Mandy Leon Shoots Down Rumors Regarding Madison Rayne And Allure

At ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard, Mandy Leon teamed up with Velvet Sky and Angelina Love to form the stable, Allure. The group attacked Kelly Klein after she defeated Mayu Iwatani to win the ROH Women of Honor World Championship for a second time. Leon appeared on Wrestling Epicenter to talk about the new group, how they differ from the norm in ROH, and if Madison Rayne had originally created the idea for the group.

Leon felt like G1 Supercard was a great spot to bring in the group as the Women of Honor division needed to be shaken up a bit.

"I'm loving it! I think that this is something Women of Honor has needed for such a long time," Leon said. "A lot of people don't know that I kind of stepped back from Women of Honor. I was in the tournament to crown the first Women of Honor champion and I was kind of screwed out of that. Kelly [Klein] tapped twice to me. I was kind of over it. So, I went behind the scenes and wore different hats within Ring of Honor. I tried commentary and broadcasting. But, I had a little plan in the back of my mind. It was just a matter of when the right time was to debut the Allure. The perfect time was G1 Supercard! It was amazing!"

Leon was asked about how it was decided to bring Sky and Love into the mix in ROH. Most fans will remember the duo from their extended time in TNA as part of The Beautiful People.

"I think we're rocking it! It has been in the discussion for some time as to who was going to be in this group," Leon said. "I think they're the perfect fit for it. They have held numerous championships and have a long resume behind them. I think it is perfect. People can expect a lot of rule breaking and a lot of rebellious activity. And a lot of beautiful people. No pun intended. [Laughs]"

Much like the rest of ROH, the WOH division has been very much focused on in-ring work, and less about wild storylines. With Allure involved, it's clear they are a bit of a deviation from the rest of the division and Leon is perfectly fine with any reaction, as long as there is one from the fans.

"Absolutely, we're bringing the personality and charm to the division," Leon said. "But, we're also bringing the 'bad assery' to the division. Til now, the only bad ass in the division has been the 'Pretty Bad Ass' Kelly Klein. As far as the reaction on Twitter, it has been pretty 50/50. Many people love it because we are different. Some, like the trolls, hate it. Well, guess what? That is exactly what we wanted. We want to get a reaction! Are we the pretty girls that are going to sit on the side and make fun of people or are we the bad asses that will take over the division?"

Once Allure debuted, rumors hit the internet about Madison Rayne (who was the third member of The Beautiful People) had actually created the idea for the group before departing back to Impact Wrestling in March. Leon wanted to shoot that rumor down that the idea was in discussion before Rayne signed with ROH in September of last year.

"I think that was just a rumor that was created online," Leon responded. "Since before Madison was even in Ring of Honor, this was in discussion for a very long time. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were the top two girls. There was also two other girls that were being mentioned for the group. Whatever rumors there are online, they are completely false. I don't know why people feel the need to run to podcasts and wrestling dirt sheets to put out false information. But, you're hearing it here live!"

You can check out Mandy Leon's full interview in the video above.