After Double Or Nothing, Chris Jericho talked to the press about his match with Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes' entrance, AEW proving a point, his AEW schedule, and one of the reasons he left WWE.

Below are a few highlights from the post-Double Or Nothing media scrum:

AEW proving a point:

"I think the show tonight really proved a point from start to finish that AEW is a legit contender for the alternative to every other wrestling company going on in the world today."

What he thought about Cody's entrance:

"I'm not sure I saw it because I was too busy getting ready for my match, but once again you've got a lot of guys with very great ideas."

How he felt about last night's match against Kenny Omega:

"The build of the show was great. I enjoyed the match. I don't enjoy it sometimes while I'm doing it because it does hurt. After four months of anticipation, I think everybody got what they expected and more."

Busting Kenny's nose:

"I think sometimes people forget that this is a contact sport and I can't even really tell you what happened. I think it adds intensity to have some blood, as long as it's not mine."

His schedule with AEW:

I know what my schedule is going to be because I have it in my contract. Everything I do in AEW will be important. When I appear on the show it's gonna be for a reason and it's gonna be something big. I'm excited for my next show."

The point that made him want to leave WWE:

In 2016, I had my best story angle with Kevin Owens and we ended up second on WrestleMania. That's when I knew I had to get out of here. That should have been the main event."

Jericho also talked more about Kenny Omega and the future of AEW, which you can watch the whole press conference in the video above.

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