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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT U.K. They hype the evening’s main event…a tag match pitting Moustache Mountain against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. Commentary also reminds us that last week Pete Dunne addressed his title loss at Takeover New York, and hopes to challenge new champion WALTER to a rematch in the near future.

Ligero makes his way out for the opening contest. His opponent…Kassius Ohno…who issued this challenge on the last episode.

Ligero versus Kassius Ohno

Tie-up. Ohno slams Ligero to the mat showing off his strength and trash-talking the smaller man. He slaps Ligero, then forces him into the corner with a grapple. Ligero attempts an arm-drag, but Ohno blocks it. Sunset-flip from Ligero…Ohno is too big and refuses to go down. Ligero tries using his athleticism to gain and advantage…he gets struck with a huge boot for his troubles. Ohno clubs Ligero in the back. Big chops. Back suplex attempt but Ligero lands on his feet. Ligergo with a boot and a kick to Ohno’s midsection. A headscissor sends Ohno to the outside. Ligero runs to the apron for an attack…Ohno sends him face first into the steel steps! He tosses a limp Ligero back into the ring and continues his assault by stomping Ligero’s head. Cover…Ligero kicks out. Vertical suplex from Ohno with cover…another kick out. Ohno is in full control.

Ohno locks Ligero in a modified butterfly-lock. Ligero manages to power out but Ohno lands another strike to the head. Ohno toys with Ligero by stepping on his hand. Another boot to the head sends Ligero to the mat. Another. Ligero blocks the third and avoids a senton. Three-hit combo from Ligero. He nails Ohno with a series of pump kicks. Ligero climbs the ropes…splash. Ohno is out at two. Slap from Ligero…he goes for sliced bread…Ohno catches him in a tombstone but Ligero rolls him up! Kick out! Code-red from Ligero! Ohno just escapes! Ohno rolls to the outside…tope con hilo! Ligero is on fire. Ligero picks him up…sliced bread to the arena floor! Back in the ring…Ligero goes for the step-through stunner…Ohno has it scouted…he starts pulling off Ligero’s mask! Ligero tries to fix it…discus elbow strike! Ligero can’t kick out.

Kassius Ohno wins by pinfall

A Jordan Devlin interview is played from earlier in the day. Devlin comments on his matchup with WALTER next week. He’s upset that it’s a non-title affair, blaming General Manager Johnny Saint for protecting the title rematch between Dunne and WALTER. He says he’s not only going to beat WALTER…he’s going to hurt WALTER…and earn himself his own title opportunity.

Commercial for Money in the Bank.

Footage of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel from WrestleMania Axxess is played. They mock the set-up of the fan interaction stages, saying that everyone feels like they can be a superstar, but no one works hard to achieve it.

Back in the arena…U.K. women’s champion Toni Storm is out. She talks about her recent title defense against Jinny, and calls the entire U.K. women’s division one of the best in the world, specifically putting over Piper Niven and Rhea Ripley. She says that regardless of all that…she’ll be champion for a long time. Storm poses at the top of the ramp…

Kay Lee Ray comes out and has a staredown with the champ. She makes her way to the ring for the second bout of the evening. She’ll be facing…Xia Li.

Kay Lee Ray versus Xia Li

Tie-up. Ray with a wristlock. Li reverses the pressure. Ray returns the favor applying a hammerlock. Li gets a takedown…the two break apart. Ray challenges Li to a test of strength…Li gains the advantage but Ray hits a boot to the gut, then wrenches Li to the mat tugging at the arm. Li breaks the hold by landing a few strikes…she goes for a trouble in paradise but Ray dodges them. Dropkick lands from Li. Ray retakes control, punishing Li in the corner with forearms to the face. Snapmare. She targets Li’s shoulder with a submission, throwing a knuckle into Li’s ribs for added leverage. Kamura attempt from Ray…Li whips her into the turnbuckle. Li with a flurry of strikes. Snapmare and PK in succession. Li connects with a huge roundhouse…cover…Ray gets a shoulder up. Li climbs the middle-rope…attack misses…superkick from Ray. Widows peak…that’ll do it.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Interview with Piper Niven from Axxess. Niven calls Rhea Ripley a fantastic competitor…”But she’s also a bully.” Niven says we’ll see how much longer that’ll last now that someone her size is there.

Backstage the Grizzly Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) cut a promo. They call themselves locker room leaders, and throw out other superstars attire.

WALTER versus Jordan Devlin is made official for next week.

Mark Andrews is out…which means it’s main event time! Flash Morgan Webster is out next, followed by their opponents…Moustache Mountain. (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate.)

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster versus Moustache Mountain

Andrews and Bate begin. Tie-up. Andrews takes Bate down with an armlock. Bate uses the Johnny Saint escape to break the hold before takign Andrews down with a headlock. Wristlock takedown from Bate…Andrews uses the ropes to land an arm-drag. Webster tags in…double-stomp from the top to Bate’s arm. He applies a hammerlock…Bate fires back with a dropkick and tags out.

Seven comes…Webster nails him with a shoulder block but Seven doesn’t move. He tries again…nothing. Seven with a shoulder bump of his own knocks Webster off his feet. Andrews comes back in but walks right into two big chops from Seven. He goes for a third…but Andrews duck…DDT from Seven! Double-team from Moustache Mountain. Seven with a powerslam and a leg-drop onto Andrews. Cover but Andrews kicks out. Seven goes after Andrew’s shoulder with a modified cobra-clutch. Andrews gets to his feet…short-armed lariat from Seven but Andrews ducks and he tags in Webster.

Webster comes in hot…nailing Seven with a V-trigger knee. He knocks Bate off the apron. All four men get involved. Bate hits a middle-rope uppercut. He traps Webster and Andrews in the corner, then hits a series of running uppercuts. Bate with an airplane swing on Webster…Andrews tries to break it up…he gets picked up for a swing as well! Bate goes for the Tyler Driver but Webster frankensteiners him to the outside. Huge Saito suplex from Bate, followed by a standing shooting star press. Andrews blocks a double-team attempt by Moustachne Mountain…he hits a double pelee kick that sends them to ringside. Webster tags in…Andrews and Webster with a tope con hilo! Back in the ring…DDT from Webster. He tosses Andrews…450! Seven kicks out! Andrews picks Seven up…Seven with a huge chop. Webster comes in…he gets chopped. Bate back in…full-nelson/lariat combo! Webster breaks up the pin with a swanton! All four men are down!

Bate and Andrews lay into each other in the center. Bop and Bang from Bate. Webster with a blind tag…poison frankensteiner with a V-trigger combo! Seven breaks up the pin! Seven with a huge suplex. Burning hammer knee drop from Moustache Mountain. That’ll do it.

Moustache Mountain wins by pinfall

Bate and Seven celebrate. Commentary wonders if they’ll finally get back into the tag title picture.

That’s the show friends.

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