Impact Wrestling Results (4/5): Madman Fulton's In-Ring Debut, Madison Rayne Returns To Impact

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Petey Williams vs. Trey Miguel vs. Jake Crist vs. Idris Abraham vs. Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin (Six-Man Scramble Match)

This X-Division match starts in chaos with Petey Williams tackling Jake and mounting him with punches while the other participants pull one another in to waist locks. Abraham tries a roll up, inciting a series of pins from the different participants in the match. Ace Austin uses a card to seemingly give a paper cut to Williams. Trey Miguel comes over the top rope and takes outs many of the men on the outside. Williams and Austin go to work on one another. Austin tries an irish whip but Williams comes off the ropes and delivers the tilt-a-whirl headscissors.


Williams dropkicks Austin in the back while he's leaning on the ropes. Williams comes over the top rope and hits Jake Crist with a hurricanrana. Prince slides in to the ring and begins exchanging reversals wit Austin, Prince puts Austin in a guillotine choke but he turns it in to a vertical suplex for the two count. Abraham and Prince now go one-on-one, with Abraham coming off the ropes full speed to shoulder tackle Prince out. Miguel enters the match and he uses his gymnastic abilities to dodge Abraham's moves and deliver a double stomp.Jake Crist enters the match and gives a death valley driver to Miguel. Abraham comes back in and hits a blue thunder bomb on Abraham. Prince comes flying off the top rope with a huge splash on Abraham.

Austin is back inside the ring and he uses a springboard kick to take down Prince. Austin hits a spinning neckbreaker for another 2 count. It's left down to Miguel and Austin. Try delivers the signature turnbuckle kick and a 619. Austin dodges the top rope maneuver and Williams re-enters the match. He connects with a side-russian leg sweep, a pop-up powerbomb and a sharpshooter on Miguel. Jake Crist breaks up the submission but eats a northern lights suplex for his trouble. Crist gets tied to the tree of woe as Austin comes in and hits a back suplex on Williams.


The participants set up in the corner for a huge four-man combination move in the corner. Trey Miguel nails the double stomp but he is then caught in the Canadian Destroyer by Williams. Chaos ensues until Austin hit a meteora/facebuster maneuver. Jake Crist hits a superkick but is then disposed of. Prince, Austin and Williams are left in the ring but Austin gets dropkicked out, allowing Prince to come soaring out of the ring and three other men. Crist and Williams battle on the top turnbuckle until Williams nails the super canadian destroyer off the top ropes for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Petey Williams

We see LAX backstage drinking together and talking about the Lucha Bros. Konnan tells Ortiz and Santana that they are going to earn respect from Penta and Fenix at their Metal Mayhem Match. For tonight, he wants them to focus on Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards.

Also backstage, Melissa Santos is interviewing Taya Valkyrie. Taya says that she won't be giving Jordynne Grace another opportunity at the Knockouts title because she doesn't deserve it. Madison Rayne appears, to which Valkyrie asks why she isn't still in the Undead Realm. Rayne says that she wasn't lost in the Undead Realm but somewhere much worse (insinuating ROH). Rayne tells Taya that being a champion is about defending your title. Grace appears and says that she deserves the next title shot because of how things ended last week. Valkyrie suggests that Rayne and Grace duke it out in a wrestling match for the #1 Contender's Spot at Rebellion.


Madman Fulton & Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

The match starts out with Swann mounting Callihan and raining down punches on him while he's downed. He continues stomping and chopping away at Callihan on the mat. Mack tags in and continues the offense by using his power advantage. He connects with a springboard neckbreaker on Callihan. Callihan regains some offense by hitting Mack with a clothesline when Fulton distracts him on the side.

Back from commercial, oVe is working on taking out Mack. Fulton hit a delayed suplex on Mack. Callihan gets tagged back in and engages in a chopping war with Mack. Willie nails the Samoan drop and moonsault combo, but Fulton attacks him before he can tag out of the match. Mack uses a Thez Press to finally tag Swann in to the match.

Swann comes in hot, superkicking both Fulton and Callihan in the process. He then delivers a Lethal Injection on Callihan. Callihan avoids a Phoenix Splash from Swann. The fight spills to the outside and Mack climbs to the top to deliver a senton over the top rope that takes out everyone. When they get back in the ring, Swann attempts a Frankensteiner on Callihan but Madman Fulton helps Callihan instead connect with a powerbomb on Swann. Mack saves Swann from a piledriver and goes for a crossbody attempt. Fulton catches him in midair and helps Callihan hit the piledriver on Swann for the 1-2-3!


Winners: oVe

oVe takes advantage of the situation and stomps away at the downed duo of Swann/Mack. Tommy Dreamer comes out to make the save and clears the ring with a chair wielded in his hands.

Rolando Menendez interviews Johnny Impact and explains to him how his actions have been to trick everyone this entire time. Johnny asks what's the point of being smarter than everyone if you don't take advantage of it. He then insults Ronaldo and tells Killer Kross that he will end up getting his title shot before Johnny exits.

Moose joins the Rascalz at their smoking circle once again and says that he'll get his girlfriend to bring some friends to Impact next week to see him beat Trey Miguel next week.

Rosemary treads through a cemetery in memory of Allie and what happened the week prior in the Undead Realm. Kevin Sullivan reappears and reveals that he is actually the biological father of Rosemary. She finds Allie's grave and explains that is actually Kiera Hogan's fault that Allie died because she was distracting her. Rosemary promises to get revenge on Hogan.


Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne (#1 Contender's Match for the Knockouts Championship)

The two women start the mach by exchanging control of one another's wrists. A series of quick pins and reversals leads in to Grace gaining the control with her strength. Rayne attempts a crossbody off of the top rope but Grace is impervious to the impact. Rayne uses pinning combinations and different kicks to keep the offense on Grace. Grace with a pounce off the ropes for a quick 2 count. Grave delivers a senton splash for yet another 2. Grace with a backbreaker and side walk slam for another 2 count. She tries to perform the Vader Bomb but Rayne dodges and finally gets some good offense in.

Rayne finally gets down Grace with another crossbody for a 2 count. Rayne reverses Grace and puts her in to the sleeper hold, refusing to let go as Grace wrenches away. Grace with a torture rack in to a powerbomb for one more two count. Rayne hits the crucifix pin for another near fall of the match. As things wind down, Grace connects with the Grace Driver for the 1-2-3 on Rayne.


Winner: Jordynne Grace

After the match, Taya Valkyrie came down to the ring and attacked Grace from behind. Grace actually started to gain the advantage but Johnny Impact came out to distract her so that Taya could return to the attack. Valkyrie hit a curb stomp and set her up for the countdown to Impact from Johnny; however, Brian Cage came down to the ring and saved Grace.

Backstage, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander are going to become the Monster Mafia to try and show the world that they are the best team in all of pro wrestling.

Rohit Raju vs. Fallah Bahh

Raju gets the first hit of the match after Raj Singh distracts Bahh from the outside. Nevertheless, Bahh is unfazed because of how much bigger he is. After continued strikes and forearms, as well as some stomps, Bahh delivers a Samoan drop and tries a Banzai drop. Singh distracts the referee this time and allows Rohit another window to attack Bahh. Raju actually performs a roll up and gets the win on Fallah Bahh.

Winner: Rohit Raju


After the match, Scarlett Bordeaux came down to the ring and distracted the Desi Hit Squad, allowing Bahh to take them both out. Bordeaux hit a running hip attack on Raj to finish them off.

Cody and Jake Deaner received new Impact contracts.

Josh Matthews announces that Swann and Callihan will compete against one another at Rebellion for the X-Division Championship.

We see a video package highlighting the career of Gail Kim. Melissa Santos interviews Tessa Blanchard after the video, asking what it feels like to face a legend at Rebellion in the process. Blanchard goes on to explain that Kim was a legend, but only in her era of bra and panties matches, not this current era that Blanchard is a part of.

Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz)


Both teams talked trash to each other before things really got going. Drake went to cheap shot Konnan, who blocked it and hit Drake all by himself; this causes the referee to eject Konnan from ringside. In the ring, Santana and Ortiz jump Eddie and Eli to get the wrestling started. Both teams go back and forth with quick tags and some blind tags in the chaos.

Both teams continually worked in tandem to deliver combo moves. Santana goes for a frog splash on Drake but he's cut off and hits a superplex off the top rope. Edwards got a two count with a powerbomb. Santana delivers a rolling cutter on Edwards, followed by a double inverted suplex with Ortiz. Drake pulls Ortiz off to break the pin up. LAX tries for the Street Sweeper but Lucha Bros ended up coming down to the ring to distract LAX. Santana dives over the ropes and on to the lucha bros, giving Drake the opening to hit Ortiz with the kendo stick. Edwards with the Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winners: Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake

Pentagon & Fenix Jr. hit LAX with superkicks. They end up bringing out a table and powerbombing Santana through it to end the show.