Paige Responds After Fan Says Divas Era Was Not Wrestling And Should Be Deleted From WWE History

A fan tweeted about how the Divas Era should be deleted from WWE history this week and that brought a reply from Maria Kanellis, who was tagged in the tweet, and a longer response from Paige.

The fan wrote, "A major part of the divas era should be erased from the @wwe history. That was not wrestling."

Maria responded, "It wasn't the Divas. It shouldn't be erased. There were and still are women from that era that had/have a major impact on wrestling."

Paige then responded and said she's proud of her history as a WWE Diva. She wrote, "I was a diva.. something that every female fan and now wrestler strived to be growing up. The term and the past should never be erased. That's our history and I'm proud of it."

Paige then went on a longer rant and defended the word "Diva" and what the Divas accomplished in WWE history.

She wrote, "I don't understand and will never understand why the term "diva" to some people is a negative. All I wanted to be when I first started watching and being a wrestler was to become a WWE diva. Incredible athletes. They paved the way for all of us. Don't discredit their hard work."

"I'm proud I got to be a diva and I'm proud that I got to be part of the transition of becoming a superstar," she continued, ending the comments.

As noted, Paige returned to the WWE storylines on this week's SmackDown and promised to bring a new, impressive tag team to next week's Superstar Shakeup edition of the show, to eventually challenge WWE Tag Team Champions The IIconics. Paige hyped next week's show. She wrote, "On a more exciting note. Any guesses who the tag team is I'll be bringing to the superstar shake up next week?!"

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