– As noted, Dana Brooke, Alexa Bliss, Naomi and Natalya were announced for the women’s Money In the Bank match on last night’s WWE RAW. Above is post-show video of Brooke being asked about her opportunities, or lack of opportunities.

“I mean, I think you said it perfectly – it’s the lack of opportunities. So, every opportunity I am given, I need to take full advantage of it. Every woman out there has been given chances, has been given opportunities, and this is my opportunity to show that I work just as hard as they do. I’m in the gym, in the ring. You might not just see it as often as you see them, but I’m doing it just as hard, too. So, not only am I going to be the Money In the Bank winner, but I will be the next RAW Women’s Champion,” Brooke said.

– WWE Producer Shawn Daivari turns 35 years old today.

– Mojo Rawley did not appear on this week’s RAW but he did take to Twitter during the show for a social media promo, which goes along with the recent “man in the mirror” vignettes that have aired for him. Mojo also faced Heath Slater at last night’s WWE Main Event tapings.

Mojo wrote, “When you look into a mirror, are you content with the face you see looking back? Truthfully, are you content? Are you doing your best to make that person better? Are you really doing your best? Or hiding behind a false sense of confidence?”

You can see his full tweet below: