Kofi Kingston recently spoke with TV Insider to promote his WrestleMania 35 match with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Kofi talked about getting back into the main event scene after the 2010 feud with Randy Orton. Kofi said he's made an effort to embrace every single fan he meets, and those people have come along with him on the journey to a top match at WrestleMania.

"We were doing some pretty cool things, and then it started to taper off, doing mid-card things," Kofi said. "I was still having a great time and winning championships, but nonetheless, I had not been able to get back into the main event scene for 10 years. I have been very fortunate to have connected with the WWE Universe over the last 10 years. I always make an effort to embrace every single member of the WWE Universe I meet. Just shake a hand, share a smile or sign an autograph. Just be thankful for their interest in me. I think that has resonated.

"People felt that, and I didn't realize they would until I got on to social media. After that gauntlet match, I couldn't get to the bottom of my timeline. The past couple of months I haven't been able to get to the bottom of my timeline because everybody is so supportive with congratulatory messages and different scenarios. It's one of those things where the people have come along with me on this journey. I feel like they are wanting to cash in as much as I am. It has been an awesome ride."

Kofi doesn't forget how it was the success of The New Day that helped bring him to a top match at the biggest show of the year. He said he's glad he accepted the offer to join the group because what he was doing was getting old.

"When we wanted to start New Day, Woods wanted to start this and wanted E on board," Kofi recalled. "There was the idea to have a third person and be a group of guys who weren't happy with their position in the company. They came to me asking if I wanted to be a part of it. I'm so grateful they did, because I definitely wanted to switch things up. At that point in my career I was the happy-go-lucky guy who is going to do a couple of cool moves in a match and probably end up losing the match. It was getting old for me."

Regarding his Road to WrestleMania storyline with Bryan, Kofi talked about the similarities to Bryan's previous feud with The Authority. He called the current feud a great story. Kofi also said the little time he has spent in the ring with Bryan has been special, and he believes they will have an amazing match on Sunday.

"Daniel Bryan was in the same role as I'm in right now," Kofi said. "The Authority was trying to hold him down, and he had to fight, having the power of the people behind him to fight and get to the main event and win the WWE championship.

"Now, the irony that he is on the other end and calling me all the names he was called, it's a great story. We will see what happens. The little time we spent in the ring together has been pretty special. I think we match up pretty well. I've been watching Daniel Bryan for years. I'm sure he has been watching my stuff. We know each other very well. It's going to be an amazing match. I'm definitely looking forward to it and looking forward to stealing the show."