Show opens with Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday walking outside. They find MJF's car, which was stolen by the Hart Foundation crashed into a pole. They look inside and see that the car is wrecked with party favors, bottles of booze, and used condoms.

Fusion Intro.

Rich Boccini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the six-man tag team tables match between Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. They also talk about the newly formed National Openweight championship created by MLW.

Jordan Oliver makes his way to the ring for our opening bout. He'll be facing...Kotto Brazil.

Jordan Oliver versus Kotto Brazil

A fun opening match, and a really nice showcase for Jordan Oliver's first bout in MLW. Brazil attempted to use his fast paced offense but Oliver was able to keep him grounded for most of the bout. Brazil with a big comeback sequence, including a headscissor, corner elbow, and top rope blockbuster. In the end...interference from Promociones Dorado's Ricky Martinez and Salina de la Renta helped net Oliver his first MLW victory.

Joran Oliver wins by pinfall

Commentary team announces that Robert Dreissker will be the next to challenge "Filthy" Tom Lawlor for the MLW heavyweight championship.

Promo from Dreissker, who says that he's traveled to MLW all the way from Germany for one become the champion of the world. He promises to dish out a beating onto Lawlor.

Footage of Dynasty attacking Brian Pillman Jr from earlier in the night is shown. They place a chair on Pillman's shoulder, and smash it with another one. Pillman is still scheduled to compete in the main event...but not at 100%.

Ace Austin is out next for a matchup. He'll be facing...Rey Horus.

Ace Austin versus Rey Horus

Super fun battle between two of MLW's best high-flyers. Austin targeted Horus's neck to set up for his running blockbuster finish, but Horus landed a series of high-impact moves that would prove to be too much for Austin to compete up with. Horus scores the win with a top rope sunset bomb. Cornette called the bout the best Austin has had since joining MLW.

Rey Horus wins by pinfall

Highlights of Kotto Brazil's loss from earlier is played, with commentary putting over that Brazil is headed for a showdown with Ricky Martinez.

Backstage Low Ki tries to talk to Salina del la Renta, but she says that she's too busy for him. The former champion does not look happy, as he hoped they would discuss the new Openweight championship.

Promo from the champion Tom Lawlor. He says that now that he's officially defeated Jimmy Havoc, he's ready to defend the title against all comers from all around the world. He calls out LA Park, and his future opponent...Robert Dreissker.

Main event time. Dynasty (Alexander Hammerstone, MJF, and Richard Holliday) are out first, followed by the Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart, Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr.)

Dynasty versus Hart Foundation six-man tables match

Fast start for the Hart Foundation, who utilize quick tags to stay on top of the heels. Eventually, Pillman's injured shoulder becomes the main target for MJF, Holliday, and Hammerstone. They work him over for a duration of the match until the comeback sequence begins. Hart showcases his large arsenal of moves, including his springboard moonsault elbow, and a top rope Canadian Destroyer. Hart and Davey Boy Smith get hit with a double-low blow taking them out of the match, and Hammerstone powerbombs Pillman into a table set up in the corner to snag the win for Dynasty.

Dynasty wins the tables match

Kaci Lennox interviews Salina de la Renta, who will be executive producing MLW's episode of Fusion next week. She announces that Gringo Loco will battle Hijo de la Park, and Daga will battle Low Ki. She also threatens to cut off Pentagon Jr's head, and ship it back to his family. Salina yells at Lennox to learn Spanish by next week, otherwise she's fired.

Hart Foundation slowly recovers, and leaves the arena.

That's the show friends.