Butterbean Says "Brawl For All Fight" At WrestleMania XV Was WWE's Punishment For Bart Gunn

Wrestling Inc.'s Andy Malnoske caught up with Butterbean, a former boxer, kickboxer, and wrestler. Most wrestling fans will remember Butterbean from WrestleManix XV when he faced the Brawl For All Champion Bart Gunn.


Brawl For All was a 16-man single elimination tournament that took place in 1998. The shoot fight tournament was judged on a point based system: each match consisted of three, one-minute rounds. Whichever wrestler connected with the most punches per round scored five points, a clean takedown scored five points, and a knockdown was worth ten.

Gunn defeated Bradshaw in the finals via knockout on an episode of RAW. According to Butterbean their fight at WrestleMania was booked as a form of punishment for Gunn.

"It was pretty bad for Bart," Butterbean said. "Bart actually wanted to get out of wrestling and go into boxing and he had made Vince [McMahon] mad because of the whole Brawl For All thing. Vince wanted him to throw one, he wouldn't do it, so I was his punishment."


Butterbean knocked out Gunn in 34 seconds and Gunn was released from the company soon after. For Butterbean, WWE was interested in bringing him into the fold, but he didn't want to leaving fighting, so the pairing never took place.

"I never did, they were wanting me to," Butterbean said. "But they wanted me to quit fighting and that wasn't going to happen."

Butterbean retired from boxing in 2013. You can see the entire interview in the video above.

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