Tessa Blanchard Discusses Training WOW Roster Five Days A Week, Teases Her Match At AAA MSG Show

Outside of WrestleMania 35 and the G1 Supercard last week, another big wrestling event took place at Impact's United We Stand. Before the event, Tessa Blanchard was part of a media Q&A where she talked about her role at Women of Wrestling (WOW) and the promotion possibly working with Impact.

"Who knows? WOW and Impact are both different brands, but Tessa Blanchard never changes. I'm the same Tessa Blanchard there as with Impact," Blanchard told Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman.

"One thing about WOW that I love is that we're taking women from all different parts of life. We have girls from jiu jitsu and an MMA background. We have mothers. We have students. We have people from everyday life who found this love for professional wrestling."

Blanchard is the current WOW champion but she's more than just an in-ring performer as she also helps train the other WOW wrestlers.

"I live in Long Beach now and I train those girls for five days a week when I'm not on the road," revealed Blanchard. "To watch them grow from scratch, it's just a really cool thing for me.

"Some people think they're just actresses and not professional wrestlers. But that just shows how close-minded people are because they can do it."

Blanchard's father is Tully Blanchard of the Four Horseman and her stepfather is former wrestler Magnum T.A. so she was privy to lots of advice while growing up. She is now in the role of giving advice and relayed what she tells young and aspiring wrestlers.

"To always stay hungry. My stepdad told me one day, probably about five years ago when I was just starting my training, to go out there and become undeniable. That's something that's always stuck with me over the years and I feel like I've done that," Blanchard said before adding that she has accomplished things that no other woman has such as being a part of the first ever televised women's match in China.

Apart from Impact and WOW, Blanchard is also working for Lucha Libre AAA and they recently announced they will be coming to Madison Square Garden in September. Blanchard talked about being in a hotel in New York five years ago, looking at MSG and saying I'm gonna wrestle there one day. With AAA, she will finally get her chance.

"Never did I think it would actually happen realistically, so it still feels crazy to me. Just standing in The Garden today, there's an aura about that building that's second to none," said Blanchard.

Blanchard also teased that her Impact feud with Taya Valkyrie could spill over at the AAA show and that Valkyrie wouldn't be Knockouts Champion without some help.

"She wouldn't be [champion] if it wasn't because of Gail Kim. Taya has never beaten me in a fair fight one-on-one. Taya has always needed a stipulation or a special guest referee or something that puts the odds in her favor," stated Blanchard. "Because I am a top athlete and one of the best, if not the best professional wrestler in Impact Wrestling, I feel like they have stacked the odds against me a little bit in Taya's favor. So, maybe Madison Square Garden's the place I take that title back."

Blanchard has experienced lots of success in Impact in a short amount of time. She revealed that her ability to have control over herself and her character is a big reason for that.

"I've gone places where they've told me what I need to do, what I need to say, who I need to be, what moves I need to perform," said Blanchard. "And at Impact I get to just be me. I have creative control to be me and do what I want. To show people this is what Tessa Blanchard's about and if you don't like it, tough sh**."

The full media scrum with Callis was on Tuesday's special episode of the WINCLY, which you can check out below. The episode also include Nick recapping his WWE WrestleMania 35 weekend, the full audio from Don Callis' Impact Wrestling United We Stand press scrum and more.

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