Sean Waltman Can See CM Punk Signing With AEW

It's been four years since CM Punk walked away from wrestling and stated that he would never return. He's kept his promise since then despite multiple rumblings that he would cave in, especially after his failed UFC stint.


Sean Waltman has his thoughts on if CM Punk will return and where he might show up if he does choose to come back to pro wrestling.

"'I'm never coming back to wrestling.' I mean he said that over and over again. History tells me that eventually he will return to wrestling? A lot of people in entertainment that mean it just as much as he does eventually come back?. Trust me he will be back; I promise you at some point CM Punk will be back involved in wrestling," Waltman said on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast.

"And no one should go like 'oh see we told you' cause it's his life. And at the time he means it, when he said 'I am never coming back' he means it. It's just that history shows that everyone who meant it too comes back."


During the build-up to All In, many speculated that Punk would show up at the event especially considering it was held in his hometown of Chicago. Punk did not make a surprise appearance at All In but Waltman could see him appearing in the promotion that All In paved the way for.

"I can honestly see him showing up in AEW," said Waltman. "That could be like this huge surprise that they're waiting to drop with the announcement of a TV deal."

As for an AEW TV deal, Turner is reportedly in "advanced talks" with the promotion but a deal is "not imminent." Showtime is also in talks with AEW about a potential TV deal.