The Shield's "Final Chapter" Results

Welcome to our Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the Shield Final Chapterspecial from Moline, Illinois and streaming live on the WWE Network. Follow along, and sound off in the comments.

Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves welcome us to the final night of one of the most impactful group's of all time...the Shield. Also in action tonight...Bayely and Ember Moon battle the Riott Squad, and Finn Balor defends the Intercontinental championship against Elias.


A video package chronicling the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Shield is played. Highlights include their debut in 2012, Seth Rollins betraying Reigns and Ambrose on Raw, and the successes of all three men when they went on their separate journeys.

Elias is in the ring. He riffs on his guitar to the delight of the fans in attendance. He then cuts a promo saying how happy he is that he'll never have to see the Shield in the WWE again. He says that Ambrose is the smart one by leaving, and wishes that Rollins had the same sense. He also promises to make Reigns pay for attacking him on this past week's SmackDown live. Elias then sings a song poking fun at the good people of Moline.

Finn Balor's music hits and enters the ring Elias scolds him for interrupting, but Balor says that he's just there to "Walk with Elias." Elias says that he'll allow Balor to sing a song with him. Balor changes the words to the song to say that Elias sucks, which causes the Drifter to attack Balor! Referee asks Balor if he's okay...he we go.


Finn Balor versus Elias for the Intercontinental Championship

Elias continues his assault but Balor is able to role through a sunset-flip and land a basement dropkick. Elias regains control and stomps Balor down in the corner. He pulls Balor across the ring apron and slams his arm down. Back in the ring Elias targets the shoulder with an armlock. Balor gets to his feet...Elias slows him down with a takedown and a knee to the arm. He whips Balor shoulder first into the turnbuckles...twice. Balor reverse a hammerlock and shoves Elias into the corner. Elias charges...Balor gets the boots up. Big chop from Balor. Now Balor goes after Elias' arm. Roll-up by the champ...Elias kicks out and transitions into an armbar! Balor escapes...he takes Elias down...double-foot stomp, followed by a sling-blade. He goes for a corner dropkick...Elias surprises him with a huge lariat! Cover...Balor kicks out. Drift away attempt but Balor blocks it. He lands an enziguri...Balor climbs for the Coup de Grace...Elias knocks him down and Balor falls to the apron. Sunset flip from Balor...two count! Another roll-up from em!

Finn Balor wins by pinfall to retain the Intercontinental championship

Balor celebrates and leaves with the title. Elias resets up his concert bench and grabs the microphone. He says that Balor got lucky, and tries to finish the song he started earlier.


The Riott Squad interrupts. They ask if they could join Elias and instead of being the Riott Squad...they would be the Elias Squad. Elias starts the same song from earlier but the Riott Squad inserts their name. (This was awkwardly sloppy.)

Bayley's music hits stopping the concert. Ember Moon follows. Commentary reminds us that this is the last night for the Riot Squad as well, since they were all split up as a result of the Superstar Shakeup.

Ember Moon & Bayley versus Riott Squad (Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan)

Bayley and Logan start. Bayley smashes Logan's head off the top turnbuckle. Logan responds by slamming Bayley to the mat. Armbar from Logan but Bayley uses the ropes to reverse the pressure. Bayley gets distracted by Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan takes advantage. After a moment...Bayley is able to tag in Moon.Moon comes in hot, taking Logan down with a headscissor and a facebuster. Bayley tags right back in...she hits her signature under the bottom rope dropkick onto Logan. Bayley climbs to the top...Riott distracts the referee and Morgan hops up the apron and pushes Bayley off! Logan follows up with a huge running dropkick and Bayley strikes the corner turnbuckles hard. Riott Squad now in control.


Quick tags from Riott and Logan. They wear Bayley down with rest-holds and submissions. Bayley attempts to tag out but Riott shoves Moon off the apron. Bayley lands a forearm onto Riott and is finally able to tag-out. Moon with a big combo onto Riott, ending with an enziguri. Springboard moonsault with cover...Riott kicks out. Riott reverses an Irish-Whip, and follows up with a stiff kick to Ember's head. Riott goes for the cover and Morgan tries to assist from the outside...referee sees it and tosses Morgan! Moon with the Eclpse out of nowhere onto Riott! That'll do it.

Ember Moon & Bayley win by pinfall

Commercial for WWE Shop. Ad for Monday Night Raw asks how the Superstar Shakeup will effect Raw.

Promo from the Shield. Rollins says 7 years ago they walked into the WWE to create a legacy. Reigns adds that they also created a culture due to their success. Ambrose jumps in..."Tonight we go out on our terms. Believe in the Shield."

Footage from earlier in the night is show, where Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre attacked the Lucha House Party to send a message to the Shield.

Main event time. Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring first, followed by Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. Corbin grabs the microphone and says that tonight will not be a happy send off for the Kurt Angle...will lose. Lashley jumps in and says that they're about to lay a brutal beatdown on the Shield. McIntyre ends by calling this trio the new dominant force of the WWE.


The Hounds of Justice are out we last time.

The Shield versus Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley & Baron Corbin

Rollins and Corbin begin. Tie-up. Corbin lands the first blow with a shoulder tackle. He celebrates and plays to the crowd while Rollins just stares at him. Second tie-up. Rollins wins this exchange with a flush dropkick. Ambrose tags in and the crowd goes wild. Sliding lariat from Ambrose...tandem offense with Rollins. Corbin is able to tag in Lashley who goes right at Ambrose. He gets thrown into the Shield's corner...triple-team by the Shield ending with a big boot from Reigns. McIntyre tags in...he and Reigns stare each other down before going at it.

Reigns and McIntyre trade strikes...Reigns catches McIntyre with a samoan drop. Ambrose back in...he tosses McIntyre to ringside, then follows up with a suicide dive. As he climbs back into the ring...McIntyre nails him with a running elbow sending him to the arena floor. Corbin and Lashley jump to the outside for the 2-on-1 advantage. They stomp Ambrose down before tossing him back into the ring.

The heels work over Ambrose. Lashley wears him down with a foot to the throat, then hits a snap-suplex. Lashley taunts Reigns and Rollins which distracts the referee and allows McIntyre and Corbin to land more cheap shots on a prone Ambrose. Corbin tags in. Big right hand to Ambrose's gut. Crowd tries to rally Ambrose back into the match. He ties up Corbin in a Figure-Four! McIntyre comes in and rakes Ambrose's eyes. He goes for a suplex...Ambrose reverses it! Ambrose goes for the tag but can't see because of the eye-rake. Lashley cuts him off and takes Ambrose down with a belly-to-belly. More taunting from the heels...Reigns grabs a chair but never uses it.


Back in the ring McIntyre goes for a lariat...Ambrose ducks and hits a neckbreaker! He makes the hot tag to Rollins! The Universal champion comes in hot! Sling-blade to Corbin! Springboard plancha onto McIntyre! Rollins dodges an attack from Corbin...superkick! He calls for the stomp...McIntyre runs in which allows Corbin to hit a clubbing clothesline from behind. Lashley and Corbin get Rollins to the top for double-superplex attempt...Rollins knocks them both off! Flying crossbody! Rollins rolls and tags in Reigns! Reigns takes out Lashely with a slew of power moves! Superman punch to Corbin! Superman Punch to Lashley! Reigns tags in Ambrose! Flying elbow onto Lashley nearly wins it but McIntyre breaks up the pin again. Double-suplex but Rollins breaks it up! Superkick and rebound Lariat! Reigns out of nowhere with a spear onto Lashley! Rollins stomps McIntyre! Dirty Deeds to Corbin! Ambrose tags in Rollins and Reigns...TRIPLE POWERBOMB TO CORBIN. Goodnight Sally.

The Shield wins by pinfall

After a few moments of celebrating, Rollins grabs a microphone. Loud "Thank you Ambrose" chants from the crowd, followed by "Please don't go." Rollins tells the crowd they tried that one already. He says that beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the Universal Championship was a culmination of his last 15 years in the business, but that it wouldn't have been possible without the Shield brotherhood. "I love you," says Rollins, before passing the microphone to Ambrose.


Ambrose puts over Moline for being where Rollins grew up. He says that if you work hard and follow your can be Universal Champion just like he did. He commends Reigns for fighting for his life, then says that the power of the Shield is proof that anything is possible. They strike the Shield pose one last time, while Rollins holds his title high in the air.

That's the show friends.