With Starrcast just one week away, the event's promoter Conrad Thompson took part in a media call in which Wrestling Inc. was a part of. Our Nick Hausman asked Thompson about The Undertaker being removed from Starrcast and if WWE made any concessions afterwards.

"No concessions were made to me. Absolutely none," stated Thompson. "It would have been nice if that were to be the case."

Thompson then mentioned alternative names to take the place of Taker including the McMahons and Shawn Michaels, but each time he was shot down.

"No concessions were made whatsoever…I booked The Undertaker through Get Engaged Media and wired my deposit to Get Engaged Media and I had a contract with Get Engaged Media and I was contacted by Get Engaged Media to let me know WWE would not allow The Undertaker to appear," said Thompson.

"So, unfortunately WWE is getting painted with the ugly stick here and I think The Undertaker has too and I think that's a little unfair. My deal is with Get Engaged Media who marketed and advertised him on social media. They had a contract with me and ultimately did not honor it.

"The heat should not be with WWE or The Undertaker. It's Undertaker's representation, Get Engaged Media."

As somewhat as a make-good for not allowing Undertaker to appear at Starrcast, WWE will allow Starrcast to screen a match they've dubbed the "Holy Grail." It is a 1986 dark match between Bret Hart and bodybuilder Tom Magee and is considered one of the most hidden treasures in pro wrestling.

Thompson talked about the timing and release of the Holy Grail special.

"It went exactly as I expected it would. WWE owns that footage and they have every right to show it," Thompson said about WWE airing the match on WWE Network before it gets screened at Starrcast. "I know the interest and intrigue is really high and I'm glad that someone put it together.

"[WWE production team member] Giancarlo [Dittamo] is a talented creator and that's what he's done for a long time. I was glad to see that he got something front and center that was near and dear to the hardcore fan."

Even though WWE will air the match before it reaches Starrcast, there is an added benefit in fans seeing it beforehand.

"Before we ever posted it, I suspected that the match would air before we got to Starrcast. Now that everyone has seen the match, now they get to ask questions about the match. We get to see Bret and Tom talk about the match together for the first time.

"More people now know who Tom Magee is than they did a week ago. I don't view it as a negative at all and I think interest will be up at the panel at Starrcast as a result."

Starrcast II takes place from May 23-26th in Las Vegas. For full information and schedules please visit Starrcast.com. It will also be available to stream via Fite.tv.