WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Roster Changes Begin, New #1 Contender, Six-Man Main Event, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Monday Night RAW Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Bell Centre in Montreal.

- The Superstar Shakeup edition of tonight's WWE RAW opens live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Michael Cole welcomes us. He's joined by Renee Young and Corey Graves.


- We go right to the ring and out comes Stephanie McMahon to a mixed reaction. She welcomes us to RAW and the first of a two-night Superstar Shakeup event. Stephanie calls on the crowd to give her brother a standing ovation, calling him the best in the world. Out comes Shane McMahon to boos.

Stephanie jokes about how they're loved in Canada. Shane has Mike Rome give him a grand introduction from ringside. Shane wants it done in French this time. Fans chant for CM Punk. Apparently Rome doesn't speak French. Shane says a few things in French but fans continue booing him. Shane and Stephanie go on about Shane knowing French but the "you suck!" chants start up. They go insulting the crowd before Stephanie announces that every Superstar is eligible to be shaken up from now until the end of SmackDown tomorrow. Shane hypes new match-ups and tag teams possibly splitting up. Stephanie says this is one of her favorite nights of the year and every Superstar begins their journey to WrestleMania 36 tonight. She goes to introduce the first new RAW Superstar but Shane stops her. Shane wants to show some of the moments that led to WrestleMania 35 and tonight. We see various stills of Shane bullying The Miz's dad George and beating up on The Miz. Stephanie goes to introduce the new RAW Superstar but The Miz's music hits to interrupt.


Shane readies in the ring for a fight but Miz enters the ring from the side and lays him out. Miz brawls Shane to the floor but Shane turns it around by sending him into the ring post. Shane unloads and dumps Miz over the barrier into the crowd. Cole confirms Miz is now on RAW. Miz fights back over the barrier with a steel chair and chases Shane into the ring. Shane retreats up the ramp, limping, as Miz raises the chair high in the air from the ring. Fans cheer for Miz.

- Still to come, Ruby Riott vs. Becky Lynch. Cole shows us more stills from WrestleMania 35. Also tonight, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and a mystery partner vs. Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin.

Ricochet, Aleister Black, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs. The Revival and The War Raiders

We go to the ring and out comes Ricochet for an eight-man match. Aleister Black is out next. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The War Raiders are out next, Hanson and Rowe. They do not have their titles but Cole mentions them. They are now on the RAW brand.

Hawkins and Dawson go at it to start the match. Ryder ends up coming in and keeping control of Dawson. Ryder brings Dawson to their corner for a tag to Ricochet. Black ends up coming in and fighting off both of The Revival. Dash works Black over in their corner now. Hanson and Rowe are now called Ivar and Erik. Ricochet and Black end up fighting off Dash with a big double team. Ivar and Erik, now called The Viking Experience, double team Black but Ricochet makes the save with a missile dropkick. All four teams brawl in the ring now. Hawkins, Ryder, Black and Ricochet clear the ring and stand tall as we go to commercial.


Back from the break and Hawkins is double teamed by Erik and Ivar for a few minutes. Hanson is now called Erik. Hawkins kicks out a few times but Erik continues dominating him. Dash tags back in and stomps away on Hawkins. Dawson tags in for another big double team on Hawkins for a 2 count.

Dash with another close 2 count on Hawkins. Dash keeps Hawkins grounded in the middle of the ring now. Ryder finally gets a hot tag and unloads on Dawson. Dawson runs into double knees. Ryder dropkicks Dash off the apron. Ryder slams Dawson face-first into the mat and decks him in the corner. Ryder with more offense on Dawson. Black and Ricochet run in to knock The Vikings off the apron. Ryder sends Dawson out and brings him back in but stops to drop Dash on the outside. Erik tags in and goes to work on Ryder but Ryder hits the top rope leg drop for a close 2 count as Dash makes the save. Black takes out Dash but Dawson takes out Black. Ricochet and Dawson tumble to the floor. Black with double knees from the apron to Dash on the floor. Ricochet moonsaults to Dawson on the floor. The Vikings send Ricochet and Black down on the floor to Hawkins. Ivar and Erik double team Ryder now. They hit the big double team leg drop on Ryder for the pin to win.


Winners: The Viking Experience and The Revival

- After the match, The Viking Experience stands tall with The Revival as we go to replays.

- We go to the ring and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor. He will face a new RAW Superstar coming to the brand, picked by The McMahon Family.

Andrade vs. Finn Balor

Back from the break and out comes Andrade with Zelina Vega a WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor waits in the ring. Vega and Andrade are now on the red brand.

Vega takes the mic on the ramp and introduces them. She also takes a shot at Balor for being ordinary. She goes on about how Andrade has been extraordinary on the blue brand for the past year. Andrade speaks Spanish as he enters the ring, getting the "What?!" treatment and boos from fans. Balor readies for a fight as Andrade enters the ring running his mouth. The bell rings and they go at it. Andrade drops Balor with an uppercut and whips him in the corner for a kick. Vega cheers him on from ringside. Andrade with running double knees in the corner for a 2 count.

Back and forth as Balor fights for the upperhand now. Balor sends Andrade to the floor and dropkicks him through the ropes. Balor goes to deliver a kick off the apron but Andrade puts Vega in front of him as a shield. Balor puts on the brakes and this leads to Andrade dropping Balor on the floor. Vega and Andrade taunt Balor and stand tall as we go back to commercial.


Back from the break and Andrade unloads on Balor in the corner. Balor dodges the running knees. Balor beats Andrade down in the corner and kicks him in the face. More back and forth. Andrade goes for the injured knee again as Balor goes for an enziguri with Andrade up top. Andrade brings Balor to the mat but Balor counters and slams him to the mat for a close 2 count. Vega continues to cheer Andrade on. Balor with a Slingblade. Andrade delivers a big kick to the head for a close 2 count. Andrade goes to the top for a moonsault but he has to land on his feet. He follows through with another but Balor gets his knees up. Balor ends up dropping Andrade near the corner. Balor goes up for Coup de Grace but Andrade sweeps his leg.

Andrade runs into a kick in the corner and he goes down. Balor goes to the top for Coup de Grace but Andrade moves out of the way. Andrade with a big back elbow. Balor counters the Hammerlock DDT with a roll up for a 2 count. Balor sends Andrade to the floor. Vega gets on the apron and taunts Balor for boos. Balor runs the ropes anyway and leaps over Vega, taking Andrade down on the floor. Vega ends up taking Balor down with a hurricanrana while the referee isn't looking. This leads to Andrade hitting the Hammerlock DDT in the middle of the ring for the non-title win.


Winner: Andrade

- After the match, Vega enters the ring to pose with Andrade as the music hits and we go to replays. Vega and Andrade celebrate as Balor recovers.

- We see stills from John Cena's "Dr. of Thuganomics" segment with Elias at WrestleMania 35. We also see a replay of The Undertaker's segment with Elias on last week's RAW. Elias is up next. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Elias is in the ring.

Elias talks about how his music is powerful enough to bring back John Cena and The Undertaker. Fans chant for Taker and Elias says he will be ready for him next time. He says Cena and Taker could be jealous of him, but they just don't want to face the fact that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Elias goes on and gets some heat from the local crowd. Elias goes to start playing his latest song but the music interrupts and out comes Rey Mysterio to a big pop. Fans chant for 619 as they go at it. Elias ends up retreating as Rey stands tall in the ring. Rey has come to RAW from SmackDown, Cole confirms.

Rey celebrates in the ring until the music interrupts and out comes Lars Sullivan. Lars looks on from the ramp and smiles at Rey in the ring. Lars goes to enter the ring but Rey tops him. Lars makes his way in but Rey keeps him back with offense. Lars finally manhandles Rey some but Rey fights free. Rey keeps fighting out of Sullivan's holds until Lars finally drives him into the mat with the Freak Accident. Lars grabs Rey again and delivers a big sitdown powerbomb. Lars stands over Rey like a madman as we go to replays.


- Still to come, Lynch vs. Riott. Also, Reigns and Rollins will team with a new RAW Superstar. Back to commercial.

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode vs. The Usos

Back from the break and we see Chad Gable and Bobby Roode finishing up their entrance in the ring. Roode takes the mic and begins his heel promo about how they can beat any tag team in WWE. Gable says they are on their game tonight. Gable issues a challenge for any other tag team to come face them. The music hits and out come The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. They have joined the RAW roster.

Gable and Jimmy start off and go at it. Fans chant for The Usos. Jey ends up coming in and dropping Roode off the apron, then taking Gable back down. Roode comes from behind from the floor, allowing Gable to drop Jey from behind off the distraction. Gable knocks Jey to the floor and Roode decks him as the referee isn't looking. Roode tags in and launches Jey into the barrier. Gable talks trash to Jey while he's down.

Roode brings Jey back into the ring for a 2 count. Roode mounts Jey and pounds away. Gable tags back in and keeps Jey down with a submission as fans try to rally for The Usos. Gable comes back in and keeps Jey down. Jimmy finally gets the tag as Gable comes back in. Jimmy unloads and hits the Samoan Drop. Jimmy with a running shot into the corner for a close 2 count. Jimmy runs into a big uppercut. Gable ends up applying an armbar on the ropes, testing the 5 count by the referee. Roode tags in for a double team Blockbuster on Jimmy for a close 2 count.


Roode and Gable tag in for the double team but it backfires. Uso misses a superkick and Gable rolls him up for 2. Jey tags back in but Gable doesn't see it. Gable eats a superkick. Jey also superkicks Roode off the apron. Gable takes a double superkick from The Usos. The Usos go to opposite corners and hit the big double Superfly Splash on Gable for the pin to win.

Winners: The Usos

- After the match, The Usos stand tall as their music hits. We go to replays.

- Cole leads us to a look at Roman Reigns' recent return to action. Still to come, Reigns and Seth Rollins will team with a mystery partner.

- We go to the stage and out comes Alexa Bliss for "A Moment of Bliss" with Sami Zayn. Bliss takes her seat at her set as we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Alexa Bliss welcome us to the Superstar Shakeup edition of A Moment of Bliss. She says this could be her final night on RAW, so she wanted to give us a proper goodbye in French, which is why she booked Montreal's own Sami Zayn for her guest. Bliss introduces Sami and out he comes to a pop, playing up to the crowd on the stage.

Sami and the crowd had so much fun doing his entrance that they do it again. Sami takes a bow as fans continue cheering for him and singing along. Fans chant for Sami as his music stops and he takes his seat. They start the music up again and Sami gets into it once again, as does the crowd. Sami refers to the crowd as "fish in a barrel" and shows how he can keep controlling them, saying he could do this all night. Bliss says she can speak for everyone in the crowd when she says it's fantastic to have him back on RAW. Sami talks about spending the last week in Montreal and says he absolutely loves the city. The city is great, it's just the people that he can't stand. Some fans boo Sami now.


Sami says he really didn't want to be here tonight and he didn't want to do Bliss' show, no offense. Bliss says he's rude. Sami says 9 months ago he would have been excited to come down but now the cheers make him sick. Fans turn on him with anti-Sami chants now. Sami says the fans project their un-addressed issues, their failures and angers, onto him, and he's no longer accepting it. Sami says it's disgusting and everyone should be ashamed of themselves. Bliss mocks and taunts Sami for trying to blame everything on the people. Sami corrects her and says he was born here but these are not his people. Sami says he doesn't even live here anymore, he moved to sunny Florida. Sami says he chose to leave Montreal before, just like he's doing right now. Fans start singing "goodbye!" at Zayn now. "Yeah, see ya in hell," Sami says. Sami walks to the back as we go to commercial.

The IIconics vs. Naomi and Bayley

Back from the break and WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The IIconics are in the ring, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. We see backstage video from earlier today where Bayley couldn't find Sasha Banks or get in touch with her. This led to Bayley promising The IIconics she would find a partner for later tonight. Bayley makes her way out and stands on the stage to introduce her partner. Naomi comes out to a pop. She has joined RAW from SmackDown.


The bell rings as Bayley unloads on Kay to start. Graves mentions how Banks lost her ball and quit, went home. Bayley takes Kay to the corner and in comes Naomi off the tag. Peyton ends up coming in and keeping Naomi grounded in the middle of the ring.

Naomi fights off both opponents as Bayley comes in for the assist to take out Peyton. Naomi ends up hitting the split-legged moonsault to Kay for the non-title win.

Winners: Naomi and Bayley

- After the match, Naomi's music hits as the winners celebrate and pose in the corners.

- We go to a video highlights package from the WrestleMania 35 main event. Still to come, Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott.

- We go to the ring and EC3 waits for his opponent. Back to commercial.

EC3 vs. Braun Strowman

Back from the break and out comes Braun Strowman while EC3 waits.

Strowman enters the ring and immediately starts in on destroying EC3. Strowman launches EC3 across the ring a few times and manhandles him. EC3 tries to leave up the ring but Strowman runs up and stops him. Braun keeps control and tosses EC3 into the LED board on the stage. Braun grabs EC3 and delivers a huge chokeslam from the stage to down below, sending EC3 crashing through part of the stage. Braun stands tall as his music starts up. The match never began.


- The music of RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch starts up while Braun Strowman is standing tall on the stage. Becky comes out, trades a look with Braun, and keeps walking to the ring as fans pop. We go to commercial.

Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott

Back from the break and the announcers recap the Superstar Shakeup so far tonight. A graphic shows that Eric Young has also come to RAW from SmackDown, possibly breaking SAnitY up. RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch waits in the ring. Out next comes The Riott Squad – Ruby Riott with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

The bell rings and they go at it back and forth. Riott turns it around and drives Becky to the mat for a 2 count. Riott works Becky over on the mat now. Riott fights Becky into the corner and beats her up some more as Liv and Logan cheer her on. Riott with another takedown and some rag-dolling as fans try to rally for Becky. Becky fights up and out of a hold. Becky with a jawbreaker and a kick to the gut. Becky levels Riott with clotheslines. Becky with a flying forearm. Becky with a Bexploder suplex across the ring now. They trade shots at the apron now. Becky goes to the top but Ruby cuts her off. Ruby brings Becky down and she lands on her head hard. Riott goes to the top and flies down for a close 2 count.


Ruby takes her time and goes back to the top but is forced to roll through. Becky goes right into the Disarm Her submission but Liv and Logan make the save. Becky flies out of the ring to take Liv and Logan down. They bring it back into the ring and Becky blocks a strike from Riott. Becky takes Riott right down into the Disarm Her for the submission win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

- After the match, Liv and Logan hit the ring but Becky easily takes them out. Becky raises both titles in the air and gets a pop as her music hits.

- Charly Caruso is backstage with Baron Corbin, Lio Rush, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. Corbin hopes Charly was sent to SmackDown. She asks about tonight's main event. Drew says he doesn't care, he only cares about getting his hands on Roman Reigns. Corbin brags on running WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle out of WWE, and says he will run Seth Rollins and Reigns out tonight. Rush takes a shot at them and their mystery partner before the group walks off.

- We go back to the ring as Natalya makes her way out while Becky Lynch is still in there. Back to commercial.

- They aired the laughing buzzard vignette earlier tonight after a commercial break, believed to be a teaser for Bray Wyatt's return.


- Back from the break and we get a WrestleMania 36 promo for April 5, 2020 in Tampa.

- We go to the ring and Natalya is in there with RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Natalya congratulates Becky on tonight's win and on the WrestleMania 35 main event win. Natalya goes on about what Becky, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey did for women in the main event, and how Becky became the first woman to pin Rousey, and the first woman to win both titles in the same night. Natalya brings up last week's promo where Becky talked about having two targets on her back now. Natalya says she's here to look Becky in the eye and let her know she's the best there is, was and ever will be. Becky steps to Natalya. Natalya says she's coming for the RAW Women's Title and Becky should know that.

Becky says she's spent years in the trenches with overlooked people like Natalya. Becky knew those overlooked women would be hunting her down now but that's the nature of the business. Becky goes on and fans chant "you deserve it!" at her. Becky thanks them but mentions how Natalya helped build and it would be her honor... the music interrupts and out comes Lacey Evans to the ramp. Evans takes the mic and says the scene in the ring is just adorable. Evans admires Natalya's ambition but the title can't be around the waist of a class-less, has-been like Natalya. Evans tells them to stop the nonsense of talking about a title match because she's already used her influence to get what she wants. Evans reveals that she is now officially on the RAW roster. She says what she wants now is the RAW Women's Title. Evans announces, per the McMahon Family, that she will face Natalya and the winner of that match will earn a title shot. Evans tells Natalya to stand by because she's about to educate her with a Woman's Right. She tells Lynch to pay attention because she feels like a lady can teach The Man a thing or two. Evans heads into the ring as we go to commercial.


#1 Contenders Match: Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

The bell rings and they go at it. Evans misses a splash in the corner and Natalya slingshots her to the mat. Natalya with more offense and the low dropkick Natalya goes on and tosses Evans out of the ring to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Evans has Natalya down, taunting her and talking trash. Natalya pushes her over and goes for the Sharpshooter. Evans ends up on the floor. Natalya follows and slaps her in the face. They come back into the ring and Natalya takes her to the corner, unloading with strikes. Natalya goes face-fist into the turnbuckles. More back and forth in the corner as Becky looks on.

Evans takes Natalya to the mat and keeps her grounded now. Natalya fights up but Evans takes her right back down and drops a knee. Natalya counters a suplex with a roll-up for a 2 count. Evans takes Natalya back down and drives elbows into her. Natalya finally powers out and drops Evans as the "boring!" chants began. Natalya applies another Sharpshooter and tightens the hold as Evans goes for the bottom rope. Evans gets the bottom rope and the hold is broken.

They go back to the floor and Natalya drives Evans into the barrier, having words with her. Evans goes back into the ring and Natalya follows. Evans catches Natalya in the face with the Woman's Right and lays her out. Evans goes to the top and hits an impressive moonsault for the pin to become the new #1 contender to the RAW Women's Title.


Winner and New #1 Contender: Lacey Evans

- After the match, Becky looks on as Evans stands tall and celebrates while her music plays. We go to replays.

- After the match, Charly Caruso approaches Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and asks about tonight's mystery partner but she has to wait. Rollins talks about how good life is for them right now, but life is not going to be so good for their opponents tonight. Rollins says the didn't forget what Bobby Lashley did to their brother Dean Ambrose last week. They go on and say regardless if this is their last night on RAW or not, they're going to tear Montreal up.

- We go to the ring for tonight's main event and out comes Drew McIntyre. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get another wacky puppet vignette, apparently for Bray Wyatt's return.

- The announcers show is what Braun Strowman did to EC3 earlier.

Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles

We go to the ring and Drew McIntyre waits as Mike Rome does a grand introduction for Baron Corbin. Out next comes Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush. Roman Reigns is out next for tonight's main event, followed by WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Out next comes their mystery partner and the newest member of the red brand roster – AJ Styles. Styles comes out to a big pop. We go back to commercial.


Back from the break and the bell rings as Lashley takes Rollins to the corner and works him over. Rollins cuts Lashley off and tags in Reigns for the double team. Reigns works Lashley over now. Reigns takes Lashley to the corner and in comes AJ off the tag. AJ takes over on Lashley but Lashley rams him back into the opposite corner. Corbin tags in and sizes up Styles. Styles unloads with chops and strikes as fans chant for him. They run the ropes and AJ connects with a dropkick. AJ yells out and plays to the crowd.

Drew tags in as AJ stares him down. Drew wants Reigns. AJ tags Reigns in. Reigns and Drew meet in the middle of the ring with some trash talking. They start beating on each other. Reigns gets the upperhand with a big right. Reigns with big shots in the corner now as fans count along. Drew catches Reigns with a big overhead throw out of nowhere. Drew with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt for a 2 count. Drew with a big suplex from the mat for another close 2 count. Drew mounts Reigns with right hands now.

Corbin ends up tagging in and taking over on Reigns. They go to the floor and Corbin runs Reigns into the barrier. Corbin talks some trash and brings Reigns back into the ring. Reigns fights back with big shots. Corbin catches him and chokeslams him into the backbreaker for a close 2 count. We go to commercial with Corbin complaining about the count.


Back from the beak and Rollins unloads on Corbin. Rollins with a Slingblade. Rollins runs out and nails Rollins, then goes back in to work on Corbin for a 2 count. Rollins superkicks Corbin in the jaw. Rollins prepares for the Stomp as a "burn it down!" chant starts up. Corbin gets kicked but he rolls to the floor to safety. Rollins runs the ropes for a suicide dive but he runs into a right hand instead. Corbin plants Rollins for a close 2 count. Corbin shows frustration over the count now.

Corbin works Rollins over in the corner now. Corbin places Rollins on the top and punches him. Corbin climbs up for a superplex but Rollins knocks him to the mat. Rollins with a Blockbuster. Lashley and Styles tag in at the same time. AJ unloads and nails a clothesline. AJ knocks Drew off the apron and nails a flying shot to Lashley in the corner. More back and forth between AJ and Lashley. AJ nails a pele kick, then one to Corbin. Drew stops a Styles Clash attempt on Lashley and nails AJ with a Claymore Kick. Reigns runs in for a Superman Punch but Drew intercepts him and tosses him across the ring, to the floor. Rollins stops a Claymore to Reigns on the floor. Reins with a Superman Punch on the floor to send Drew over the barrier. Reigns with a Drive By on Corbin. Rollins with a suicide dive to Corbin, sending him into the barrier. AJ fights off Lashley and Rush. AJ springboards in but Lashley catches him and drives him into the mat for a pin attempt as Rollins runs in with the Stomp to Lashley to break it up. Reigns follows up with a Spear to Lashley. AJ springboards in from the apron and hits the Phenomenal Forearm to Lashley for the pin to win.


Winners: AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

- After the match, the winners stand tall together as AJ's music hits. We go to replays. Rollins raises his title while standing in the middle of the ring with Reigns and Styles. The Superstar Shakeup edition of RAW goes off the air with Styles, Rollins and Reigns standing together.