Sasha Banks Reportedly Wants To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract

Sasha Banks is reportedly at a stalemate with WWE, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Regarding the situation between the two sides, we've noted how Banks reportedly tried to quit the company during WrestleMania 35 weekend as she was unhappy about her team with Bayley being split up, and the decision to put the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles on The IIconics. Banks and Bayley believed they would be given a lengthy run with the titles to make them mean something.

Word from within WWE is that Banks wants to sit out the rest of her contract, according to Meltzer.

There's no word yet on when Banks would be eligible to leave the company but Meltzer noted that WWE could add time to the contract for the time she spends not working, similar to the situation with Neville in late 2017. She could be out of action for a significant amount of time if WWE adds time to the contract.

It was noted that WWE does want Banks back in the mix, but she wants things to be different. Those differences are unclear and not agreed on because the two sides have not made up yet.

Banks has been scheduled for the May 19 WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view, but her status for the show is up in the air right now.