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The event will steam for free on FITE, which you can check out in the video below.

- Alex Marvez and Excalibur welcome the crowd to tonight's event and talk about some of tomorrow's feature matches.

- Justin Roberts and Jennifer Decker get to the weigh-in, someone is heckling them from the crowd. It's MJF dressed in a disguise, apparently he's banned from Starrcast and is taken out by security.

- Decker and Roberts hype tomorrow's show and bring Kylie Rae out as the first guest. Kylie gives high fives to the entire front row of fans before talking about her match tomorrow against Nyla Rose and Britt Baker. She says her happiness is not a gimmick, she's just being herself and is extremely excited to be involved with AEW. She brings up Jason Myers, a big fan of wrestling, who calls up his girlfriend and proposes to her on stage. She says not just yes, but "of f---ing course!" Crowd with a "holy s---!" chant. Kylie sneaks in a couple hugs with the happy couple before heading off.

- Brandi and Cody Rhodes head to the stage next. Cody cracks a few jokes, talks about an idea he pitched about having two bears (remember Burnard the Business Bear?) have a match right before winter, but then head to the back because they had to go hibernate. He says ROH hated it. Cody answers some questions. Says there are two Double or Nothing theme songs. Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman is in attendance and asked Cody what his mentality is going into tomorrow's match against Cody after Dustin called him an "egotistical song of a b---" in an interview with Wrestling Inc. Cody says he loves his brother, but the match is something that needs to happen, mentions the generational thing again. Cody comments about AEW and says the wrestling business needs this. Brandi talks a bit about partnering with Kulture City before the two head off.

- Sammy Guevara and Kip Sabian head out, the two will meet on The Buy In. Sabian weighs in at 180 lbs. Guevara heads out and weighs in at 185 lbs. Guevara says Sabian is only here because of a TV deal, he was on the Battle Royale before that. He admits he would do the same, and gets that Sabian is good, but he's the best. Sabian cracks a joke about Guevara's facial hair, but gets serious because he realizes they are making history as the first match ever in AEW. He comments about ITV and his home country. He wants to put on the best match possible and offers a handshake, Guevara shakes it and then lowblows him, flicks off the crowd and heads to the back. Sabian then tells Guevara, "If you want to do it that like? I'm going to f--- you up!"

- Out next are The Young Bucks, they talk about first getting into wrestling as kids and building a wrestling ring in their backyard. Along the way people started to notice them and they got opportunities all over the world. Thanks to that they met a lot of friends along the way. Matt continues that money was tight though and at one point he wanted to quit, but Nick said they can't quit yet, it's their destiny to keeping on wrestling. He says 10 years later, their destiny was AEW. All the long travel days and $20 paydays got them ready for tomorrow's show. Nick says tomorrow they will prove they are still the best tag team in the world against the Lucha Brothers. They introduce Dustin Rhodes next.

- Dustin Rhodes gets on stage, gives a bow to the Bucks and shakes hands with them. Rhodes makes a few old person jokes and then hypes his match. "This is the most important thing I've done in my 31 years in this industry." He continues that nothing he does will top tomorrow and comments about Cody saying he loves his brother. Rhodes says he's one of the last outlaws of the attitude era and takes exception to Cody wanting to end the Attitude Era. Rhodes says he is not a dying horse, he's trained his ass off for the match, and sometimes when you shoot that horse that get up and come for you. If it's his last match, he's going to lay it out all on the line. Rhodes then undoes his dress shirt to show his undershirt, which says "Dusty's Favorite." Crowd with a "Dusty's Favorite" chant as he heads off.