One main reason for the new WWE 24/7 Title was the USA Network, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

USA Network officials have reportedly been complaining for some time about the drop in ratings for RAW, in particular the third hour. The network has continually pushed Vince McMahon to try and fix the third hour as the 10-11pm hour of the show was always the highest rated, until recent years.

The third hour dropped so bad in recent weeks that WWE officials recognized they had to do something.

The move goes back to the idea of allowing top SmackDown Superstars to appear on RAW, and to make sure the blue brand show doesn't become a secondary show while it's preparing for the move to Fox in October.

USA officials have reportedly been sending WWE all sorts of ideas as of late, in an attempt to bring up the third hour numbers. One source close to the situation described the ideas as all terrible, but their best ideas was the 24/7 Title and Vince knew he had to take one of them.