Jon Moxley just about broke the internet on Wednesday when he spoke out about why he left WWE during a “Talk Is Jericho” podcast episode with Chris Jericho. You can read our full recap from the interview by clicking here.

The former Dean Ambrose talked about being unhappy with creative plans and working with Vince McMahon. He talked detailed one instance where Vince wanted him to say “pooper scooper” in a promo. He said, “Bear in mind that this is a billion dollar company, run by a man who’s allegedly a genius. And keep in mind that we’re all adults and we’re talking about stuff like this.”

The @Wrestlevotes Twitter account noted today that their sources in WWE are agreeing with what Moxley said, and that other people in the company are thinking the same things.

“For what it’s worth: I’ve talked to several people connected to WWE regarding the Moxley / Jericho podcast. They all agree w/ Mox. He’s not saying anything others aren’t thinking. One quote I got was ‘It’s all true, it’s a mess. And it’s not changing anytime soon. Vince is Vince’,” they wrote.

As noted, Moxley’s interview became the most-downloaded “Talk Is Jericho” episode of all-time within 10 hours.

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