WWE Hall Of Famer Says Sasha Banks 'Made The Biggest Mistake Of Her Wrestling Career'

Since her match at WrestleMania 35 along with Bayley against the IIconics, Natalya & Beth Phoenix, and Nia Jax & Tamina, Sasha Banks has been missing from television. Reportedly, this is due to her frustrations with creative, particularly with her late notice of losing the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship to the IIconics at MetLife stadium.

Over the past couple of years, Banks has expressed dissatisfaction with her direction in WWE in previous interviews. In addition to it being nearly two years since she has been Women's Champion, her four title reigns spanning from July 25, 2016 to August 28, 2017 lasted only a total of 82 days.

Despite these factors, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas adamantly disapproves of Banks' desire to quit the company. In a recent interview with Boston Wrestling MWF, Atlas shared his thoughts on the situation, feeling that Banks is making a bad decision to hold WWE up while she is sitting at home. To Atlas, Banks is making a "power play," which will backfire. He feels that WWE will fire Banks for "putting fear into her employee."

"They never fire you on the spot," said Atlas. "You always get it at home. That's why they say go home and think about it. Now what they do, they have a meeting. Now, if she [does] decide to come back, they're going to destroy her. Her career is over. They'll job her out. She lost [reliability], because what she... just told them, 'you can't trust me.' That's all she did. She let the wrestling world [down], and not just the wrestling world; everybody [who is] affiliated with the WWE is looking at it the same way."

Atlas stated that "WWE don't need Sasha Banks; Sasha Banks needs WWE, "and Banks will find herself going "lower and lower on the totem pole" without the backing of WWE. He also believes that "every woman in the WWE celebrated" when word got around that she wants to quit, because it opens up an opportunity for them.

"You know how many women right now [are] kissing up to Triple H, kissing up to Stephanie [McMahon] and saying, 'who are you gonna put in that spot?' She left a spot. They're glad she's gone. Every woman there is glad Sasha's gone. She's gone. Vince is not going to let [her do that]. If Vince let her do that, [this is] what you gotta understand, he just told every wrestler there that they could do that."

Knowing that Vince McMahon is a smart businessman and "don't get into nothing without first having a way out," Atlas feels that Banks could be making the worst decision of her wrestling career.

"She made the biggest mistake of her wrestling career," said Atlas. "They would never push her like that again." Atlas believes that anyone who leaves WWE after using the company to gain popularity is "working their way down," instead of up, because "everything [else] out there is beneath him." He adds that Vince will "make it hard" on Banks and use her as an example to the other women.

Source: Boston Wrestling MWF