Thank you for joining Wrestling Inc's recap of the April 24th edition of WWE Worlds Collide, filmed in Brooklyn, New York. Feel free to sound-off in the comments and enjoy the show!

Vic Joseph, Aiden English, and NXT star Mia Yim are on commentary and welcome us to Worlds Collide. They hype up the evening's main event, where NXT U.K. champion Toni Storm will defend her title against Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair.

NXT's Candice LeRae makes her way to the ring for the opening contest. She'll be facing... NXT U.K.'s Kay Lee Ray.

Candice LeRae versus Kay Lee Ray

Tie-up. Ray with a headlock. She cranks LeRae's arm over her shoulder and brings her to the mat with a wristlock. LeRae reverses the pressure...Ray retakes position. Nice sequence of chain wrestling from both women. Ray goes back to work on the arm before reapplying the headlock. LeRae escapes, then takes Ray down with a headlock of her own. Ray locks LeRae with a headscissor...back to their feet...code-red from LeRae! Ray kicks out...LeRae follows up with a crucifix bomb! Again Ray kicks out! Ray slows LeRae down with a suplex. LeRae dodges a lariat...she locks in an octopus stretch! Ray is able to break the hold by getting to the ropes.

Ray connects with a huge forearm. Fight spills to the outside...LeRae pushes Ray into the ringpost. She runs back inside...suicide dive from LeRae! She goes for a second...and hits it! A third! LeRae throws her back in and climbs to the top...double-stomp to Ray's back! Cover...Ray just gets the shoulder up. Lionsault misses...Ray takes advantage...superkick! LeRae fires right back with an enziguri! Both women are down! They just beat the ten-count. LeRae with a lariat. Corner elbow. LeRae climbs but Ray meets her with a kick. Ray with a superplex attempt...LeRae blocks it...sunset flip...LeRae with a top rope German! She goes for a springboard but Ray traps her in the ropes...superkick! Firemans carry from Ray...LeRae turns it into a poison frankensteiner! Rude awakening...lionsault hits! It's over!

Candice LeRae wins by pinfall

Coming up later...Io Shira battles Sonya Deville.

SmackDown's Zelina Vega is out for the second match of the night. She faces NXT U.K.'s newest roster addition...Piper Niven.

Zelina Vega versus Piper Niven

Vega taunts Niven by shoving her. Niven shoves her right back. Vega lands a few shots, including a leg kick. Vega is able to bait her into the corner, then ties Niven up in the ropes to keep her grounded. Vega with a very impressive 619...she turns it into a submission in the ropes! Vega grabs Niven by the hair and talks more trash. Niven tosses her to the apron...Vega with a forearm...she sneaks behind Niven...a twisting tornado DDT from Vega nearly wins it! Dragon sleeper by Vega! Piven gets to her feet and backs Vega into the turnbuckles to break the hold. Niven finally lands some offense...powerslam...senton...flying crossbody. She drags a limp Vega to the corner and climbs...Vader bomb misses! Vega gets to he feet...codebreaker! Running corner meteora! Vega can't turn Niven over in time for the cover! She screams in frustration. Vega climbs to the top...moonsault misses! Niven picks her up...Michinoku driver! Vega can't kick out.

Piper Niven wins by pinfall

NXT's Io Shirai is out next! She battles SmackDown's Sonya Deville, who is out second.

Io Shirai versus Sonya Deville

Tie-up. Deville forces Shirai to the ropes and lands several cheap shots while the referee tries to break them apart. Deville with a waist-lock...Shirai with a drop-toe-hold. Deville with a flurry of punches to Shirai's gut...Shirai flips to the opposite side of the ring, then nails Deville with a dropkick. Shirai climbs...Deville is right there and yanks her to the mat! Cover...Shirai kicks out. Deville unloads on Shirai in the corner with a vicious combination. Rear naked choke attempt...Deville transitions into a bodyscissor. She shouts at Shirai to submit. Deville goes after Shirai's fingers with joint manipulation. Back on their feet...Deville drops Shirai to the ground with another kick. Deville applies another bodyscissor, this time adding a hammerlock to boot. Elbow drops from Deville. Another pin attempt...but Shirai won't quit.

Shirai begins a comeback but Deville cuts her off with a knee to the head. Crowd tries to rally Shirai back into the match. Deville with a sleeper...Shirai gets to her feet and breaks the hold. Running elbow strikes by Shirai. 619! She climbs...missile dropkick! German suplex attempt...Deville spins out of it then lands an enziguri! Shirai responds with a huge palm strike. Alabama slam! She climbs...Moonsault misses! Spear from Deville! Elevated cover...she got her!

Sonya Deville wins by pinfall

Main event time! NXT's Bianca Belair is out first, followed by Raw's Nikki Cross. The champion, Toni Storm, is out last. Here we go...

Toni Storm versus Bianca Belair versus Nikki Cross for the NXT Women's U.K. championship

Cross goes right at Belair. She drops her with a dropkick. Storm gets involved, tossing Cross into Belair, who takes her out with a fallaway slam. Belair and Storm have a staredown. Storm offers a handshake...Belair denies it, slapping her butt in the process. They tie-up. Storm wins the exchange with a running dropkick. Cross back in...she gain the advantage over Storm but gets yanked out to ringside by Belair. Cross ties up Belair in the ring apron...Storm goes for a suicide dive...Cross catches her in the apron as well! Double elbows to the chest. Back in the ring...Cross hits a crossbody onto Storm...Belair is right there to break up the pin. She picks Cross up and Glam slams her right onto Storm! Pinfall but the champ kicks out. Belair nails Storm with a suplex. She goes for a powerbomb...Cross is back in to stop it. She hops on Belair's back with and applies a sleeper! Belair falls on her back. All three women are down!

Storm with running corner hip-attacks onto Belair and Cross. She goes for Storm-Zero on Cross...Belair takes them both out with a double-spear. Belair goes for the KOD on Cross...and hits it! Cover...Storm breaks up the pin at the last second. Storm and Belair trade shots in the center of the ring. Belair lands a haymaker. She charges Storm in the corner but misses and hits the ring post! Cross cradles Storm...SHE JUST KICKS OUT! Cross with a crossbody from the top...Storm moves...Storm-Zero! It's over.

Toni Storm wins by pinfall to retain the NXT Women's U.K. championship

Storm celebrates.

That's the show friends.