WWE RAW Superstar Lio Rush reportedly has heat within the company.

Rush has reportedly made it very clear to many people within the company that he thinks he should the top guy on the brand, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Rush is not shy about sharing where he thinks he should be in the company and The Observer noted that he's a very confident man, which can rub people the wrong way, even though that's what it takes to be a star in the business.

There's no word yet on what the heat will mean for Rush's career, but The Observer noted that he was not with Bobby Lashley for this week's RAW dark main event in Des Moines, Iowa. That match saw Braun Strowman and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeat Lashley and Drew McIntyre. Lashley did not appear on this week's RAW broadcast. Rush did appear on last Monday's Superstar Shakeup edition of RAW from Montreal, with Lashley. Rush has been in the managerial role with Lashley for the most part, but he did work a few WWE 205 Live matches earlier this year.

Rush took to Twitter this afternoon and issued what could be seen as a direct response to the reports.

"The fact of the matter is no matter what you do you do in life, no matter what route you take, you'll always have people out t here that'll try to tear you down. Tell you that you can't be or do something. Try to stomp on your name and hault your success. The fact of the matter is that i love what i do and have been in love with the dreams of being in the current position that I'm in now since i was 5 years old . The fact of the matter is that i am a young, hungry, and humble husband and father of two boys who believes in himself more than anybody will ever believe in me. The fact of the matter is that i am a passionate African American male in America who takes my passion seriously and will do whatever it takes to change me and my family's situation," Rush wrote.

You can see his full tweet below: