Former WWE Backstage Interview Dasha Fuentes spoke with Chris Van Vliet about her release from WWE, criticism of her robotic acting on camera, WWE changing often changing plans, and if she would get in the ring in the future.

Debuting with WWE in 2015, Fuentes worked her way up through NXT to the main roster as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer. Last month Fuentes was released, but a reason wasn’t known until Fuentes discussed it in her interview. Right before WrestleMania, she apparently did something during an interview on RAW with Roman Reigns that led to her release.

“My manager at the time told me I was being released,” Fuentes said. “I don’t want to name too many names, but my manager called me?and that was another thing, they called me on a Tuesday and I was told ‘After the events that occurred on Monday Night Raw, we are taking you off TV and you’re not going to WrestleMania.’

“I literally went back and I watched the interview and there a tiny little blip that happened but it was live, it was with Roman and I figured it was a pretty good interview and I could see the growth and consistency that was happening from week to week. So I was like ‘Series of events?’ and I was just taken aback. I figured I would relax and not freak out about this, maybe they’re going to send me back to NXT because a lot of people don’t know that I ring announced for NXT and that’s my passion, I love ring announcing.

“I was told I’d get a call the next week and told what was going on. Well, the following Monday after WrestleMania I got a call that lasted literally like a minute and a half and they said ‘We’re letting you go’ and I was like ‘Well, thanks for 5 years.’ and that’s it.”

Fuentes was asked how she felt about the release from WWE, after the initial shock, she had a positive outlook on her tenure there.

“I actually feel really good,” Fuentes said. “It was a shock being let go by them but it’s not the end of the world. It’s crazy because I dedicated five years of my life to them and I was injured last year for a good chunk of it. I got injured July 27th and had surgery August 3rd and I still managed to work over 115 shows. I’m an optimist. I truly enjoyed working for the company, I was able to travel to 47 out of 50 states. I got to see all kinds of different towns that I never imagined.”

During the above interview, it’s noted how much of a personality she has, despite acting fairly robotic during her interviews in WWE. She noted WWE didn’t want the interviewers aiding in forming biases, but found it to be a challenging task.

“It’s trying to oddly find that balance of not showing too much personality which as you can see I kind of have a little bit of it and showcasing the talent because at the end of the day it’s about the talent and what it is that they have to say,” Fuentes explained. “They don’t want us to skew any opinions or form any biases about what’s going on so for me that’s the hard part because I’m all or nothing.”

In regards to plans constantly changing in WWE, Fuentes confirmed that it happens often, so being flexible and rolling with the changes was ultimately the best approach for her.

“You know I don’t know what goes on in their minds up there,” Fuentes said. “One day something is 100% what they want and the next day they wake up on the other side of the bed or a butterfly flaps its wings and this butterfly effect happens and it completely changes. It’s one of those things where you have to take any sort of criticism or critique with a grain of salt and be flexible.”

When WWE originally signed Fuentes, it was to become a wrestler, but plans changed shortly after as she took on roles as ring announcer and backstage interviewer. Fuentes was asked if she would ever jump back in the ring.

“I would love to, I would love to,” Fuentes admitted. “I am no spring chicken anymore so I probably couldn’t wrestle every single weekend, but I would love to have some matches here and there.”

You can check out the full interview in the video above. Below was the RAW segment Fuentes was likely referring to with Roman Reigns.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Chris Van Vliet with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.