Barry Horowitz carved out a 20+ year career in pro wrestling by putting other wrestlers over. He is one of the most famous jobbers in wrestling history and had multiple stints with both WWE and WCW.

Horowitz discussed the origins of his wrestling character when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Technically speaking, I started in 1981 with the WWWF and Vince McMahon Sr.," said Horowitz. "Vince Sr. then sent me to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling NWA Crockett Promotions. I got polished there and went back to NWA Championship Wrestling and Gordon Solie. From there I went to Mid-South which was Jarrett Promotions and only stayed there for a brief stint because the WWF caught me on TV and asked me if I wanted to rejoin the team."

Horowitz is one of the few who is still around who worked for both Vince Sr and Vince Jr and he discussed the main difference between the two.

"I think Jr is more innovative and more creative and up-to-date for the years now. It's time to switch it up," stated Horowitz.

As for his relatioship with Vince McMahon Jr., Horowitz said it was just a professional one.

"Just business. Say hello to him, talk to him a little bit. That was about it because he was busy. I would only see him just at TVs and MSG house shows," said Horowitz before adding that he had lots of support in his role from the WWE locker room.

"I think a little bit of everybody [supported me]," Horowitz said before naming Chief Jay Strongbow and George "The Animal" Steele as some of his biggest supporters.

Fifteen years into his career, Horowitz finally got his big break when he defeated Chris Candido aka BodyDonna Skip at SummerSlam in 1995. It was the first pay-per-view victory of his career and Horowitz was on Cloud Nine.

"It was just electrifying and overwhelming, but I handled it well. I was ready for it. It was a sold-out Civic Arena in Pittsburgh and was just iconic," stated Horowitz. "Plus, if I'm not mistaken, the Sudden [Death] move with [Jean-Claude] Van Damme was filmed there and I was in the same locker room."

Horowitz last wrestled for WWE in 1997 and he revealed if he's stayed in touch with them recently.

"I've been in talks with them for the last month in terms of mentoring or coaching," said Horowitz. "I'm also interested in [AEW] and I hope that takes off too for everybody's sake.

"I'm gonna talk to anybody that wants to hire Barry Horowitz as far as coaching goes. Either one I've gotta be biased with the WWE as they've taken care of me pretty well and are an established company. But, first come, first serve."

Horowitz would prefer a mentoring position with either company over potentially having a producer's job.

"What I would like to do is be a road agent or training in the ring the way I was taught. That's what I'm about. Not producing if they want some ideas, then fine, sure," said Horowitz.

Barry Horowitz will be appearing at the Legends of The Ring convention in Monroe, NJ on June 1st. More information can be found here. His full interview with Wrestling Inc was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player below.

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