As noted, it was announced that WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently signed with All Elite Wrestling after his WWE contract expired at the end of March. JR will make his debut at their first big event, Double Or Nothing on Saturday, May 25 in Las Vegas.

Above is new video of Ross speaking with TMZ Sports while in New York City this week. When asked why he left WWE for AEW, Ross said the new opportunity was too good to pass up. Ross also said AEW still has faith in his story-telling abilities on commentary.

“26 year great run. 26 years, wouldn’t trade it for anything, but this opportunity to do something new with AEW and the Khan Family, too good to pass that up,” Ross said. “And you know, they have a strong belief that I can still do my story-telling job at ringside in this wrasslin’ business, so we’re going to give it another run and have some fun.”

AEW announced that Ross had signed a three-year deal earlier this month, calling his contract “the most lucrative deal in pro wrestling commentary history” in the official press release. Ross confirmed that he’s never had an opportunity like this in his career.

“Well, I wasn’t being used much, I wasn’t getting much playing time,” Ross said when asked why he left WWE. “You know all of us grizzled old veterans think we can still play. So, I just believe that I still have some juice in the berry, and the opportunity came about. I’ve never had an opportunity like this, as far as financial rewards, new people, young management. It’s a lot of fun. It was the right time.”

Regarding a possible WWE return in the future, Ross said “never say never” but he’s committed to AEW for at least three years, hopefully longer, and he’s just ready to get started with them.

“I think when you’re in the entertainment business and you’re proverbially on your back 9 of life, you say no to nothing, you say never say never,” Ross said when asked about possibly returning to WWE one day. “I’m committed for three years to AEW, and hopefully for longer, so I’m not thinking that far ahead. I’m ready to get to work today, tomorrow, whatever.”