On Thursday night, one of the Starrcast II events was An Evening with Cody & The Bucks hosted by Alex Marvez where the group talked about a wide array of topics. The show was originally shown on FITE, included in their Starrcast II 4-Day Weekend Pass.

In the clip above, the question was asked about titles meaning something in AEW and how they want to achieve that. Nick Jackson first answered by pointing to WWE and how titles are almost meaningless there. The WWE 24/7 Title was specifically mention by Jackson, reportedly a creation due to pressure from the USA Network on WWE to improve its third hour ratings. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley debuted the championship on this past week's RAW.

"Just watch the WWE product," Nick began. "At this point titles don't mean anything. We want to put prestige back in the champions we have. We're not going to have a 24/7 belt. We're going to have titles that matter, and you know what? If it's the women's champion that could be a main event. If it's a tag championship match that could be the main event. We want every title to mean like it's the world championship."

Since the WWE 24/7 Title was mentioned, Cody Rhodes brought up feeling bad for Foley having to do it and how unimaginative the design of the title was.

"Let's be fair, we all love Mick Foley, right? Everybody loves Mick Foley," Cody said. "I felt so bad. He's standing out there, he's a living legend. What the f--- was he holding? Like, no thought! No thought went into that. 'What is it?' Oh, it's 24/7. 'So, what do you put on it?' 24/7! No thought!"

Nick then jumped back to also rip on the look of the 24/7 Title.

"You know what? Here's another thing, our titles are going to look good," Nick said. "Good lord, I saw a graphic of that new title and I almost threw up."

You can see their full comments in the video above.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit FITE and Wrestling Universe with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.