Earlier this afternoon WWE announced on their Twitter matches for this week's RAW. One match that they announced was Baron Corbin vs. Ricochet, which one WWE fan wasn't happy about and replied to WWE's post.

The user wrote: "So as a fan we are supposed to get excited no build and no story. Ok, their both in MITB. But what's the heat to have the match. Did Corbin attack Ricochet after his match last week? Did Ricochet rain on Corbin parade after winning his match. Just promoting a cold match."

Baron Corbin noticed the comment and responded. Corbin went on a rant about fans complaining, which it's safe to say that WWE fans haven't been happy for a while.

Corbin's full tweet was: "As a fan, you cry if people wrestle each other more than once, you cry if the story doesn't fit what you want, you cry if it's just a match. I think you would cry if you picked the matches. Twitter turds are never happy."

He also replied to a few more Tweets like one fan saying it's their time and money being spent.

You can read Corbin's exchange with fans below: