It was announced earlier today that WarnerMedia has signed with All Elite Wrestling for a multi-platform launch of the new promotion. TNT will air a weekly AEW TV series later this year and AEW's special events will air on WarnerMedia's Bleacher Report Live platform. AEW's Double Or Nothing event will air on B/R Live and traditional pay-per-view on Saturday, May 25. You can read the full announcement on the WarnerMedia - AEW deal at this link.

The price for Double Or Nothing on B/R Live is listed at $49.99 for the event.

Another reader sent word that Double Or Nothing is listed for $60 on AT&T pay-per-view, $50 on DirecTV and $60 on In Demand. To compare, WWE Money In the Bank is currently listed for $44.95 on the Dish Network, which does not have AEW up for ordering as of this writing.

It's worth noting that Chris Jericho was not at the WarnerMedia Upfronts in New York City today with the rest of the AEW crew. As seen in the various shots below, AEW was represented at the Upfronts by Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Dr. Britt Baker and The Young Bucks.

Jericho did cut a heel promo to hype the TV deal and his Double Or Nothing match with Omega, which you can also see below. Jericho took credit for the TV deal.

"Congratulations to All Elite Wrestling for signing a television deal with TNT, Time Warner. That's huge. But keep this in mind, while Kenny Omega and Cody and all the other suck-ups are swarming around Tony Khan and all the executives, all the Warner executives at the Upfronts in New York City, I'm here in the dungeon, in Tampa, training for Double Or Nothing. I don't have time to put on a suit and tie, Kenny, and go act like a hot shot with a bunch of TV executives. All I have time to do is continue training, so I can beat your ass at Double Or Nothing and get that 'thank you' on behalf of AEW for getting that contract in the first place. Don't forget - when Chris Jericho signed with AEW, TNT signed with AEW. You're welcome," Jericho said.