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Intro song.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. They hype the evening’s main event…a tag team bout featuring the Grizzled Young Veterans taking on Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan. Loud “NXT” chants from the crowd. Also announced is former UK champion Pete Dunne addressing his title loss to WALTER at Takeover New York.

Gallus is on their way to the ring for opening tag action. The Coffey brothers will be competing, but are accompanied by Wolfgang. They face…Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo.

Mark Coffey & Joe Coffey versus Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza

Mark and Mendoza begin. Tie-up. Mark with a wristlock…Mendoza shows off some athleticism but Mark uses his power to keep him grounded. Joe tags in. Big strikes rocks Mendoza. Back suplex attempt…Mendoza lands on his feet and tags in Carrillo. He takes the fight to the Coffeys, knocking Mark off the apron and taking Joe down with a big arm-drag. He goes for a moonsault…Joe moves but Carrillo lands on his feet…spear from Joe sends Carrillo into the turnbuckle hard! The Coffey’s are in control in the early going.

Joe wears Carrillo down with a full-nelson submission. Crowd tries to rally Carrillo…he breaks the hold…Joe spins him with a butterfly suplex. Mark back in. Double-team attempt…Carrillo evades and tags in Mendoza! Springboard crossbody from Mendoza takes out Joe. Running enziguri to Mark. Another one from the apron. Springboard missile dropkick. Both Coffey’s on the outside…stereo suicide dives from Mendoza and Carrillo! Tandem offense from Mendoza and Carrillo onto Mark. They nearly win it after a 450 from Mendoza. Joe nails Mendoza from the outside and his brother Mark takes advantage with an enziguri. Joe comes in…hits the discus lariat and gets Gallus the win.

Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey win by pinfall.

Commentary shoots us to an interview with Kassius Ohno. He says that things have not gone perfectly for him since coming to NXT UK, but he still plans on showing off the “authentic” UK style that the fans have been missing out on. He calls out Ligero for being a poser, calling himself “quality over quantity.” He ends by calling himself a wrestling genius.

Flashback to NXT Takeover New York, when WALTER dethroned Pete Dunne to become the new NXT United Kingdom champion. Highlights of the UK roster talking about how great Dunne’s title reign was, and how they look forward to a rematch between the two. Jordan Devlin addresses the camera, saying he could care less if there’s a rematch. WALTER strolls up carrying the title over his shoulder. The two have an intense staredown.

Kona Reeves comes out for the second match of the evening. He’ll be facing…Dave Mastiff.

Kona Reeves versus Dave Mastiff

Tie-up. Mastiff pushes Reeves into the corner…Reeves taunts Mastiff. Second tie-up…Mastiff pushes Reeves off the ropes this time and the referee breaks the hold. Reeves snatches on a headlock…he tries to hit Mastiff with a shoulder bump but barely moves the big man. Waistlock from Reeves…Mastiff switches around and slams Reeves to the mat. Reeves takes advantage of another rope break to land an elbow. Mastiff fires back with a shoulder bump and back body drop in succession. Multiple elbows from Mastiff. He goes for a cannonball but Reeves slides out. He baits Mastiff over and thrusts his head over the top rope. Running knee lands flush against Mastiff’s head. Cover by Reeves…Mastiff escapes. Straight-jacket sleeper from Reeves. Mastiff gets to his feet and tosses Reeves with a snapmare. Both men bounce off the ropes…crossbody by Mastiff! Release German suplex, followed by a corner dropkick! Running cannonball…Reeves can’t kick out.

Dave Mastiff wins by pinfall.

Promo from Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. They say they’re super excited to be in New York City to wrestle their good friends…Mustache Mountain. They call Tyler Bate and Trent Seven the heart of the UK tag division, but they hope to represent Wales, and take their place among the great UK tag teams.

Dave Mastiff is interviewed following his victory. Wolfgang strolls up to trash talk Mastiff. They get into a shoving match, but security gets in between them before the confrontation can come to blows.

Kacy Catanzaro is out next! She’ll be tangling with former UK women’s champion Rhea Ripley.

Kacy Catanzaro versus Rhea Ripley

Catanzaro wit a waistlock to start. Ripley grabs her by the throat and tosses her into the corner. Handstand headscissor from Catanzaro but Ripley slows her down with a rough hair pull. Ground and pound from Ripley, followed by a little trash talk. She smashes Catanzaro’s head off the turnbuckle, then stomps her down off the ropes. Stalling suplex by Ripley. She goes for a pin but Catanzaro gets a shoulder up. Armlock from Ripley. Catanzaro breaks the hold…crucifix attempt…Ripley is too big and tosses Catanzaro off. She goes for a middle-rope crossbody…Ripley catches her. Another stalling suplex attempt…Catanzaro turns it into a cradle! Two count! In the corner Catanzaro gets caught again..Riptide. That’s it.

Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall.

As soon as the match is over Ripley continues her assault on Catanzaro. She deadlifts her in an elevated cloverleaf. Referee is able to break the hold and run her off. Commentary puts over how dominant Ripley has been in the women’s division lately.

Still coming up…Pete Dunne gives his thoughts on losing the UK championship, and a tag team main event.

Backstage Rhea Ripley approaches Catanzaro in medical, and continues to talk trash. Piper Niven shows up and stands at Catanzaro’s side. Ripley leaves.

Jinny is interviewed and asked about her recent loss to Toni Storm. She says nothing and walks off.

Kassius Ohno against Ligero, and Moustache Mountain versus Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews is announced for next week’s NXT UK.

Main event time. Grizzled Young Veterans are out first. Zack Gibson grabs the microphone and introduces themselves as the first ever NXT UK tag team champions. He says whether they are stealing the show at Takeover Blackpool, or performing in New York City, they are the best tag team in the world. Gibson says that a non-title matchup is the closest Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan will ever get to their titles. Williams and Jordan are out next…here we go.

Grizzled Young Veterans versus Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams

Gibson and Jordan to start. Gibson with a takedown. He works over Jordan’s wrist. Jordan tries to get to his feet but Gibson whips him down and manipulates the finger joints. After some struggle…Jordan is able to reverse the pressure and take Gibson down with an arm-whip. Drake tags in…Jordan monkey flips him. Williams tags in. He lays into Drake’s chest with chops. Gibson pulls Drake out so they can regroup. Gibson reminds Drake that it’s an exhibition matchup.

Williams and Gibson tie-up. Big boot by Williams. He smashes Gibson’s head into the turnbuckle with a bulldog. He takes out Drake with a pump kick on the apron. The Grizzled Veterans take advantage with a pair of basement dropkicks. Gibson and Drake quickly tag in and out to keep Williams grounded. Gibson with a short-armed lariat. Cover…Williams gets a shoulder up. Modified cobra-clutch from Gibson. Jordan stomps the stairs to fire up his partner and the crowd. Drake comes back in and decapitates Williams with a forearm. Snap-suplex and headlock in succession by Drake. Veterans in total control.

Williams lands a jawbreaker to break a submission hold. Gibson with a distraction…Drake takes advantage and stops Williams comeback. Gibson goes down holding his ear. Meanwhile, Williams tags in Jordan. He comes in hot nailing Drake with a series of strikes and a running crossbody. Roll-through neckbreaker from Jordan. Gibson is still down on the outside. Drake tries to tag out but Gibson waves him off. Jordan and Williams with a double-team…Gibson runs in to break up the pin. Drake with a deep backslide pin onto Williams…kick out! Jordan and Williams nearly win the match with a Swanton…but Gibson pulls Drake’s leg out. Gibson convinces Drake to not go back in the ring. They’re counted out.

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan win by countout.

Commentary shoots us over to Pete Dunne for his exclusive. Dunne says he carried the UK title for 685 days. He built the NXT UK division from the ground up, and he plans on returning to the chase to retake his throne. He talks about his pursuit of the inaugural champion Tyler Bate, before listing off his accolades in the WWE, including main eventing Takeovers, and appearing in the Royal Rumble. He says that he took WALTER to the limit…and now he knows how to beat him. Dunne addresses WALTER directly. “Give me…my rematch.”

That’s the show friends.