Bray Wyatt Says He Will "Drop The Answer To The Game" Next Week, Ramblin' Rabbit Is No More (Video)

This week's WWE RAW saw another episode of Bray Wyatt's "Firefly Fun House" series, as seen in the video above.

We noted last week how Wyatt introduced a new character in the fun house, Ramblin' Rabbit. Rabbit was destroyed this week by Mercy The Buzzard, because Mercy didn't like Rabbit's "bohemian beliefs." Wyatt then shared a message on how anyone can be forgiven, no matter what the circumstances are, as he once was. The segment ended with Wyatt sitting with a bunch of bored-looking kids, saying he will see us again next Monday.


Wyatt took to Twitter after the show and posted a teaser for next Monday, noting that he will "drop the answer to the game" then.

Wyatt wrote, "I have decided to drop the answer to the game next Monday. Some of you have come eerily close, but know one has cracked the code. Until the grand reveal I have decided to give some clues.... #FireflyFunHouse"

Wyatt posted a follow-up tweet to correct "know one" to "no one."

UPDATE: Wyatt also posted these clues for next week:

1. Treat it more as a poem than statement
2. It begins with a question, answered vaguely several lines later.
3. Limbo


You can see Wyatt's original tweet below: