Carmella Deletes Tweet After Accusing Mandy Rose Of Being Unsafe In The Ring

As noted, tonight's WWE SmackDown episode will feature Carmella vs. Mandy Rose in singles action.

The match was announced after recent social media drama between Rose and Carmella on Twitter. The exchange led to Carmella deleting one tweet shortly after making it yesterday.

The exchange began when Rose commented on how Carmella stopped her from winning the women's Money In the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday. She wrote, "Wow I had that... WE h ad that @SonyaDevilleWWE #MITB #Robbed"

Carmella responded, "Robbed?! Or just poorly executed?? #karma #MITB"

Rose fired back and asked about Carmella's storyline knee injury. She wrote, "Aw how's your knee hunny? Also, go back to being a brunette, you're never gonna look like me. #MITB"

Carmella then made the tweet that has been deleted, accusing Rose of being unsafe in the ring. She wrote, "Trust me, I don't wanna look like you babe. You could never pull off both. Also, go back to NXT and learn how to be safe in the ring."

You can see the full exchange below: