recently spoke to Ring of Honor stars Bandido and Rush. For Rush, he commented about remaining in ROH for a long time and eventually wanting to bring Los Ingobernables to the promotion.

“Sure, I’m gonna stay [for a long time] time in ROH, “Rush said. “Big plans are coming for the ‘big ingobernable.’ In Mexico, Los Ingobernables were born. We are in Mexico, in Japan, and in others parts of the world. It would be great to have them in ROH with wrestlers from ROH’s roster. I’d love to do it during my time here. I’m studying English. I need and I want to form Los Ingobernables here in ROH, too.”

In their conversation with Bandido, he talked about wanting to work in NJPW and getting involved with the Best of the Super Jr. tournament.

“It would be a dream come true to represent Mexico in the Best of the Super Jr., or in any other New Japan Pro Wrestling tournament,” Bandido responded. “Before signing with ROH it was impossible for me, because you have to be signed to CMLL in Mexico if you wanna do something like that. But now that I have this contract with ROH, I hope the partnership helps.”

In regards to CMLL, Bandido was asked if that was a place he’d want go, but the high-flyer is looking to expand his horizons outside of Mexico.

“I’d rather do Japan,” Bandido said. “Actually, I trained in CMLL and they never gave me an opportunity. When I talked with them, they told me that there was no plan for me, and that’s fair. Now I have a bigger name and I’m doing more things, so I think I’m gonna work more outside Mexico now rather than stay there.”

At last weekend’s ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard, Rush quickly defeated Dalton Castle, while Bandido came up short in the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Match against Dragon Lee (who won the title) and Taiji Ishimori.

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