- As noted, this week's WWE SmackDown ended with Roman Reigns taking out Elias and Vince McMahon with Superman Punches after he and Elias were brought to the blue brand from RAW in the Superstar Shakeup. Above is Reigns talking about assaulting Vince and what he is coming to SmackDown to do.

"I haven't been a part of this show and this program for a while. I've been on RAW, I've always focused on RAW. So, I think if you're going to move me to SmackDown, you gotta do it in the biggest fashion possible, so what better way than to come in and punch the boss' jaw loose. To be able to just dive right back in the deep end and swim with the sharks is nice.

"When it comes to me and what I'm here to do, I'm here to make this place better, I'm here to draw more attention, I'm here to use my platform and my character, me, Joe as a person, with everything going on with me, it's all going to be good stuff. So, I always welcome the responsibility and the challenge to be able to help something progress, and get better, in all walks of life, but when it comes to this business, in between those ropes, sports entertainment, professional wrestling, I care and I love so much for this business, because it's fed me since day one. So, any time I can contribute and help put food on the table of others, and just make this whole product better, that's key, that's end-game for me, and that's what I'm here for," Reigns said.

- Former WWE ring announcer Dasha Fuentes turns 31 years old today. Also, today would have been the 64th birthday of WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

- This week's WWE 205 Live episode featured Cedric Alexander's farewell as he was sent to RAW in the Superstar Shakeup. Alexander lost the main event to Oney Lorcan. Below are shots from the match and the farewell: