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Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams vs. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

Barthel and Jordan start things off as Barthel quickly out-wrestles Jordan and works at his arm with a wrist lock. Barthel keeps at the arm but Jordan makes it to his feet, nips up, and connects with two dropkicks. Jordan dances along with the crowd but Barthel isn’t having it, and he gives Jordan a double forearm strike to the throat. Aichner is tagged in and he chops at the chest of Jordan. Amir feels the need to tag out and Williams comes in to the match, full sprint. He tries a hurricanrana but ultimately kicks Aichner in the lower back before he can finish the hurricanrana maneuver. Barthel yells in the duo’s face, allowing Aichner to sneak in the ring and pummel Williams/Jordan from behind.

Jordan is left in the ring with Aichner and he promptly gets stomped at in the corner. Aichner tags in while he chops at Amir’s chest. Jordan starts attacking the head with stomps, uppercuts, and straight rights. Aichner ties Amir in the ropes and he works in tandem with Barthel to connect with a double dropkick on Jordan. Barthel/Aichner stomp Amir some more in their corner, followed by a clubby blow from Barthel that gives him a 2 count. Jordan manages to get to his feet and dodges Marcel and Fabian as he tags in Williams.

Kenny hits a springboard back elbow, a clothesline in the corner and a running bulldog in to the turnbuckle. Aichner eats a kick and Williams delivers another, this time unorthodox, bulldog for a 2 count. Barthel slaps Williams in the face but Kenny stays on the attack with a back elbow and a dropkick coming outside of the ring on Fabian. Barthel comes out of nowhere and gives Williams a dropkick of his own. Amir comes off the top rope to the outside but Aichner catches him and throws him away. The duo continues annihilating Williams inside the ring. Barthel & Aichner attempt the assisted suplex but Williams rolls up Aichner for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

Aichner & Barthel are beside themselves in the ring as Williams & Jordan celebrate on the ramp.

Rhea Ripley is backstage and she’s asked about Piper Niven’s arrival to NXT UK. Ripley looks disgusted and explains that she only let Niven off easy last week because it was her debut. As she exits, Ripley promises to make NXT UK Niven’s worst nightmare. Niven will make her in-ring debut with NXT UK next week!

Backstage, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala talk about how big of an opportunity it is that the NXT UK Championship will be defended at NXT TakeOver: New York. Devlin appears and grabs the microphone they’re speaking in to. He tells Saint/Scala that he doesn’t get how Walter gets a UK title match so quick; meanwhile, Devlin has been left out of the title picture. He shoves the mic in Scala’s face, who tells Devlin that the contracts have already been signed and the title match will stay the same at TakeOver: New York. Devlin tells them that he’ll be watching TakeOver: New York closely.

Isla Dawn vs. Kay Lee Ray

The action begins with a lock up and Ray gaining control of Dawn’s arm. She wrenches away but Dawn shifts herself out of the hold and the two come to a stand-off. The two women start trading pinning combinations without much success. Ray knees Dawn in the stomach and keeps working on Dawn’s arm with versions of armbars. Dawn nips up to her feet, nearly overpowering Ray in the process. Ray stays in control, sliding to the outside and pulling Dawn’s feet out from under her.

Dawn manages to drop Ray face-first on to the ring apron. Kay Lee doesn’t stay down for long, soaring through the air and taking Dawn out with a suicide dive. Ray throws Dawn back inside the ring and gets a two count. Ray locks in an abdominal stretch and elbows at Dawn’s abdomen. Isla makes it to her feet, connecting with a belly-to-back suplex when she gets there. Ray escapes a fireman’s carry, hits a chop, a superkick, and a widow’s peak for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Dawn holds her arm in pain and looks on as Ray celebrates, posing on the ring post as the fans cheer.

Again backstage, Toni Storm talks about her NXT UK Women’s Title match on next week’s NXT UK. Jinny appears out of nowhere and starts pummeling Storm with shot after shot. She kicks Storm while she’s down and tosses her in to some crates as Jinny yells “that title is mine”!

We see a video that Travis Banks made where he’s talking about how he used to respect who Kassius Ohno was, but now, he only sees bitterness when he looks at Ohno. He promises to prove himself whenever Ohno finally steps inside the ring with him.

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions James Drake & Zack Gibson come out to the ring dressed in some swanky suits. Gibson tries to speak but the crowd is doing their signature “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” Gibson introduces the duo and tells the crowd that they are obviously not dressed to compete. Zack tells the crowd that he isn’t medically cleared to compete after Oney Lorcan broke his eardrum. Nevertheless, they are still the champions and Gibson is here to address the issues he has.

He starts ranting about how the crowd, the boys in the back, the people on Twitter, and even the people on commentary say they have a chip on their shoulders. Gibson says they have that chip because people have been supporting the wrong talent. He complains about wrestlers that use kickpads and flip moves. He talks about Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams, saying that the duo isn’t even close to their level yet; they haven’t gone through a fraction of what the grizzled young veterans have gone through to become the tag team champions. Gibson says that he and Drake are the new Gods and the locker room will start listening to them.

Next week, Travis Banks and Kassius Ohno go one-on-one!

Trent Seven vs. Joe Coffey

The two men lock up to get things going but Coffey knocks Seven down with a shoulder block off the ropes. Coffey catches Seven in mid-air but Seven escapes and tries to chop Coffey down. It looks as though Coffey is completely impervious to Seven’s chop. The two trade body shots and chops. Seven connects with a DDT, a body slam, and a leg drop for a two count. He tries tying Coffey in the figure four but Joe rolls to the outside. Coffey catches Seven and rams him in to the barricade, followed by a back suplex on the barricade. He tosses Seven back inside the ring and starts stomping away at him. Coffey pulls Seven over to the ring post and contorts his body as he bends Seven in half around it.

Coffey chops away at Seven and then throws him back inside for a 2 count. Joe puts in a half nelson and knees at the spine of Trent. Seven finally manages to make it to his feet but he isn’t up for long: Coffey ties Seven in a bear hug and squeezes the life out of him as he reaches out to the ropes. Coffey nails a belly-to-belly toss that sends Seven down in to the mat. He takes Trent down again and works away at him with knee after knee. Seven avoids Joe in the corner, hits a big back body drop, and multiple chops. Trent connects with a dragon suplex and an x-plex for another 2 count.

Seven clotheslines Coffey to the outside and attacks with a suicide dive on Joe. He tosses Coffey back inside the ring and climbs to the top rope, attempting a corkscrew senton to no avail. Coffey hits a double lariat to the front and back of Trent’s head but it’s only a 2 count. Joe hits a german suplex, a spear to the gut, and a powerbomb for yet another 2 count! Joe goes for another powerbomb but Seven falls to his knees and manages to put Coffey in the figure four leg lock. Coffey wiggles his way over to the bottom rope so that the ref separates the two men. On the ring apron, Coffey and Seven trade punches and chops back and forth. The exchange ends with Seven tossing Coffey down to the floor with a big back body drop.

The two men just barely break the 10 count back in to the ring. Seven ducks some punches and hits Coffey with a hard chop. Coffey snags Seven with an uppercut but he misses the springboard crossbody splash. Seven hits the seven star lariat but it’s only a 2 count! Seven gets to his feet but he can’t put Coffey away because of his bad back. Joe with a second powerbomb but it’s still just a 2 count! He turns it in to a single leg boston crab, followed by a full boston crab that wears Seven away until he has to tap out.

Winner: Joe Coffey

We see replays of the match as Coffey stands tall over Trent Seven.

The show concludes with an extensive video package capturing the history between Pete Dunne and Walter, culminating this Sunday at NXT TakeOver: New York.