars. Despite the name of the podcast, Bischoff doesn't really reflect that much on beating WWE and instead prefers to talk about the changing nature of the wrestling industry during those 83 weeks.

"I don't think about it. It comes up in conversations and interviews. But I don't look at it in that way," Bischoff said of Nitro beating Raw.

"It's all of the changes that took place during those 83 weeks. It really changed the industry as we knew it then and even as we know it now. That's the part I like to thing about and I'm most proud of."

Andy Malnoske's exclusive interview with Eric Bischoff was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below.

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