As noted, the former owner and a current ambassador for Ring of Honor, Cary Silkin, recently spoke with our own WINCLY Podcast about last week’s ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard that took place at Madison Square Garden. Although there have been no further announcements regarding Ring of Honor and AEW working together in any capacity, Silkin sees a possibility of it coming together somewhere down the line.

“Listen, you’ve been watching this stuff long enough, and been covering it long enough, and been a fan long enough [to know] anything’s possible,” Silkin noted. “So, maybe it’s not really in the cards at the moment because people’s feelings might be a certain way. I would think maybe six months from now or a year from now, the whole thing could be different. So, we’ll see what happens.”

One talent that stayed behind as his fellow “The Elite” members started AEW was “The Villain” Marty Scurll. Silkin is glad that Scurll stuck around because he views Marty as a quality, “magnetic” asset to ROH.

“[Marty Scurll] was buddies with the crew that left,” Silkin explained. “He signed with Ring of Honor and his attitude’s good. I mean, would he have liked to have went with those guys? I’m not that close with him; he might have been. The point is, he’s more than happy staying and he’s more than happy contributing. The Villain Enterprise thing: at first, when I saw it, I’m like, ‘Hmm?’ But, it worked, and he’s really good. He’s really magnetic and I’m just happy he’s still a part of Ring of Honor.”

Another star that Silkin has his sights on is one of the newest members of ROH: PCO. He may not be aware of PCO’s newfound popularity on the internet but Silkin is a huge fan of the brutal matches that PCO has been dishing out lately.

“I didn’t know what to expect [with PCO],” Silkin said. “I mean, I don’t look at all these videos. I’ll go on Twitter but I’m not glued to Twitter. I’ll check your site or Mike Johnson’s site, but I’m not glued to these websites. And I knew that PCO was suddenly, like, becoming this internet sensation. Did I do any research about him? Not really. And when he showed up, turns out when I said hello to him, he knew that I was friends with Bushwhacker Luke and he worked for Luke in Puerto Rico. I just wanted to see what he could do and holy sh–! I mean, you saw that match with him and Brody King against The Briscoes. It’s ridiculous! The guy, he’s close to my age, he’s nine years younger than me but Jesus Christ!”

The numerous stars that started with ROH at the beginning of the year, including PCO and Brody King, are all a part of ROH’s reoccurring need to fill in for the superstars that leave the promotion for other companies. Silkin has become accustom to this process. Silkin is looking forward to the opportunity this present for the newer stars to show the world what they, and ROH’s future, are capable of.

“This lifeblood crew, it was perfect timing. It goes back to when we lost Punk and Joe, and we lost Nigel and Bryan, blah, blah, blah, we lost Adam and Kyle, and Bobby and Davey, and all these guys,” Silkin said. “They put a fork in us so many times, but it opens up space for new guys. So, as much as I would love to have The Young Bucks forever, and as great as Cody was, and Daniels is a long time ROH legend, and Frankie, and all them. It just made room for new guys, and if they wouldn’t have left – but at the same time, how many Bucks matches can we see? So, it worked out. It really did and I wish those guys the best. And the new crew that we have, it’s taking some time, like simmering, like a good stew or something. I think it’s starting – you can definitely smell it and, you know, you can definitely taste it. I think The Garden is going to be the first time where it’s going to really be like, ‘Holy sh–, look at all these guys!'”

The full audio from Wrestling Inc’s exclusive interview with Cary Silkin was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded audio player below. In it Cary discusses ROH and NJPW’s huge G1 Supercard this Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, watching ROH grow to this historic moment, the message ROH and NJPW’s success at MSG sends to Vince McMahon, if ROH will run MSG in the future, Marty Scurll’s Elite friends exiting ROH, the young talent in ROH looking to fill the void The Elite left, underestimating Matt Taven and more.

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