- Above and below are preview clips for tonight's episode of Miz & Mrs. on the USA Network, featuring Maryse, The Miz and their family.

- WWE stock was up 3.27% today, closing at $99.25 per share. Today's high was $100.10 and the low was $96.38. This would be the first time the stock hit $100 since WWE went public on October 19, 1999.

- As noted, John Cena is celebrating his 42nd birthday today. The veteran WWE Superstar took to Twitter to reflect on celebrating 30 years of never giving up.

Cena wrote, "Turned 42 today. Shot these and realize that by sharing I open the door towards ANY comments you have. But I share these for the message within them. WE ARE THE SUM OF OUR ACTIONS. 42 is usually a forgettable # but it's special for me......... ...I found my passion for fitness by beginning a dedicated workout/nutrition program at (yes this is correct) age 12. This year I celebrate 30 years of chasing the unattainable, and never giving up. 30 years of pushing beyond limits, never giving up.... ..30 years of overcoming failures, literally facing the man in the mirror, and knowing that growth will come thru pain and discomfort, and never giving up. Find your passion. The thing you can do for 30 years and hope for 30 more. And chase it. With the "best you" everyday.... ..and never give up! No matter what you chase, it is NOT easy, even when you enjoy it! Because we all have good and bad days, embrace the good and fight like hell thru the bad. Never give up. 30 years. Straight. And I'm just getting warmed up! Own Your Everything!"

You can see Cena's tweets and photos below: