ROH NJPW G1 Supercard Results: Okada Takes On Jay White, Multiple Title Changes

Welcome to the Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of the ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard PPV from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Join us for live coverage beginning at 6:30 pm ET for the Pre-Show, the main card will start at 7:30 pm ET.


The Pre-Show airs for free on ROH's Facebook Live, FITE, NJPW World, and Traditional PPV.

The card will feature IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jay White vs. Kazuchika Okada, and ROH World Champion Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven vs. Marty Scurll in a Ladder Match. The main card is available for subscribers to NJPW World and ROH HonorClub, and will also be shown live on FITE and traditional PPV for $39.99.

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Kagetsu, Jenny Rose, and Hazuki vs. Hana Kimura, Stella Grey, and Sumie Sakai (Pre-Show)


Winners: Kagetsu, Jenny Rose, and Hazuki via Pinfall

Honor Rumble (Pre-Show)

Kenny King is number one, Minoru Suzuki is out second. King tries to keep away at first, then lands a few strikes, he tells Suzuki to come on, and gets a forearm to the face. Cheeseburger out third. King and Suzuki continue to argue with each other and Cheeseburger wants their attention, sending a couple chops their way, Suzuki lands a forearm that instantly drops him. Beer City Bruiser out fourth. Bruiser bites a couple wrestlers as Suzuki attacks him. Sho enters fifth. He goes right after Cheesburger who tries for a hurricanrana, blocked, Sho with a dropkick as Bruiser swings away on him. Out sixth is Shingo Takagi.


Takagi goes right after Sho, they each land some clotheslines. BUSHI enters seventh and teams up with Takagi against Sho. At number eight is Yoh who immediately helps out his partner by going after BUSHI, spinning forearm on BUSHI, dragon leg screw on Takagi. Bruiser is eliminated. At number nine is is Shaheem Ali who nails a hug swingout slam on Sho. Number ten is Rhett Titus, he flexes in the middle of the ring a bit until Ali tries to attack and gets popped in the face. He continues flexing until King kicks him in the head.

Number 11 is LSG, who fights off both Sho and Yoh, spring board crossbody and pump kick lands. Number 12 is Ryusuke Taguchi who brought out his phone to get a video of the fan. He brings his rugby ball in and tosses it at someone. Wrestlers coming in quickly now, at number 13 is Will Ferrara. Ring really filling up with bodies with only one person eliminated at the moment. Number 14 is Chase Owens who swings away at anyone in front of him. Taguchi tries for a hip attack and Owens counters it into an atomic drop. Rocky Romero comes in at 15 to a nice pop. He looks to Taguchi for a play, he hits the never ending clotheslines into anyone who's in the corners of the ring.


Nearly everyone in the ring hits BUSHI with a never ending train of clotheslines. Rocky sends BUSHI out of the ring. At number 16 is Brian Milonas takes out LSG and Ali, number 17 is Bad Luck Fale. Sho and Yoh try for dual kicks and Fale eliminates both of them. At number 18 is Jonathan Gresham as Milonas and Fale lock eyes in the ring. Titus gets eliminated. King send Takagi out of the match. Number 19 is Tracy Williams and goes right after Suzuki with forearms, but eats some from Suzuki, as well. At number 20 is YOSHI-HASHI.

Taguchi is tossed out of the match. There's 30 total wrestlers in this match. PJ Black out at number 21. Ferrara gets tossed out. As does Chase Owens. Jushin Liger is at 22 and gets the pop of the match thus far. Liger drops a few wrestlers, swings away on Milonas, stomps the foot, and ends up dumping him out of the ring! TK O'Ryan at 23, goes right after Black, nearly throws him out of the ring. Vinny Marseglia at number 24. They work together on Williams and immediately throw him out. Delirious is out at number 25 and he just runs around the ring a bunch of times before going in. Tomohiro Ishii enters at 26 and eliminates Black. At number 27, Toru Yano comes out to a big pop, then runs over to commentary before entering and tells Colt Cabana to take his place to an even bigger pop. Cabana goes after everyone as the crowd chants for him. Yano joins commentary and is asked why he isn't in the match and he says "I don't know!"


At number 28, Hirooki Goto. YOSHI-HASHI is sent out. Everyone teams up to try an eliminate Fale, they are able to send the big man out. Number 29 is King Haku! Haku with a lowblow on Cabana, he calls out to Yano for help. Apparently, he's in the match now. At number 30 is Great Muta! Crowd with a "Holy s—!" chant. Muta destroys Delirious and sends him out. Yano mistakenly smacks Cabana with the turnbuckle pad, Suzuki eliminates him and Yano. Muta tosses out Gresham. Suzuki and Goto on the apron, Goto gets kicked off the apron.

Ishii immediately pops Suzuki and they go back and forth. Ishii finally gets the best of Suzuki and clobbers him out of the match. Cheeseburger gets sent out, the ring is finally thinning out. The Kingdom is able to eliminate Haku. Down to five: Ishii, Muta, Marseglia, O'Ryan, and Liger. Kingdom then eliminate Ishii by sending him out of the ring. Liger is able to punch Marseglia out of the ring and Muta ducks under O'Ryan to eliminate him at basically the same time. Down to Muta and Liger! Shotay by Liger, Muta with a dragon screw leg whip, elbow drop. The two go to face off, but King was hiding on the outside with so many guys around and he ends up dumping both Liger and Muta out of the ring for the win.


Winner: Kenny King wins the Honor Rumble and will receive a future ROH World title shot

- Post-match, Muta gets back in the ring and nails King with the mist. Liger also back in the ring for a moment.

NEVER Openweight Champion Will Ospreay vs. ROH World TV Champion Jeff Cobb (Title vs. Title Match)

The two shake hands, Ospreay fakes a charge in, but Cobb actually does run in and smashes him into the corner, then throws him across the ring. Ospreay out to the floor, hits a chop, leaps off the barricade for a forearm. Ospreay with a leap out of the ring, Cobb catches him, but Ospreay then DDTs him on the floor. Ospreay with a springboard into the ring, gets caught again, fights his way out, gets chopped in the chest while on the turnbuckle. Cobb up on the second rope, delayed vertical suplex for ten seconds, cover, two.

Crowd pretty split for these two as Cobb swings away. Ospreay with multiple kicks to the chest, Cobb catches one, Ospreay slaps him and gets an overhead release suplex for that. Standing moonsault on Cobb, pin, two. Ospreay with a nice hook kick, Cobb returns fire with a superkick, looks for a lariat, but Ospreay counters into a standing spanish fly. Ospreay tries for a sharp elbow to the back of the head, he ducks, tour of the island, no, Ospreay counters and plants Cobb for a two count. Oscutter, nope, Cobb with a big lariat.


Ospreay with a spinning kick to the back of the head, oscutter, nope, caught, and sent into the corner. He leaps back again and hits the oscutter for the two-count! Hook kick to Cobb, tries for stormbreaker, gets Cobb up, but he gets moved back to the corner. Ospreay tucks the head and kicks him in the head. Ospreay up to the top rope, Cobb with a second rope tour of the islands, he picks Ospreay up for another tour of the island, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jeff Cobb via Pinfall and is still ROH World TV Champion and new NEVER Openweight Champion.

Dalton Castle vs. Rush

Rush with a shotgun dropkick on Castle who flies back to the corner. Two big dropkicks in the corner, cover, and that will do it!

Winner: Rush via Pinfall

- Post-match, Castle is annoyed by The Boys. They try to cheer him up by doing the throne with him, he initially smiles, but that quickly disappears. He ends up lifting and suplexing boy number one. He then hits bang-a-rang on boy number two and heads to the back. Crowd boos Castle.


- Mandy Leon joins commentary for the women's title match. Backstage, we see Juice Robinson who is knocked out.

Mayu Iwatani (c) vs. Kelly Klein (ROH Women of Honor World Championship)

The two shake hands before the match gets going. Each wrestler counter wristlock attempts until they reach a stalemate. Klein with kick to the knee, looks like Klein is really focusing on the champ's knee early on. Iwatani looks for a choke early to end things early, but Klein is able to work her way to the ropes. Iwatani with a dive, but is caught in midair, fallaway slam. Klein charges in the corner, nobody home, kick to the back of the head sends Klein out to the floor.

Iwatani with a big dive out to the floor! Back in the ring, the two trade strikes with Iwatani looking for a hurricanrana, nope, reverse-rana attempt by Iwatani, but it doesn't quite land clean. Klein then kicked in the head, cover, two. Klein with a nasty release overhead suplex, the champ is able to somehow shake it off and take down Klein. Iwatani with a moonsault off the top rope, nobody home. Klein with a lariat, cover, two. Klein tries for a powerbomb, cover, two. Klein hits K-power, hits another one, cover, two.


Winner: Kelly Klein via Pinfall to win the ROH Women of Honor World Championship

- Post-match, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love make their way down to the ring. Mandy Leon gets in the ring to back Klein up, but then Leon cracks Klein in the back with her heel. Love hits Kelin with a pump kick. Jenny Rose comes out to help and immediately gets dropped, Stella Grey tries and gets hairspray in the eyes, Leon drops her too. The new stable is called "The Allure."

- Commentary says Juice Robinson will no longer be able to compete against Bully Ray after the backstage attack.

- Megaran comes out to perform "Going to the Garden," Bully Ray interrupts his song. The crowd is backing Bully big time and he eventually attacks Megaran and sends him out of the ring. Bully says since Juice can't compete, his open challenge is still open. Flip Gordon heads out!

Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon (New York Street Fight)

Gordon gets right after Bully, goes for a springboard, but gets hit with the 3D. Bully heads out under the ring and pulls out a table and a kendo stick. Shane Taylor and Silas Young head out and help Bully beat up Gordon. Suddenly, Juice Robinson and Mark Haskins show up on the ramp and want to make it a 3 vs. 3 match. Robinson brings a whole host of weapons to the ring.


Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, and Silas Young vs. Juice Robinson, Flip Gordon, and Mark Haskins (New York Street Fight)

Action all over the ring with everyone using weapons on each other. Taylor, Young, and Bully all get kendo sticks and surround Gordon. He says to bring it, he takes two shots, gives Bully the middle finger and waits for the attack. Robinson and Haskins bring in kendo sticks and hand Gordon one. They all start swinging, Young and Taylor are cleared out, Bully is the only one left in the ring and he ends up taking off. Robinson brings him back to the ring. Bully tries to apologize and he gets hammered. Taylor in with a garbage can and cracks Gordon in midair.

Young destroys Haskins with a chair, Young sets up two chairs, ends up getting tripped up on them, Haskins with a double stomp on Young on the chairs. Taylor drops Haskins, brings wood pallet and sets in the ring. Robinson cracks Taylor with a trash can and then hits a cannonball senton on Taylor, sending him through the pallet. Robinson with a bodyslam on Bully. Gordon hits a 450 splash on Bully for the pinfall win.


Winners: Flip Gordon, Juice Robinson, and Mark Haskins via Pinfall

Taiji Ishimori (c) vs. Dragon Lee vs. Bandido (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship)

We're off to a quick start, Lee with a hurricanrana on Bandido, sending him off the apron and to the floor. Ishimori going for the early pin after a knee strike on Bandido, Lee breaks it up, nails him with a sick slingshot kick, low dropkick, double under-hook backbreaker, low dropkick, cover, and Bandido breaks it up. These guys are lightning quick! Ishimori gets countered by Lee into a tiger driver, cover, two.

Springboard super hurricanrana on Bandido by Lee who goes right into a running canadian destroyer! Ishimori with a high knee, Bandido with a high pop-up cutter on Ishimori, cover, two. Bandido tries to go up top, Lee stops him and then hits a double stomp. Bloody cross hits on Lee, pin, two-count. Ishimori and Bandido up on the top rope, Lee gets up there two and they all start striking each other. All three up top and Bandido with a back flip powerslam on both guys! Ishimori is disposed of, Lee is able to lift, spin, and plant Bandido to the mat for the win, new champion!


Winner: Dragon Lee via Pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

ROH World Tag Team Champions PCO and Brody King vs. IWGP Tag Team Champions Guerrillas of Destiny vs. EVIL and SANADA vs. The Briscoes (Winner Takes All Tag Title Match)

Everyone starts swinging at first, the teams pair off, two in the ring and the other two on the outside. SANADA gets Loa stuck in the paradise lock and kicks in him in the backside. Briscoes go after SANANDA, double shoulder tackle clears him out of the ring. King jumps in and goes after the champion, hits a crossbody, taking down both guys. Loa gets back in, they trade strikes, King with a hurricanrana and then hits a cannonball senton on Loa's back. King with a front flip on the IWGP champs. EVIL puts a chair around Tonga's neck and smacks it with another chair. SANADA and EVIL tee off on Tonga with some big kicks, they look to finish things off. Briscoes hit the jay driller and froggy bow on SANADA, cover, but it's broken up. King with a chokeslam on the apron on one of the Briscoes.


PCO with a senton off the top rope on the apron, crushing Mark Briscoe! King hits a gonzo bomb on Jay, PCO with a moonsault off the top rope, cover, and it's broken up by Guerrillas of Destiny. Brody and PCO really dominating, but King gets cracked with a kendo stick to stop his momentum. GOD hits a powerbomb off the second rope on King, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny via Pinfall to retain the IWGP Tag Team Titles and win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

- Post-match, Yano is standing on the stage with the IWGP Tag Team Titles and heads off with them. Also, it looks like Enzo and Big Cass are at the event and some kind of brawl broke out on the outside at the end of the match. Likely a storyline with the amount of time the two were given once they jumped the barricade. Most of what happened wasn't shown on camera.

Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (RPW British Heavyweight Championship)


Tanahashi has spent much of the early parts of the match trying to avoid Sabre's flurry of submissions. Crossbody off the second rope by Tanahashi. He catches a dragon leg whip into a texas cloverleaf on Sabre Jr. who able to counter into a triangle choke. Tanahashi fights out of it and goes back to work on Sabre's leg. Sabre with multiple pin attempts, but Tanahashi is able to keep kicking out.

Tanahashi gets a pin attempt, Sabre goes right into a submission, but Tanahashi ends up driving Sabre's knee right into the mat. Sabre catches Tanahashi again with a bridge pinning attempt, two-count. Sabre with a standing guillotine, Tanahashi with multiple twist and shouts. Slingblade hits, cover, two-count. Sabre working the arm and is able to wrench back on Tanahashi's arm, yanking it behind his back in a really ugly way. Tanahashi is totally trapped and has to verbally submit to Sabre.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. via Verbal Submission

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Kota Ibushi (IWGP Intercontinental Champion)

Naito really taking his sweet time as things get started. Does his tranquillo pose early on, still in no rush to get things going. Ibushi lunges in and gets kicked in the midsection. On the outside, Naito sends Ibushi into the barricade, partially catching someone ringside. He sends Ibushi into it again, then looks to shake the person's hand for Ibushi hitting him. Naito then sends Ibushi into the barricade yet again and he goes into the crowd. Back in the ring, slingshot dropkick lands on Ibushi.


Ibushi finally catches Naito with a dropkick, another kick, standing moonsault, pinfall, two-count. Naito works his way back into this one and he really knocks Ibushi silly. Naito continues with the mocking kicks though, crowd fairly split for each wrestler. Naito drops Ibushi's neck on his knee twice, low dropkick, pin, two. Ibushi in the corner, Naito looking for the slingshot dropkick, Ibushi slips under and pele kicks Naito. Ibushi with a second rope deadlift suplex, but Naito fights out of it. Both on the apron, Naito boots Ibushi, charges in and Ibushi hits a standing hurricanrana sending both crashing to the floor.

Back in the ring, Ibushi gets planted with a tornado DDT, Naito with a super hurricanrana, side suplex, cover, two. Ibushi gets back to his feet, misses the first clothesline, but doesn't miss on the second and both wrestlers are down. Naito ends up on the apron again, second rope deadlift suplex hits this time, cover, two-count. Ibushi with a german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Flurry of messy counters with Naito dropping Ibushi down to the mat, pin, two.


Massive strikes from Ibushi and Naito, Ibushi gets caught with a reverse-rana, destino hits, cover, two! Crowd thought that was it. Naito looking for another one, nope, Ibushi with a kick to the head. Ibushi then hits bomaye, two times, cover, no. Ibushi looks for last ride, gets it, cover, very close three. Big knee to the face (Kamigoye), cover, 1-2-3, new champion!

Winner: Kota Ibushi via Pinfall to win the IWGP Intercontinental Championship

- NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Nick Aldis (with Kamila) joins commentary.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Marty Scurll vs. Matt Taven (ROH World Championship Ladder Match)

Lethal immediately catches Scurll trying to get a ladder and kicks it into him. The two battle over the ladder, Taven leaps over the top rope and hits the ladder as Scurll and Lethal lift it up. Still on the outside, Lethal sets up two chairs and bridges a ladder on them. Scurll takes down Lethal, then hits a tornado DDT on Taven by leaping off the apron. Back in the ring, Scurll throws Taven into the ladders on opposite sides of the ring. He charges at Lethal and gets back body dropped on a ladder. Lethal casually drops a ladder on Scurll's back and then drops another one on Taven's back, who was still down on the floor. Lethal puts a ladder in the corner on the bottom rope.


Back and forth chops with Scurll who ends up slamming Lethal into the ladder and then putting him in the tree of woe position, trapping his head in the ladder. Scurll grabs a chair and smacks the ladder a couple times. Scurll grabs his umbrella, climbs up the ladder and looks to use the umbrella to get the title. Taven clobbering Scurll though, bringing him back down to Earth. Lethal sends Taven into a ladder. Scurll goes to work on Taven, sending him out to the floor, Scurll with a superkick from the apron.

Scurll climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring, Lethal stops him though, traps the leg in the ladder and Lethal locks in figure-four. Taven tries to climb up the other side while those two were busy. Action spills out to the floor again, Taven with a running powerbomb on the ladder that Lethal set up near the beginning of the match! Back in the ring, Taven and Scurll going back and forth, Scurll hits a 619 on Taven. Scurll selling a knee injury, calling for chicken wing crossface, Taven kicks the knee, DDT hits, and Taven has a good laugh at spoiling the fun. Crowd with a "f— you, Taven."


Scurll looks to snap the fingers, Taven stops that too, rolling neck breaker on a ladder. Both climb a taller ladder, Scurll with a big suplex. Lethal in the ring now and Scurll cracks him with an umbrella. Lethal injection, no, crossface chicken wing, no. Lethal and Taven climb the ladder to the title, Lethal knocks him off. Scurll able to lock in the crossface chicken wing for a moment. Scurll trying to get the title, Taven is up there now, reaches, and gets his hand grabbed, fingers snapped. Taven tries with his other hand and gets his fingers snapped again. Lethal kicks Scurll's bad knee. Taven is up there alone, but he can't grab anything because his fingers hurt and he ends up falling down. Lethal combination sending Taven into the ladder.

Lethal looks to impale Scurll with a ladder, misses, and now two ladders are like an "X" in the corner of the ring. Scurll drags it to the middle of the ring. Taven grabs Scurll, but Scurll sends him stomach first on that structure. Lethal injection hits on Scurll. "X" ladder gets sent out of the ring and it ends up clipping some fans in the front row, Referees immediately pull it away and check on them, things look to be okay as the three wrestlers continue to fight on the floor. Table set up on the floor, Scurll and Lethal on the apron, back and forth strikes as Lethal gets knocked off the apron, but Taven comes flying in with a spear and both he and Scurll go crashing through the table.


Another table set up on the floor, Lethal puts up a very tall ladder. Scurll climbs up to almost the very top and hits an elbow drop on Taven. Scurll in the ring, hobbling around as he put a ladder under the title. Lethal climbs his way up on the other side of the ladder. Taven then throws in a tall purple ladder. Scurll and Lethal are swinging away as they basically ignore what Taven is doing. Ladders are now being put into the tall ladder, Scurll gets tripped up and crashes down on one. Lethal and Taven are at the top of the ladder, punching each other. Taven smashes the title into Lethal's face and he goes crashing down on the bridged ladder! Taven grabs the title and we have a new champion.

Winner: Matt Taven wins the ROH World Championship.

Jay White (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada (IWGP Heavyweight Championship)

Crowd very much in support of Okada in this one, big boos for White. Fairly slow start to the match with both men getting in their offense. Gedo tries to get involved, crowd with a "f— you, Gedo" chant. Okada starts to build some momentum, White heads out to the floor for a break, Okada follows and sends him into the barricade. Action back in the ring, White getting the best of Okada, DDT hits, White gets on the second rope and taunts the crowd to big boos. White with a muta lock, Okada craws his way to a rope break.


Okada finally works his way back into the match, hits a clothesline on White, sends him into the corner, hip attack, DDT, cover, two. Action spills to the floor, he sends White into the crowd, Gedo tries to come up from behind and Okada smacks him, then tosses him in the crowd. Okada with a running crossbody, taking both guys out. He stands on a chair and hypes up the crowd.

Back in the ring, White hits a twisting brain buster, pin, two-count. Okada charges into the corner, nope, but he catches White and lands a neckbreaker. White tries to hide in the corner, Okada waits, and his a big dropkick on White when he finally moves away the ropes. Okada with a missile dropkick, cover, two. Okada calls for the rainmaker, and the entire crowd yells it. He goes for it and White just falls down out of exhaustion. Okada then pops White a few times in the face.


Flatliner on Okada, release german suplex, blade runner, no. White then suplexes Okada into the corner, White plants Okada, pin, two-count. Kiwi crusher hits, pin, very close three. Back and forth strikes, Okada tries for a dropkick, misses, big chops from White. White looks for a running move and gets caught with a dropkick. Rainmaker, Gedo on the apron and Okada knocks him off. Another dropkick on White, rainmaker misses, sleeper suplex on Okada. Counters from both wrestlers, spinning rainmaker hits, then a proper rainmaker takes down White, cover, 1-2-no! Okada, the crowd, and commentary can't believe it.

Crowd with a "Okada!" chant. Okada looks for a tombstone, countered into a blade runner, but White can't follow up. Both on their knees, slowly throwing bombs at each other. White doesn't even have the energy to throw anything now as Okada still throws hefty forearms. Gedo comes in the ring and as Red Shoes tells Gedo to get out, White hits a lowblow. White looks for bladerunner, no, german suplex and Okada holds on for a rainmaker, no, backslide, no, bladerunner, no, back slide, no, rainmaker, nope, dropkick finally lands. Okada calls for rainmaker again, White throws some elbows and kicks, but Okada won't let go and Okada hits him. Rainmaker hits, spinning tombstone, rainmaker hits clean, pin, 1-2-3. Okada wins the title for the fifth time.


Winner: Kazuchika Okada via Pinfall to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship