NWA Crockett Cup Results: Nick Aldis Vs. Marty Scurll, Women's Championship Match, Title Changes

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- Joe Galli, Jim Cornette, and Ian Riccaboni and are announcing tonight's event.

Wild Card Battle Royal (winner gets the 8th spot in the Crockett Cup)

Rhett Titus decides to flex a bit to get things going, but The Boys send him out out to the floor. Both team members must be eliminated for the team to be out of the match. Everybody goes after each other, two others are sent out to the floor. The Dawsons work together to eliminate another team, sending one up and over to the top on the other eliminated wrestlers. The Boys are able to send the Dawsons out to the floor. "Boys!" chant breaks out from the crowd.

A few more are sent out, and we are down to three teams as one team goes after one Boy. Josephus and Bradley with massive chops to The Boys' chests. Both charge in and The Boys pull down the top rope, sending them flying out to the floor. Issacs and Lattimer (both who had previously fallen out of the ring through the middle rope) run in and dump out both of The Boys for the win.

Winners: Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer advance to the Crockett Cup tournament.

- Look back at Flip Gordon going down a few months ago with a knee injury during a Ring of Honor match that also took place in the same arena as tonight's show.

Flip Gordon and Bandido vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr. (Crockett Cup First Round Match)

Bandido and Stuka get things start, quick back and forth with Bandido finishing with a hurricanrana. "Bandido!" chant breaks out. More quick exchanges that finish in a stalemate this time around. Gordon and Maya both get tagged in. "Flip!" chant from the crowd. Springboard back elbow hits on Gordon, Bandido hops in and holds Maya, Gordon with a kick that mistakenly hits Bandido. Maya then hits four backbreakers on Gordon and Bandido.

Stuka and Bandido in the ring now, quick chops, Stuka with two monkey flips, but the second sends him close to Gordon who is able to tag in. Stuka and Maya with a double team submission. Bandido breaks things up with a couple kicks. Hits a few chops, but is dropped to the mat. Double surfboard locked in, Gordon slides in for a creative pinfall, two-count. Bandido gets sent into the barricade and then dropped face-first on the apron. Back in the ring, Maya with a spinning powerslam on Gordon. Stuka heads to the top rope, looks to fly into the ring, but ends up reversing course and hits a twisting crossbody on Bandido. Gordon sent out to the floor, Maya with a front flip, clearing out Gordon.

Back in the ring, Gordon and Maya trade chops. Gordon with a springboard dropkick. Bandio comes in, Gordon with a monkey flip on his own partner, and he hits a hurricanrana on one of his opponents. Bandido and Gordon then both flip out to the floor on their opponents. Gordon skins the cat right into a moonsault. Bandido with a frog splash, cover, two. Maya takes out Gordon on the top turnbuckle, hits a spear on Bandido. Stuka with a torpedo splash off the top rope on Gordon, cover, two.

Bandido and with a sunset flip on Stuka, cover, two. Stuka and Bandido have some troubles with a sequence, but turn it into a nice canadian destroy on Bandido, cover, Gordon breaks it up. Pele kick, springboard spear on Maya, pin, two. Big shoulder breaker on Gordon, cover, Bandido stomps out that pinfall attempt. Gordon runs into a kick, Stuka looks to fly, Bandido catches him in midair. He tosses him over to Gordon who hits a swing-out cutter for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Bandido and Flip Gordon via Pinfall

– We see clips of Marty Scurll talking about how it took him 10 years to get a break in wrestling, when Aldis got them a bit sooner. We see photos of the two friends, Scurll said if anyone from his circle was going to "make it" it was going to be Aldis. Scurll talks about TNA's British Bootcamp and how he thought they may have been his big break and Aldis was the one to put in a good word for him to be on the show. Not much came out of it, so Scurll said he had to focus on coming up with something different and that was "The Villain."

Royace Isaacs and Thom Latimer vs. The War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane) (Crockett Cup First Round Match)

Dane with a splash in the corner on Latimer. Isaacs is tagged in, but immediately gets sent down to the mat. Crimson with a headbutt, back elbow, and tags in Dane. Another big splash in the corner by Dane. Isaacs with a stalled vertical suplex, pin, only a one count. Latimer is tagged in, drops Crimson, and swings away on him before bringing Isaacs back in.

Latimer and Isaacs double team Crimson while the referee is distracted by Dane trying to get into the match. Crimson hits a lariat and tries to make the tag to Dane. Isaacs and Dane are tagged in, headbutt, Dane is able to put Isaacs and Latimer on his shoulder and he drops both to the mat. Crimson is then tagged back in, Isaac is eventually able to get the pin attempt and puts his feet on the rope for the cheap victory.

Winners: Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer via Pinfall

- The Briscoes talk about the old Crockett Cup tournament and how the Rock 'n' Roll Express couldn't make it past the first round. The Briscoes fully expect history to repeat itself. The Briscoes says they are going to win the tournament and put Rock 'n' Roll Express out to pasture.

- Jim Cornette introduces The Rock 'n' Roll Express, before the match gets started he asks them if they know what they've gotten themselves into tonight against The Briscoes. They will feed off the fans support and winning the Crockett Cup is something they want to check off their bucket list. Cornette says it's good to see The Briscoes, "Good to see you too, Jim, now hand me that microphone!" Cornette hands it over and bounces. They let their opponents decide if they want to head to the back and keep their body in check, or fight and get retired. Morton kicks Jay below the belt before the bell rings.

The Briscoes vs. Rock 'n' Roll Express (Crockett Cup First Round Match)

Morton hits a hurricanrana on Jay, they hit double dropkicks and send both Briscoes out to the floor. Morton then lands a suicide dive, taking out both opponents. Mark sends Morton back into the ring, Morton's forehead is already busted open. Jay tagged in and he continues to work over Morton. Morton trying to fighting his way back into the match, throws a punch and kick, but Jay drops him. Mark with a chop to the throat with the referee's back is turned.

Morton gets jammed into the corner, tries to fight his way out, tags in Gibson, but the referee didn't see it and tells Gibson to get back. Briscoes go to work on Morton, Gibson ends up running over and throws Morton back to his corner, tagging himself in. Gibson goes to work on both Briscoes, clothesline drops Mark. Tags Morton, heads to the top rope, Gibson helps toss Morton down on Mark, cover, broken up. Gibson and Jay out on the floor, fighting away. Briscoes clears out Gibson. Death valley driver on Morton, Mark head to the top, froggy bow hits, pin, and that will do it.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall

Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King) vs. Satoshi Kojima and Yugi Nagata (Crockett Cup First Round Match)

Nagata and King get things going, bit of a stalemate from both wrestlers. Kojima and PCO then tag in and go back and forth with multiple shoulder blocks. Kojima finally is able to bring down PCO, but he is right back up and hits a clothesline. King is tagged in, couple chops to the chest, powerslam, King then tags in PCO and slams him down on Kojima.

Double suplex, cover, Nagata breaks it up. Big chops from King and Kojima, King dropped with a DDT. Nataga tagged in, boots PCO off the apron, multiple kicks to the chest of King. Nagata with a boot to the face, exploder suplex, pin, barely a one-count. Nagata with a big kick to King's face, King returns the favor. Nagata looking for the fujiwara armbar. Kojima holds back PCO for a moment, but he's able to kick Nagata off.

PCO looks to charge Nagata while King holds him. Nagata moves and PCO hits King out of the ring. Nagata tags in Kojima who hits machine gun chops on PCO in the corner. Kojima hits a cutter on PCO. King is brought in, but Kojima goes to work on him, lands a brainbuster, cover, PCO stops that. Kojima looks for a lariat, King hits one of his own, fireman's carry mikinoku driver for the win.

Winners: Brody King and PCO via Pinfall

- PCO & King vs. The Briscoes, Isaacs & Latimer vs. Gordon & Bandido will meet in the second round.

- Madusa heads out to the ring with the NWA Women's Championship. She will present it to the winner of the next match.

Allysin Kay vs. Santana Garrett (NWA Women's Championship)

Kay and Garrett end up in the corner, Kay with a slap to the face as they break. Garrett drops Kay, hits a kick, pin, one-count. Garrett with another dropkick, roll-up, cover, one-count. Garrett with an octopus stretch, Kay lifts her up and drives Garrett to the mat. Kay lifts and drops Garrett over the top rope and kicks away at her opponent. Kay with a forearm, chop to the chest, Garrett returns fire with some double chops. Kay hits a facebuster, cover, pin two.

Kay wrenches on Garrett neck, back and forth forearms, double kicks send both women to the mat. Kay swings away and sends Garrett into the corner, she ends up on the apron, lands a kick to the head, hits a couple clotheslines, hits eat defeat, cartwheel handspring splash in the corner. Garrett is able to get the muta lock in the center of the ring. Kay powering up, neckbreaker, kick to the face, pin, two-count.

Kay is up, kick to the head, another kick to the head, pin, two. Kay getting frustrated now as she drags Garrett near the corner. Kay heads to the second rope, but Garrett looks for a powerbomb, no. Garrett tries for a hurricanrana, no, palm strike, hits a hurricranana. Tries for a shooting star press, nobody home, Kay with a big lariat fo the 1-2-3.

Winner: Allysin Kay via pinfall to become the new NWA Women's Champion

- Post-match, Madusa hands the title Kay, snatching it away. Garrett looks for a handshake, but Kay just gets in her face and holds up the title, then heads off.

- All the members of The Midnight Express are interviewed by Caprice Coleman.

Flip Gordon and Bandido vs. Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer (Crockett Cup Semi-Final Match)

Latimer and Flip start the match, Flip hits a dropkick then a hurricanrana. Latimer then grabs Flip by the hair and shoves him back so Isaacs can tag in. Flip gets control and tags in Bandido who goes to work on Isaacs. Crowd is really behind Bandido and Flip. Both Flip and Bandido send Isaacs and Latimer to the outside, Flip and Bandido dance a bit in the ring, on the outside Madusa talks with Isaacs and Latimer for a moment, then heads to the back. Flip and Bandido hit suicide dives on their opponents.

Back in the ring, Flip hits a 450 splash off the top rope on Isaacs. Flip is holding his knee now. Latimer pulls his teammate back to his corner, tags in, and goes to work on Flip's knee. The knee becomes the sole focus for Isaacs and Latimer, they go for the pin, only two. Flip nearly tags out, but gets pulled back. Flip tries to tag out again, but gets rolled up by Latimer who also holds the tights for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer via pinfall to advance to the finals.

The Briscoes vs. PCO and Brody King (Crockett Cup Semi-Final Match)

Bricoes off to a rough start as they go out and grabs some chairs. After thinking it over a bit they leave the chairs behind, Mark and PCO square off in the ring, back and forth chops, over and over. Jay with the blind tag, big boot to PCO, Mark sends King to the floor, hitting a twisting senton that gets the crowd going. Jay swings away on PCO in the ring.

PCO recovers, tags in King, tells King to chop him a couple times, PCO charges in on Mark. King then hits a big running cannonball and chop to the chest. Double chokeslam on Mark. Mark is finally able to work his way to the corner and tags in Jay. King gets dumped out to the floor, Mark with a blockbuster off the apron. Jay hits a neckbreaker on King, pin, two. PCO with a cannonball out to the floor. Mark gets chokeslammed on the apron, PCO tries for a senton off the top rope to the apron, nobody home, and he crashes hard.

The Briscoes are taking control now as they rip up the protective padding on the floor. King body slams Mark on the concrete floor! Mark sends King into the barricade and PCO into the ring post. Crowd fairly split for each team. All four grab chairs as the referee tries to get control of the match. Referee goes for one chair, Jay swings, misses and gets clocked. Mark then hammers King's back right in front of the referee and he calls the match.

Winners: PCO & Brody King via DQ

- Post-match, The Briscoes instantly attack the referee and start swinging chairs on King and PCO. Jay driller on the referee! They trap PCO's arm in a chair, put some more over his face as Jay hits a senton off the top rope and down on the chairs. PCO selling an arm injury after that. Jay gets on the mic and says "hell no!" to NWA's decision of disqualifying them and say to hell with everyone.

Willie Mack (c) vs. Colt Cabana (NWA National Championship)

Cabana avoid Mack, hits an arm drag, both catch each other's kicks and set each other's legs down. Mack with a big swinging slam, jumping leg drop. Mack goes for a dropkick, Cabana dodges it and Mack goes all the way out to the floor. Cabana goes out and gets him, elbow drop, reverse chinlock is applied. Mack hits double knees on Cabana. Mack with a kip-up, samoan drop, kip-up again, standing moonsault, cover, two.

Mack drops Cabana in the corner, Mack with a big cannonball, pin, two. Cabana with multiple strikes, sending Mack down to the mat. Cabana with a second rope moonsault that clips Mack, pin, two-count. Cabana heads up top, Mack follows, gets shoved down, Cabana leaps, lands on his feet then goes for another splash. Mack drops Cabana near the corner, heads to the top rope, frog splash, nobody home. Cabana heads to the top rope, moonsault, pool is empty. Pop-up forearm on Cabana, Cabana with the superman press, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Colt Cabana via Pinfall to win the NWA National Championship

- Post-match, James Storm headed to the ring and gets on the mic. He initially congratulates Cabana for winning the title, but then yells at management for not wanting a guy like him in the main event scene. He says to Cabana that's why he came out here to challenge Cabana because they can't stop him from doing that. He tells Cabana to be ready next time they meet.

- Members of the Crockett Family, ROH COO Joe Koff, and NWA President Billy Corgan out with the Crockett Cup and NWA World Tag Team Titles. Caprice Coleman talks with Nikita Koloff who says it's great to be back and he thanks the Crockett Family for giving him his opportunity. Coleman asks about Koloff losing his accent, and he says after 35 years his English is bound to get better. Magnum TA heads out, Koloff welcomes him. Magnum talks about when he was able to be involved in the very first Crockett Cup and how great the experience was. The two sit ringside for the upcoming finals match.

PCO and Brody King vs. Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer with Madusa (Crockett Cup Finals)

PCO and King really looking beat up as they make their way to the ring. King getting really worked over by both opponents and can't get anything going as Isaacs and Latimer tag in and out. PCO hasn't been in the match yet, but King sends on guy out of the ring and hits an exploder suplex on the other. PCO yelling for King as he has to lift his arm up and over the rope. King tag it and PCO yells in pain. He tells King to fix his arm, King yanks it over the top rope and that seems to have done the trick. PCO with clotheslines on Latimer and Isaacs. King clears out one guy, plants the other. PCO with a moonsault off the top rope, 1-2-3!

Winners: PCO and Brody King to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship

Nick Aldis with Kamilla (c) vs. Marty Scull (NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship)

Veteran referee Tommy Young gives the pre-match instructions. Scurll and Aldis with the fist bump. Chain wrestling get things going. Scurll ends up tricking the ref into thinking Kamilla hit him and he ends up throwing her out of ringside. Scurll smiles at the camera. Aldis tries to chase after her, Scurll follows and chops away at the champion. The two end up back in the ring, big boot by Aldis, fallaway slam, german suplex, second rope fallaway slam on Scurll. Aldis then dumps Scurll out to the floor and power slamming him to the ground.

Aldis then slams Scurll on the apron, brings him over to a table and chokeslams him through it. Aldis rolls him back into the ring, cover, two. Aldis swings away on Scurll, who answers with a slap to the face. Aldis is fired up now with punches and kicks. Scurll then spits at Aldis and gets a clothesline for that. Scurll with a tornado DDT. Scurll jams Aldis in the corner and stomps the hell out of him. Aldis tries to find safety on the floor, but gets kicked in the head.

Scurll with a suicide dive on Aldis, punches and chops, and Aldis is really busted open now. Back in the ring, Scurll lands a 619 on Aldis. Running forearm in the corner, Aldis gets rolled up for the two-count. Scurll tries for the fake kick, ends up tripping Aldis and applies the figure four leg lock. Back and forth chops. Aldis hits a tombstone, flying elbow off the top rope, cover, two. Aldis heads to the top rope, Scurll follows, gets knocked back. Aldis tries to stand, going slow though and Scurll is able to pop-up to the top. Hits a superplex on the champ, cover, two-count.

Aldis looking to lock in his finishing submission, Scurll catches his fingers, snaps the finger, looks for crossface chicken and Aldis pops him in the face. Scurll lands cross rhodes, pin, two. Scurll with a big clothesline, goes for another and Aldis side-stepped, referee taken out. Scurll kicks the leg and then the head. Kamilla runs into the ring and looks for a spear, he gets in the way and tells her to get out of the ring. She argues, but ends up leaving. When he turns back around Scurll kicks him between the legs, black plague hits, 1-2-no! Crowd thought that was it. Aldis is a bloody mess at this point.

Aldis is able to stack up Scurll, two-count. Scurll with an uppercut, ducks a clothesline, locks in the crossface chickenwing. He then loses it, Aldis rolls back for a pin, two. Aldis gets shoved into the corner, kick by Scurll, tries for the Scurll driver, Aldis rolls through and looks for the King's Lynn Cloverleaf, his fingers still hurt and he can't quite lock it in at first. Scurll tries to crawl to the ropes, gets pulled back to the middle of the ring and is forced to tap out.

Winner: Nick Aldis via Submission

- Post-match, Scurll and Aldis hug and raise each other's hands up. Scurll gets on the mic and asks Aldis not to leave just yet. Scurll says 15 years ago he started his dream to be a wrestler and said Aldis was the won who took him under his wing and helped him become the man he is today. He says after the match they just had shows how far they both have come. He was hoping at this point he would be double champion, but the better man won. He says Aldis is the champ and nobody deserves it more than him. Aldis says Scurll is the biggest self-made star in wrestling. He then puts over the NWA's resurgence and thanks the fans.