No one would ever confuse The Miz with The Rock…unless Vince McMahon was pulling the strings. Miz told a story recently on Barstool Sports in which McMahon convinced him and the WWE Universe, at least for a couple of seconds, that the A-Lister was actually The Great One.

Miz says that Vince wanted him to portray The Rock even with their physical differences. “I am not 6’5″. I am not Samoan. I don’t have tattoos. I am not bald…” Miz said before Vince assured him that people would believe that he was The Rock.

“By the way this was when I was WWE Champion. I needed to make my mark because people were saying I was getting overshadowed by The Rock and John Cena. You know I was an up-and-comer.”

Miz then said that if Vince believes it, then he does as well and he dressed as The Rock by wearing one of his shirts, his signature shades, putting a bald cap on his head and mimicking the mannerisms of The Rock.

Once The Rock’s music hit and the crowd went wild, Miz was supposed to appear. But Vince had a plan for how he wanted Miz to appear from behind the curtain.

“He goes ‘WAIT! WAIT!…Now,'” Miz said of Vince’s instructions. “He waited for the audience to come back down. I enter the arena and all of a sudden I hear another eruption. They believe it’s The Rock! But it’s me.

“I do my Rock stance, I walk out as only The Rock can and they’re still going. I’m like, ‘When are they gonna know that it’s not The Rock?’ I take off my sunglasses like The Rock does and they’re still going! They erupt again even though I have blue eyes!

“Then I started walking down and they finally started to getting that it was me and they were like, ‘Aww. Booo!’ and I’m the bad guy and it worked to a tee.”

After Miz returned to backstage he asked Vince how he knew the crowd would fall for it. Vince said “I told you! They wanted to believe so much that it was The Rock that they didn’t care. They didn’t even look. They saw and heard the music. They’re not even looking at you. They are just mesmerized by the moment!”

“I went, ‘This guy’s a genius. Absolute genius'” said The Miz.

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