MLW Battle Riot II Recap (4/5): 40-Man Battle Riot, Lawlor Defends Against Havoc, Contra Strikes

Rich Boccini and Jim Cornette welcome us to MLW Battle Riot II live from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City. They thank their sponsor GoDaddy, and run down the evening's event, including the Battle Riot matchup.

Our first bout of the evening will be for the Middleweight championship. Teddy Hart is out first, followed by his challenger...Ace Austin.

Teddy Hart versus Ace Austin for the MLW Middleweight championship

A fun back and forth. Austin uses his speed to avoid Hart, but the champ's innovative offense proves to be too much.that Hart wins with a Gotch-style Canadian Destroyer.

Teddy Hart wins by pinfall and retains the MLW Middleweight Championship.

Second announced match for the evening...Minoru Tanaka, in his MLW debut, battles Myron Reed.

Myron Reed versus Minoru Tanaka

Reed came out with hish #freeSwann tape across his mouth, continuing the story that he and Rich Swann are being screwed over by the officials. Tanaka's striking proves to be too much for Reed during this one, and gets a live television victory with a roll-up.

Minoru Tanaka wins by pinfall

Tanaka celebrates. Reed and Swann are livid. Tom Lawlor and Jimmy Havoc for the MLW heavyweight championship is up next!

The CONTRA faction's promo video plays. It details their path of destruction since debuting at MLW SuperFight, when they attacked champion Tom Lawlor. They promise big things in 2019.

Elsewhere, Salina de la Renta and the rest of Promociones Dorado are waiting for their Battle Riot entrance numbers. While looking, Sami Callihan strolls up demanding the money that Salina owes him. They chase Callihan off. While that's happening...Mance Warner sneaks up from behind and switches the entrance numbers.

Video package hyping Lawlor and Havoc. Sami Callihan versus LA Park is announced for next week's Fusion.

Kaci Lennox interviews Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman says he picked a good number, and is feeling confident in for Battle Riot. Salina comes buy and offers to buy it from Pillman. Pillman says he represents a foundation of excellence, and must decline. He also makes many jokes about Salina's breasts. Salina calls him a loser and walks off.

Jimmy Havoc is out first, wearing his signature Hannibal Lecter mask. The champ...Lawlor is out second.

Jimmy Havoc versus Tom Lawlor Street Fight for the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Havoc attacks Lawlor before his introduction is done. Rainmake clothesline attempt...Lawlor ducks it and nails Havoc with a release German suplex. Lawlor climbs but Havoc surprises him with an uppercut. DVD. Havoc tosses a chair at Lawlor's head. Short-arm lariat! Cover...Lawlor kicks out. Fight spills to the outside. Lawlor goes for a chairshot...Havoc ducks and he hits the barricade. More weapons are introduced. Havoc tries to grab an air-horn from a fan...Lawlor slams him through a door! Lawlor gets the air-horn. Havoc snatches it, blows it in his face, and slaps him over the head. He tosses it back into the crowd.

Back in the ring, Havoc smacks another chair shot off Lawlor's back. Lawlor utilizes his superior grappling and tosses Havoc with another suplex. He charges Havoc in the corner...Havoc moves and Lawlor smashes into a set up chair. DDT by Havoc. Pinfall...two count. Havoc brings more chairs into the ring. He sets up a piece of wood on two chairs, then adds two chairs atop the wood. He puts Lawlor on the top...Frankensteiner attempt...Lawlor blocks it. POWERBOMB ONTO THE CHAIRS...THROUGH THE TABLE. Cover...HAVOC SOMEHOW GETS A SHOULDER UP. Overhead suplex from Lawlor. Another two-count. Lawlor is upset. He stomps Havoc in the corner. Another charge...Havoc sends him over the top. He grabs the staple gun. Lawlor applies the figure-four...HAVOC STAPLES LAWLOR IN THE FACE. AGAIN. A THIRD TIME. Lawlor is busted open. He brings him in the ring...another staple. Ref tries to stop Havoc...he knocks him out with a lariat. Lawlor takes advantage...he picks Havoc up...DVD through a table. He goes for the ref. Havoc lands a right hand...suplex from Lawlor onto the chairs! Still no ref! One comes down...Havoc escapes. Lawlor destroys Havoc with two knees to the head. That keeps him down.

Tom Lawlor wins by pinfall and retains the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Cornette and Boccini are thankful the match is over due to its brutality. Lawlor celebrates. Havoc spits at Lawlor and leaves the ring.

Battle Riot is next!

Boccini and Cornette give GoDaddy a plug, and direct us over to the ring announcer who explains the rules for Battle Riot.

Two men begin. A new superstar comes every 60 seconds. Eliminations occur by pinfall, submission, or tossing your opponent over the top rope.

And who drew the first entry...MJF. He grabs the mic and tells the fans to shut their mouths while he speaks. Fans reign down boos. He says that he's not even mad that he's number one, because the other 39 men couldn't hold a candle to him. "I'm better than you...and I know it," scolds MJF.

Number's Dan Severn!

Battle Riot II

Severn offers a handshake to MJF. He takes it but tries a sucker punch...Severn blocks it and slams MJF across the ring and starts pounding him down.

Hijo de la Park is out third. He goes right for Severn...who runs through the smaller man with a lariat and a slam. Severn standing tall so far.

Air Wolf is out fourth. He goes right after Hijo Park, taking him down with an arm-drag. Running neckbreaker from Air Wolf. Severn focuses on MJF.

Minoru Tanaka is next. He kicks Air Wolf in the hamstring, and germans Hijo Park. He then has a staredown with Severn...they trade blows. Severn win the exchange with a clothesline.

Jordan Oliver is next. He lays into Hijo Park, but the luchador is able to get the better of him with a vicious chop. Tanaka picks up the pieces and stomps Oliver down.

Rey Fenix is next. Roll-through dropkick onto Hijo Park. Fenix does his signature rope jump spot, then hits Air Wolf with an arm-drag.

Fenix's brother...Pentagon Jr. is next. He enters...superkick to Severn. Superkick to Hijo Park. Everybody is down...accept Fenix. Crowd chants for the Lucha Brothers...they go at it! Superkick to Fenix! No eliminations as of yet.

Avalanche is next. MJF hands him cash and gets him to attack other men in the ring. MJF crotch drops Fenix...then pushes him off eliminating him!

Rey Fenix has been eliminated.

Ace Romero is out next. Romero nails Pentagon, before chopping down Hijo Park in the corner. Oliver throws strikes at the big man...but it has little effect. He shoulder bumps Oliver right over the top rope!

Jordan Oliver has been eliminated.

Hijo Park knocks out Pentagon with an enziguri!

Pentagon Jr. has been eliminated.

Ken Kerbis enters next. Avalanche knocks him down then has a showdown with Romero. Huge haymakers from both men. They take each other out with running lariats.

Leo Brien from the Dirty Blondes is out next...AND HE HAS A COWBELL. He goes right after Avalanche, striking him with the bell. While he causes damage...Minoru Tanaka dumps Dan Severn!

Dan Severn has been eliminated.

Michael Patrick is next. Dirty Blondes in full force! They double-up on opponents. Brien nearly eliminates Tanaka...but Tanaka pulls down the ropes and out he goes.

Leo Brien has been eliminated.

Gringo Loco is next. He hits a springboard cutter onto Romero! MJF has dumped Hijo Park, and Tanaka taps out Michael Patrick.

El Hijo Park & Michael Patrick have been eliminated.

Kotto Brazil is next. He comes in hot...spearing Loco. Brazil climbs...frog-splash! Salida del sol onto Tanaka. Commentary tells us that Teddy Hart will not be in the bout due to a concussion.

Rey Horus is next. Springboard crossbody onto Brazil. Loco breaks up the pin. Horus bounes off the ropes...TORNADO DDT by Horus onto Loco. Romero tosses out Ken Kerbis.

Ken Kerbis has been eliminated.

Rich Swann is out next. He is wearing the tape that says #freeSwann. Horus rips the tape off his mouth. Both men trade strikes in the center. Spanish Fly by Horus and Swann is nearly eliminated.

Myron Reed is out next...also wearing the #freeSwann tape. RUNNING CUTTER FROM THE ENTRANCE PATH BY REED. He teams up with Swann...double-dropkick sends Tanaka out.

Himoru Tanaka has been eliminated

In the process...Gringo Loco goes out.

El Gringo Loco has been eliminated.

Barrington Hughes is out next. He uranagis Reed. Reed attempts a springboard crossbody but runs right into Hughes and Romero. They toss Reed out.

Myron Reed has been eliminated.

Hughes and Romero are dominating the ring.

Next man is...Ace Austin. Flying dropkick to Hughes. Austin tries to lift Hughes out...four men join in...they dump the big guy!

Barrington Hughes has been eliminated.

Rich Swann walks right into an Ace Romero powerslam and running elbow. He can't kick out.

Rich Swann has been eliminated.

Jimmy Yuta is next. While he comes in...Romero tosses out Avalanche.

Avalanche has been eliminated.

Yuta superkicks Austin out.

Ace Austin has been eliminated.

MJF rolls under the bottom rope to try and rest.

Jacob Fatu from Contra is next. Everyone in the ring prepares for his entrance. Simon Gotch and Josef Samael attack everyone from behind! Fatu is in...Contra laying out everyone. They have a gas can...they stack Horus, Brazil, and Yuta...BIG MOONSAULT. THEY POUR THE GAS ONTO THE SUPERSTARS AND HAVE A LIGHTER. Security runs out to stop them. They're able to stop the attack...and kick CONTRA out.

Jacob Fatu has been removed from the match.

Contra takes their time leaving. Match slows down. MJF sneaks in and pins all the men!

Kotto Brazil, Jimmy Yuta, and Rey Horus have been eliminated.

Brian Pillman Jr. is out. Hockey fight between him and MJF. Crowd is hot for Pillman. MJF spits in his face...superkick from Pillman...MJF goes over the top!

MJF has been eliminated.

Davey Boy Smith Jr is out next. Everyone is out besides Pillman. They stare at each other...but Ace Romero tries attacking them. Hart Foundation team up...knee strike...big lariat from Davey Boy and Romero is gone.

Ace Romero has been eliminated.

LAX is next! Crowd goes crazy! Konnan is with them! They all enter and attack the Hart Foundation. Konnan goes after Pillman...Pillman with a low-blow. Santana and Ortiz team up on Davey Boy...but Davey Boy sends them both over!

LAX has been eliminated.

Low-Ki is out next. Former champion walks right into an attack from the Hart Foundation. He's able to isolate them away from each other. Flying splash to Pillman.

LA Park is out next. He's got his chair with him. He nails Davey Boy and Pillman. Commentary tells us that CONTRA has been eliminated following their attack.

Ameil Sotoshi is next. Crowd chants "who are you." He goes after Park, then targets Pillman...nailing him with a split-legged moonsault.

Daga is out next. He goes right after Low Ki. The two men brawl, carrying over the heat from when Low Ki ripped a part of his ear off.

Blue Meanie is next! Big pop from the crowd. Eye pokes from Meanie onto the lot. Davey Boy slows him down with a saito suplex.

Alex Hammerstone is next. Pillman goes right at him...Hammerstone hits a pump kick. Pillman tries a springboard maneuver and Hammerstone makes him pay with a dropkick sending him out.

Brian Pillman Jr. has been eliminated.

Sami Callihan is next. He has a baseball bat. Blue Meanie dances for Callihan, but Callihan knocks him in the head with the bat.

Blue Meanie has been eliminated.

Daga tosses out Low Ki. Davey Boy sends out Satoshi.

Low Ki has been eliminated.

Ariel Dominguez is next. He runs right into Hammerstone...who Gorilla Presses him right out.

Ariel Dominguez has been eliminated.

Ricky Martinez is next. Low Ki refuses to leave...he runs on the apron and grabs Daga...LA PARK SHOVES DAGA OUT.

Daga has been eliminated.

Lance Anoa'i is next. He tangles with Martinez. Samoan drop from Anoa'i. Callihan tries...he eats a samoan drop. Next entrant counts down...

Mance Warner is in next...he has a 2 by 4 and uses it on everyone in the ring. Hammerstone tries to snatch it from him...but is unsuccessfu.

Richard Holliday is out...and is the last man. Callihan waits for Holliday...who takes his time before entering. Martinez gets his hands on 2 by 4, but Warner tosses him.

Ricky Martinez has been eliminated.

Hammerstone and Holliday hit a tandem neckbreaker onto Anoa'i. He can't kick out.

Lance Anoa'i has been eliminated.

Davey Boy Smith sends out Holliday, but Hammerstone dumps him.

Davey Boy Smith Jr and Richard Holliday have been eliminated.

Final four: Sami Callihan, Mance Warner, LA Park, and Alex Hammerstone.

Hammerstone with a pump kick nailing Callihan. He suplexes Warner...LA Park uses the bat on Hammerstone breaking up the pin. Warner blocks a thrust kick...he and Hammerstone end up on the apron. Warner eliminates Hammerstone, but Callihan out of nowhere kicks out Warner!

Mance Warner and Alex Hammerstone have been eliminated.

Just Sami Callihan and LA Park are left. They trade strikes...big arm-drag from Park. He catches Callihan in a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He hits the spear! Park tosses him!

LA Park wins Battle Riot II

LA Park is now the number one contender, and holds the golden ticket for a title-shot whenever he wants. Salina de la Renta celebrates with the Battle Riot winner.

Backstage Tom Lawlor gives an interview. He says that now he's beaten England's most dangerous man, he's willing to battle anyone from anywhere. He then commends LA Park for winning the Battle Riot, stating that he's bulked up since then.

CONTRA comes out nowhere! They attack Lawlor!

That's the show friends.