Backstage News On Triple H Being Frustrated With Vince McMahon And WWE, Vince's Crazy Workload

Triple H is said to be very frustrated with how things are going on WWE's main roster as of late, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

There were reports this week about Triple H being the most frustrated person backstage each week after RAW and SmackDown. The claims were made by a man who recently spent time with three WWE creative team members. You can read a recap of those backstage stories, allegedly made by the writers, by clicking here.


Regarding Triple H's frustration, one source noted to the Observer that one big problem isn't necessarily Vince McMahon not being open to suggestions, but that they believe he's too far open to suggestions these days and that it ends up watering down all of the original ideas and storylines. Word is that there has been too much input from too many people on the writing team, some who haven't figured out that when something is changed in a storyline, it has a ripple effect on every other aspect of the story. It's been reported that WWE has nearly 40 writers on the team. It was noted that Vince solicits input on so many ideas, from so many people, that it leads to the product being watered down.


Vince, who turns 74 in August, continues to work a busy schedule with every week. The Observer noted that Mr. McMahon is often in the office past midnight, close to 3am at least once a week, and Fridays are said to be his "easy day" at work, but he still works until 8pm then. It was also said that Vince is mostly working and lifting weights while he's at the office, and occasionally watching some football on the weekends.

There is a question of how Vince is going to deal with his WWE duties early next year when the XFL launches, and that uncertainty has been a thing since the league was announced. Vince has insisted that the football league will not take away from his work with WWE, and that WWE will remain a priority. It's also been reported that many in WWE feel like Vince will not be stepping down any time soon. While Vince says nothing will change once the XFL launches, there's a feeling that this is just impossible, unless he spends very little time working on the league, and that seems highly unlikely because of how much money he's spending on it and how much he has riding on it.

On a related note, The Observer reported that Stephanie McMahon has nothing to do with the creative side of WWE these days. Shane McMahon pitches some ideas for himself, but they rarely get used. Triple H picks his spots to talk with Vince, but never does it in front of people.