After being off WWE TV since last summer, Bray Wyatt returned last month in a series of Firefly Fun House vignettes that feature a twisted take on a kids show with Wyatt as the host.

Known for his cryptic promos, Wyatt tweeted out back in 2015 he hid a secret message among eight consecutive backstage promos, but fans never picked up on it.

"Fun game time! Bet you didn't know that in 2015 I did 8 consecutive (backstage) promos where one sentence didn't belong in each of them. But together they make up a secret message, no one ever found it. You guys never look hard enough. First one to get it wins a prize!"

An individual responded that this is probably just a wild goose chase, but Bray assured him it was not.

"It took years before a brilliant fan found the Fibonacci sequence within a TOOL album. I have been patient, and you are incorrect."