Joey Janela's Spring Break 3 Part One Recap: Deathmatch, Jungle Boy Returns, Virgil Appears

Show opens with a video of Nick Gage's daughter, Joanna, welcoming us to Spring Break 3 while cursing and holding a pizza cutter. Loud GCW chants from the crowd. Ring announcer gives the official welcome.

The namesake, Joey Janela, makes his way down to the ring with Penelope Ford. Loud ovation. He'll be competing in tonight's first bout against a returning Marko Stunt, who's been out of action with a knee injury.

Joey Janela versus Marko Stunt

Tie-up. Stunt with a headlock. Back and forth chain wrestling. Janela targets Stunt's knee with a leg kick. Stunt fires right back with a leg kick of his own. Janela attempts to launch Stunt into the crowd...he skins the cat and returns to the fight. Taunting by Stunt, who makes some terrible comments about Janela's mother. German-Suplex from Janela. Helluva kick. Straight-Jacket German. Another One. Cover...Stunt escapes. Janela picks Stunt up...he throws him into the second row of the fans from the ring! Crowd catches him and he crowd surfs. Janela joins in the crowd surf! They start nailing each other with chops while the fans hold them up! Eventually...the chaos returns to the ring.

Janella lays into stunt with open palm strikes. Stunt attempts a comeback but Janela slows him down with a superkick, followed by a package piledriver. Nearfall. He puts Stunt on the top rope...TOP ROPE PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ATTEMPT...Stunt knocks him off and Janella hits the apron hard. Top rope spike frankensteiner from Stunt onto the apron! In the process Stunt has been busted open. Stunt tries to pick up the pieces...Janela with more strikes, this time to the cut on Stunt's eye. Stunt will not be denied...tornado codebreaker! Cover...Janela gets a shoulder up! He climbs...Janela meets him...SUPER FALCON ARROW OF THE TOP. HE KICKS OUT. Stunt with the roll-up! GOT EM!

Marko Stunt wins by pinfall.

Following the bout, Janela kisses Stunt on the head. Fans giving both men a great ovation before they depart.

Tony Deppen is out next. He grabs a microphone and complains that he's not more featured on the show. He then turns his attention to the crowd, berating them, and even picking on a guy in a wheelchair. (It's Dustin Thomas.) Guy in the wheelchair calls Deppen out, so Deppen throws him into the ring. I guess this is a match.

Tony Deppen versus No Legs

Deppen stomps away at No Legs but No Legs is able to apply a sleeper hold! Deppen breaks it...drop-toe-hold from No Legs. He follows that up with a 619! Big pop! Deppen rolls out of the ring and No Legs leaps off the top rope onto him. He somehow climbs to the top rope...Deppen is right there...slap. Superplex from Deppen nearly wins it. Deppen places No Legs on the top rope again...No Legs surprises him with a Tornado DDT! SPRINGBOARD 450! Cover...DEPPEN JUST KICKS OUT. No legs climbs again...he misses a splash. Shining Wizard from Deppend. That'll do it.

Tony Deppen wins by pinfall.

Great heat for Deppen and the fans reign him with boos. The next bout is announced as a Spring Break Scramble, and will features A-Kid, Jake Atlas, Australian Suicide, Shane Mercer, Slim J, and Jungle Boy, who is wrestling in his first match since his father, Luke Perry, passed away.

Slim J versus Shane Mercer versus Jungle Boy versus Australian Suicide versus Shane Mercer versus A-Kid in a Spring Break Scramble

Action starts fast as every dives at Mercer...who catches all of them! Kid and Atlas show off some nice lucha skills with arm-drags. Jungle Boy with a running frankensteiner, but Mercer makes him pay with a military press slam. Mercer choke-slams the lot, then tosses Jungle Boy to the arena floor. Superkicks from A-Kid and Atlast onto Mercer sending him to ringside. Suicide dives from both men! Atlas and A-Kid team up on Suicide. Slim J returns and hits a DDT on Suicide, followed by a top rope high cross body.

Jungle Boy lays into Mercer with multiple super kicks, then targets Slim J with a back breaker off Mercer's knee. Atlas misses a standing moonsault...super kick from Jungle Boy. Atlas and Boy battle on the middle rope and Atlas nails Boy with a super Olympic Slam, A-Kid nails Atlas with a super kick followed by a standing moonsault for a close pinfall. Mercer sends A-Kid across the ring then climbs to meet Slim J on the top rope before landing a super death valley driver.Shooting star press from Suicide onto Mercer! A-Kid knocks Jungle Boy out to ringside before taking him out with a dive. Mercer catches a leaping A-Kid...nails him fall away slam. Suicide hits Mercer with a destroyer. Cartwheel DDT from Atlas! Jungle Boy surprises Atlas with a superkick, then locks A-Kid in an abdominal stretch. He taps!

Jungle Boy wins the Spring Break Scramble via submission.

All six men celebrate in the ring together, then pose all holding up each other's hands. The next match is for the GCW World Championship! Shinjiro Otani is out first, followed by the champ, Nick Gage.

Nick Gage versus Shinjiro Otani for the GCW World Championship

Tie-up. Gage back Otani into the ropes. Chain wrestling...Otani with a takedown. He targets the arm, clawing and cranking it in multiple directions. Gage is able to slip out of the ring...he brings a door in! Series of strikes from Gage...Otani responds and he knocks the champ down! Single-leg crab...he's got it in deep but Gage breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Fight shifts to the corner...Otani with another big strike combo...Gage fires back with a running elbow. He climbs to Bret's rope...elbow drop. Pinfall attempt but Otani gets a shoulder up. Gage in control.

After a back-and-forth Otani catches Gage...German suplex through the door! Face wash from Otani. More striking from Otani but Gage is barely effected, hitting a DDT on Otani which nearly wins the match. Leg sweep from Otani. Gage then lands a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall on Otani, Gage follows that up by nailing Otani with a face wash. Otani gets up and he puts Gage through the door with a German suplex, Otani keeps Gage in the corner before landing his own face wash. Otani picks Gage up and he nails him with some more strikes, Gage recovers and he nails a swinging Otani with a DDT for a near fall. Otani drops Gage with a leg sweep for a near fall, Gage surprises Otani with a roll up with a handful of tights for a three count. Roll-up from Gage...he has the tights!!! Otani can't kick out!

Nick Gage wins by pinfall and retains the GCW World Championship.

After a few minutes to settle, Nick Gage gets on the microphone and puts over Otani as one of the best in the world. Gage reveals that he handpicked Otani because he used to watch him as a kid. Show of respect from both men.

The next bout...Invisible Man takes on Invisible Stan. (I love wrestling.) Referee puts on his Vision glasses so he can see the competitors.

Invisible Man versus Invisible Stan

Standoff to start. Stan with an eye-rake. Crowd boos loudly. Referee sets up chairs for a chair spot. Someone got busted open as the ref puts on his medical gloves. Fight spills to the outside. They climb the balcony...and take out the staff by falling! Stan attacks the ref. Kikutaru runs out, puts glasses on, and makes the save by giving Stan a DDT. Crowd is eating this up. Match ends after Man spears Stan through a table.

Invisible Man wins by pinfall.

Crowd throws money at the referee following this classic bout.

Next up...Taka Michinoku battles Orange Cassidy.

Taka Michinoku versus Orange Cassidy

Slow to start. Taka attempts to lock up with Cassidy but can't figure it out. He lands the first strike with a kick to the gut. Bouncing off the ropes...Cassidy bulldozes through Taka with a shoulder-bump. Taka reciprocates. Waist-lock attempt from Taka but Cassidy uses a drop kick. In an effort to get in his head...Taka removes Cassidy's glasses. Cassidy is pissed. He attacks Taka with a barrage of strikes...eye poke from Taka! Taka targets the eyes, clawing at them. In the corner...Taka unloads stiff shots, including knees to the head. He goes for a pinfall...but Cassidy escapes with ease.

Cassidy with a comeback. Crossbody from the middlerope. Pinfall but Taka kicks out. Roll-up from Cassidy but Taka kicks out again. Cassidy climbs...misses a dive. Taka takes advantage and applies the crossface submission. After a struggle...Cassidy gets to the ropes. Big right hand from Cassidy. He goes to take a drink from his Orange Juice....Superkick from Taka! Michinoku Driver! That's it!

Taka Michinoku wins by pinfall.

"All Ego" Ethan Page is out next. He addresses the live crowd, telling them that tomorrow's Battle Royal will suck because of people wearing shorts and t-shirts. He pushes for the Body Guy Extravaganza instead. He also reveals that this is the last night to fight for his soul, before promising that the clusterf**k of a battle royal won't happen.

Starman appears out of nowhere and we got ourselves a match.

Starman versus Ethan Page

Starman with a roll-up! PAGE LOSES!

Starman wins by pinfall.

Starman remove his mask...OMG IT'S VIRGIL! Page can't believe it! He says that he will enter the Battle Royal tomorrow..."and it will be the craziest of all time."

Main event time....and it's a DEATHMATCH.

Masashi Takeda versus Jimmy Lloyd DEATHMATCH

Takeda with a headlock takedown to start. Headscissor from Lloyd breaks the hold. Arm-drag from Lloyd but Takeda is right there with a pump kick. Each man picks up a light-tube and lays into the other. They stab each other with a piece of metal! Lloyd gets the worst of it when Takeda slices open his arm. Light-Tube shot to the arm. Early cover...two count. Takeda uses the Light-Tube and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Brawl in the center of the ring. Lloyd smashes a Tube right over Takeda, and follows that up with a DVD. SUPERKICK WITH A LIGHT-TUBE FROM LLOYD! Takeda kicks out! Dropkick from Takeda. Man this is wild.

Takeda brings a board of scissors into the ring. HE DROPKICKS THE BOARD INTO LLOYD. Suplex with pin...two count. Lloyd fights back...he goes for a powerbomb...he gets it...ONTO THE SCISSORS BOARD. Tiger Driver but Takeda won't stay down. Another exchanging of strikes. They both trade Dragon Suplexes! Lloyd grabs a weed whacker and destroys Takeda with it. Takeda then uses it on Lloyd! Takeda puts light tubes on a door...suplex. He kicks light-tubes off Lloyd's head. Takeda climbs...SWANTON BOMB LANDS. He picks Lloyd up...reverse blood sunday onto the tubes. Cover...that's it.

Masashi Takeda wins by pinfall.

That's the show friends.