Welcome to our recap of Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Part Two, taking place at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey and streamed live on the FITE TV network. Wrestling Inc was onsite for this exciting event, with footage and photos spliced throughout this recap. Enjoy, and feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the “Comments” section below.

Denver Colorado on commentary welcomes us to the show. Ring announcer thanks the fans for being patient, and introduces the first competitors of the evening.

The namesake, Joey Janela is out first, along with Penelope Ford. Janela looks right at the camera and curses out Kazuchika Okada. Jungle Boy Nate Coy is out second.

Joey Janela versus Jungle Boy

Tie-up. Jungle Boy with a headlock. Bouncing off the ropes Jungle Boy hits a frankensteiner, followed by a very athletic arm-drag. Janela lands the first strike striking Jungle Boy in the chest. They trade several superkicks in the center of the ring. Janela wins the exchange by surprising Jungle Boy with a lariat. Double-lariat and now both men are down. Janela rolls to the outside…Jungle Boy with a bottom-rope suicide dive! He runs back in…suicide dive through the middle ropes! Back in again…TOPE CON HILO! Loud chants for Jungle Boy! He climbs to the top of the turnbuckle…Janela smacks his back and lifts Jungle Boy up….REVERSE DDT ONTO THE APRON!

Back in the ring Janela attempts a cover but Jungle Boy escapes. Knife edge chops from Janela. Jungle Boy reciprocates. Back-and-forth chop exchange. Jungle Boy goes for a springboard…Janela with a palm strike…Jungle Boy with a step-through spear! Jungle cutter! He goes for the pin…Janela gets a shoulder up. Jungle Boy lays into Janela’s chest with kicks…he bounces off the ropes…Penelope Ford grabs his foot. She climbs…top rope frankensteiner! Headscissor from Ford! Jungle Boy avoids an attack and takes her out with a lungblower! Janela takes advantage of the distraction…twisting package piledriver…cover….JUNGLE BOY STILL IN IT! Janela can’t believe it. Off the ropes…Jungle Boy with a Destino. Lionsault…Janela catches him with a Dragon sleeper submission! Jungle Boy gets to the ropes. Camel Clutch from Janela but Jungle Boy grabs the ropes again.

Both men end up on the apron…Jungle Boy with a firemans carry…DVD on the apron! They fall to the outside. Jungle Boy uses the second rope to deliver a flipping senton onto Janela into the crowd. Back in the ring…Jungle Boy goes for a crucifix but Janela spins him into a tombstone. Two count! Janela charges Jungle Boy in the corner…he moves…lungblower! Jungle Boy climbs…Janela slows him down with a right hand. He climbs to the top with him…TOP ROPE BRAINBUSTER. JUNGLE BOY KICKS OUT AT ONE! He superkicks Janela! Shining wizard! Cover…Janela gets a shoulder up! Another big knee…Janela with a German suplex. Jungle Boy fires back a German of his own. German suplex exchange. Janela goes for another submission…Jungle Boy catches him in a modified lifting full nelson submission right in the center…Janela taps!

Jungle Boy wins by submission.

Following their match, Janela shows Jungle Boy respect with a handshake and a hug. The next match is a tag-team bout. LAX is here and are out first! They face…the Rock ‘n Roll Express! Crowd with loud this is awesome chants as they all circle each other.

LAX versus Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Santana and Gibson begin. Tie-up. Santana shoves Gibson into the corner and the referee breaks them up. Second tie-up…Gibson pushes Santana into the opposite corner. Gibson with a shoulder-block! Ortiz runs in and Gibson takes him down with a hip-toss! Morton tags in. Running knee into Santana’s head. LAX regroups on the outside.

Santana and Morton tie-up. Quick-tags from the Rock n Roll Express, targeting Santana’s arm with tandem offense. Ortiz gets tagged but walks into an arm-drag by Morton. Ortiz reverses an Irish-whip…huge powerslam onto Morton! Now LAX with the double-team. Santana comes in…he runs and knocks Gibson off his tag corner, then unloads right hands onto Morton. Santana hits a moonsault off of Ortiz’s back onto Morton.

Gibson gets the hot tag. He smacks LAX’s heads off each other. All four men in the ring! Sunset flip from Morton…Ortiz breaks it up. Leg drop from Ortiz. He climbs…big splash. Morton breaks up the pin then nails Santana with a Canadian Destroyer! Big pop! LAX falls to the outside. Morton with a suicide dive! Stereo superkicks from LAX onto Gibson. Morton takes LAX down with a double clothesline. Santana surprises him with a pump kick. Flipping senton…Morton can’t kick out.

LAX wins by pinfall.

Ortiz gets on the microphone and says that they wrestled 9 times over the last few days, but this match with the Rock’N’Roll Express was their main event. Santana thanks them for being an inspiration to two Puerto Rican kids from New York. All four men hug.

The next bout is singles-action, and announced as a one-fall contest. Masato Tanaka is out first. His opponent…LA Park…carrying his signature steel chair.

LA Park versus Masato Tanaka

Intense staredown. Park shoves Tanaka, who pushes back. It’s a brawl to start. Park with huge overhand chops to Tanaka in the corner. Tanaka with a running corner lariat. Park fires back with a corner lariat of his own, followed by a falling lariat for an early pinfall attempt…Tanaka escapes. Park grabs his chair and nails Tanaka on the head. IT HAS NO EFFECT. Rolling elbow from Tanaka! He bounces off the ropes…Park catches him with a gorgeous powerslam. Park removes his belt and starts using it as a weapon…whipping Tanaka across the back. Park charges Tanaka in the corner…Tanaka gets the boots up. Tornado DDT and sliding lariat in succession nearly win it for Tanaka but Park kicks out and rolls to the outside. Tanaka with a slingshot plancha nailing Park into the crowd.

Tanaka hits Park in the head with a beer cup. Tanaka clears out some of the crowd…Park reverses an Irish-whip sending Tanaka into the ring apron. Chair shot from Park. He picks Tanaka up and powerslams him into the second row! Park reaches under the ring…he pulls out a door! A second door! Back in the ring…Park sets up a door in the turnbuckles. He powerbombs Tanaka right through it! Cover…somehow Tanaka manages a kickout. Park dances for the crowd…then sets up the second door long ways along the opposing turnbuckle. Tanaka fires off some strikes but Park surprises him with a release German and a running knee! Park climbs…Tanaka meets him up top…SUPERPLEX. Tanaka climbs…frog splash! Two count! Tanaka getting pumped up…he stomps Park down in the corner. Park hits him with a spear out of nowhere sending them both through the second door. That’ll do it.

LA Park wins by pinfall.

Park lifts up Tanaka and holds his arm up. They share a nice moment together before departing the ring.

The Greatest ClusterF**k Battle Royal is next. You can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or being tossed over the top rope.

Greatest ClusterF**k

Necro Butcher is the first entrant. Number two…Nick Gage.

Tie-up. Butcher and Gage start brawling. Butcher nearly eliminates him. Shlack comes in at number 3 with Markus Krane accompanying him…they bring a door into the ring. Butcher and Shlack have a hockey fight! Still going! Eventually they both fall to a knee. Georgie Boy is next…he has a rubber chicken. Gage attacks him as soon as he walks in. Face wash big boots. Shlack and Krane send Georgie Boy through the door.

Swoggle is the next entrant! He plays to the crowd, but Shlack nails him with a spear. Butcher and Krane struggle in the corner to throw each other out.

Erik Cannon is next. He goes right after Gage. Gage with huge forearms that Cannon responds to. Swoggle chops Butcher in the corner. Shlack picks up Georgie Boy…AND SENDS HIM INTO THE SECOND ROW.

Georgie Boy has been eliminated.

Joe Gacey is next. He comes in hot…nailing cannon with a handspring cutter, and stomping Gage in the corner. Krane applies a submission to Gacey.

Brian Pillman Jr is next. Crowd goes wild. He also goes right for Gage…mounted corner punches! Cannon has been busted open. Shlack and Krane put a plastic bag over Pillman’s head…double-back body drop. Swoggle and Gacey exchange blows.

Nate Webb and Marko Stunt are next. However, they decide instead to perform a concert…singing Teenage Dirtbag!

MJF disrupts the concert and enters the ClusterF**k. Pillman with a huge flying crossbody.

Joey Ryan is next! He sleazes his way into the ring and hits Cannon with a superkick. Ryan then oils himself up. MJF tries to kick him in the nuts…but that doesn’t end well.

Sexy Eddie is out next! He and Ryan share the body oil. Pillman gets in on the oil fun.

Effy is out next, wearing a beautiful purple leather jacket with spikes. Ryan pulls away Sexy Eddie’s towel…HE’S WEARING NO TIGHTS! Eddie holds his private area.

Nick Maretti is next. Sexy Eddie hits a moonsault! Cannon rolls him up with a backslide pin.

Sexy Eddie has been eliminated.

Marko Stunt officially enters the match, as well as his brother, Logan Stunt. Action is happening all over the place. Marko and Logan face off! Butcher eliminates Logan Stunt!

Logan Stunt has been eliminated.

Team White Wolf comes in as a team. They nail Pillman with tandem offense and eliminate him.

Brian Pillman Jr. has been eliminated.

Black Label Pro’s Colby Durst is next. He hits White wolf with a neckbreaker. Swoggle grabs Ryan by the crotch…and tosses him out!

Joey Ryan has been eliminated.

Egotistico Fantasico is next. Durst hits him with a codebreaker as he enters the ring. Egotistico with an impressive moonsault. He ties up Maretti in a butterfly stretch.

G-Raver is next. He brings to the ring needles…which he smashes in Swoggles head! Swoggle rips them out and hits a German suplex onto Raver! Cannon nails Swoggle with a superkick…he cannot kick out.

Swoggle has been eliminated.

Kikutaro is out next. He does his signature butt-finger spot. The lot pins him and he’s gone.

Kitkutaro has been eliminated.

Teddy Hart is out next. He takes his time getting in the ring. G-Raver nails Shlack with a top rope meteora. Hart enters the ring with his cat…Mr. Velvet! Meanwhile…Cannon dumps team White Wolf over the top.

Team White Wolf has been eliminated.

Homicide is next. He and Teddy Hart exchange a look. Hart with a waist-lock. Homicide lands a right hand. They dance around waiting for the next entrant.

Crime Time is here! Holy sh*t chants from the crowd. Homicide and Hart team-up to take on Crime Time…their fight spills to the outside…Hart gets dumped in the process.

Teddy Hart has been eliminated.

While that was happening…Shlack and Durst get pinned.

Grimm Reefer is next. He jumps from the stage onto Durst…then runs to face Homicide. Homicide hits a cutter…then climbs to the top…Reefer shoves him off!

Homicide has been eliminated.

The Ugly Duckling Collective is out next. They make a big impact, hitting everybody that moves.

Slim J is next. Ring is filling up now. Slim J shows off his athleticism. He absorbs knife-edged chops, then takes the collective out with a flying splash.

Facade is out next, followed by Gringo Loco.

Loco hits Facade with a standing moonsault, then an Ugly Duckling with a Spanish fly.

AJ Grey is out next. He lays waste to everyone he gets his hands on. He takes out the lot on the arena floor with a flying crossbody.

Ophidian is next. He targets Grey, attacking with a double-knee strike. Suicide dive from Ophidian. Loco follows that up with a suicide dive of his own.

X-Division champion Rich Swann is next. He makes his presence felt, hitting a Duckling with a drop kick, followed by a frankensteiner. He takes out a bunch of competitors with a suicide dive as well.

No Legs is next. Huge pop. He lands his signature 619 and Swanton Bomb onto Fantastico. He pins him and he’s gone.

Egotistico Fantasico has been eliminated.

Brendan Brown is out next. He goes right after MJF. Stunner…he tosses MJF out!

MJF has been eliminated.

Facade with another dive.

The End is next. Super collider onto the ducklings, who then get dumped over the top rope. He gets rid of the remaining few and is already creating waves in the matchup.

Ugly Duckling Collective has been eliminated.

Shane Mercer is next. As he entesr, The End tosses out Grey, Loco, No Legs, and Facade. Mercer goes after both members of The End. Moonsault powerslam. He tosses The End out.

The End has been eliminated.

Tony Deppen is next. He crowd surfs instead of entering the ring.

Jake Atlas and Lucas Reilly enter as a duo, and go right after Mercer. Springboard cutter from Reilly. Deppen jumps in and hits Atlas with a slingshot double stomp. Meanwhile Butcher, who was in at number one, attacks Gacy with a chair.

Australian Suicide is next. He goes after Atlas and Reilly before choking Mercer into the corner.

KTB is next. Faceoff with Deppen. Powerbomb! He tosses Deppen out.

Tony Deppen has been eliminated.

KTB takes out Atlas and Reilly with a duel fall away slam. Mercer nails KTB. Back-and-forth striking.

Caveman Ugg is next and joins in the brawl with KTB and Mercer. Ugg nails Suicide with a stunner, which sends him up and over.

Australian Suicide has been eliminated.

Crowbar is next. He targets Ugg with a slingshot leg drob. He climbs…top rope frankensteiner to Gacy. Cover…Gacy kicks out.

Matt Tremont is next and goes straight for the Butcher. Ring still feeling crowded…Mercer eases the load by tossing out Atlas and Reilly.

Jake Atlas and Lucas Reilly have been eliminated.

Grizzly Redwood comes out at #44. He gets into it with Mercer. At some point…Ugg and Storm got eliminated. Huge lariat from Tremont onto Swann.

Chris Dickinson is out next with Sanchez. They double-up on the Butcher. Dickinson shifts to Redwood who he takes out with a powerbomb, following by a brutal stomp-down.

Michael Blaze is next. He runs right at Sanchez, lighting him up with kicks.

Kit Osbourne and Frankie Pickard are the next pair. As soon as they hit the ring they turn on each other and start fighting.

NWO Sting is next to the delight of the crowd. He separates Sanchez and Dickinson.

Tracy Smother is next, followed by Mantaur who goes right after Smothers.

Matt Nix is next. As he’s entering Manataur dumps NWO Sting for an elimination.

NWO Sting has been eliminated.

Cecil Nix comes in next. He takes out Swann with a hard suplex onto the ring apron, then knocks out Chris Dickinson.

Chris Dickinson has been eliminated.

Jimmy Lloyd is next. He and Tremont brawl as soon as he comes into the ring. Raver with a top rope senton eliminating Osbourne. Raver then turns his attention to Tremont, nailing a series of headbutts.

Masash Takeda is next. He attacks Lloy, and receives a big pop for all his GCW appearances of the last couple days.

Jeff Cannonball is next. He and Takeda exchange blows. Cecil Nix eliminates Manataur.

Manataur has been eliminated.

Dickinson comes back and pulls out Mercer. While that happens…Lloyd tosses Takeda.

“All Ego” Etha Page is out. He nails Ophidan with a powerbomb.

OMG. Essa Rios is next. Crowd can’t believe it! He comes in hot attacking everyone he can get his hands on, and in the process, takes out Cecil Nix with a pinfall.

Cecil Nix has been eliminated.

Must have been off-camera, but Necro Butcher was finally taken out as well.

Necro Butcher has been eliminated.

A whole bunch of female talent raids the ring from the crowd, a bunch of doors are placed in the ring as well. Su Yung mists Cannon ball and the women take over the ring. Martina spits beer in the eyes of Raver before landing a tornado DDY, Marko comes in the ring and Ashley Vox hits him with an air raid crash. The ring is now empty. Action is happening all over the arena. Somewhere a clown appears and gets destroyed by the female talent.A bunch of light tubes are introduced…Lloyd gets attacked by nearly all of the women with them. Dickinson starts fighting back, but the women overpower Dickinson and work him over in the corner, Manic superplexes Dickinson through a bunch of tables. The women also start attacking the referees as well, the women start taking apart the ring as well while attacking the referees.

Joey Janela gets dragged into the ring by these vicious ladies. They all gang up on him as the feed cut to black.

ClusterF**k Battle Royal ends in a no-contest.

That’s the show friends.

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