UFC's Colby Covington On Recent Talks With Paul Heyman And Brock Lesnar, Interest In Going To WWE

Colby Covington has crafted the persona of a heel in mixed martial arts and he calls himself the "super villain of the UFC." Covington, who is a former interim UFC Welterweight Champion, can trash talk with the best of them and his promo skills are on par, or better, than many WWE wrestlers.


Covington's mic work has gotten high praise from a number of people in the wrestling industry including Paul Heyman. He talked about running into Heyman and Brock Lesnar recently and the words of encouragement they offered up.

"Oh man, it was really good," Covington said on Submission Radio. "Yeah, I got to speak at length with Paul Heyman a couple of months ago, like two months ago, three months ago when WWE was here for Monday Night Raw.

"They were in Miami at American Airlines arena and I went backstage, got to chat with him a little bit, saw Brock Lesnar, he gave me a pound. [He] was like, 'keep it up man, love what you're doing champ.' Yeah, and Paul was just giving me some tips, man, and this and that. And he was like, 'man, you're perfect for pro wrestling. I love what you're doing and keep up the hard work, you know, the power of the promo is real.'"


Covington got his feet wet in the world of pro wrestling by making some appearances for Impact Wrestling in 2017. He was in the corner of Bobby Lashley who is a former MMA teammate, and because of Lashley, Covington is on the WWE's radar.

"We got a good connection over there, because my teammate Bobby Lashley and his agent, who's also my agent, Dan Lambert. Mr. Dan Lambert, who owns American Top Team, he keeps in touch with him, and [WWE] definitely know who I am and see what I'm doing," stated Covington. "And most of them, even like Paul Heyman was like, 'man, Colby, you're doing pro wrestling better than pro wrestling's doing it.'

"So, we've got some connections over there, we're talking. And obviously Ronda Rousey, I got a lot of love for her, she's one of my friends, and so I might be there supporting her and my teammate Bobby Lashley this weekend."