Exclusive: Willie Mack Signs Multi-Year Contract With Impact Wrestling

As announced via Wrestling Inc's Friday video WINCLY, on the Ringside Wrestling app, Willie Mack has signed a new, multi-year contract with Impact Wrestling.

Mack spoke with Wrestling Inc last night about his re-signing and you can find some of his comments transcribed in this post.

"Well, the contract was good and everything seemed alright.," said Mack. "Impact Wrestling ? I've been watching it since way back in the day when they used to have the weekly PPVs for like 12 bucks. The reason I wanted to go there was because of the X-Division and the six-sided ring but they don't have that no more. They have the best talent in the world, so why wouldn't I want to be here?"

In addition to his deal with Impact, Mack says he can still do independent shows which is important to him because he loves to travel and work a lot of places.

Mack hasn't received a title match yet in his stints with Impact, but he made it clear that championships are his goal.

"My goals are just to have fun, do my thing and wrestle. Of course I want to be the X-Division champion, but I want to be heavyweight champion and tag team. The only thing I can't go for is the Knockouts championship," Mack said before being informed that Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie said she is willing to defend her belt against men.

"Oh, well I'd be happy to win but then you look and it's the Knockouts title and you'll be like 'Uhhh, what's going down?'"

Mack presumably had interest from lots of promotions for his services, but he explained why he chose Impact over AEW or WWE.

"Any place was good but I always wanted to do Impact because of the talent," said Mack. "It seems like they're getting a lot of buzz and I wanna be part of that buzz to keep them going. So that was the choice for me right there."

Speaking of that talent, Mack talked about who he is most looking forward to getting into the ring with in Impact.

"A bunch of folks – like I really wanna get in with Moose cause I know he's a big dude and I'm sure we can make some magic happen," stated Mack. "Brian Cage ? I've feuded with him all over the country and different countries so I guess it's time to bring that to Impact. Speaking of Impact, I wouldn't mind having a go at Johnny Impact to show him what's good as I have some unfinished business with him."

The full audio of Mack's interview will be released on this coming Tuesday's episode of our WINCLY podcast. You can catch a brand new video WINCLY, hosted by Nick Hausman and Raj Giri, for free every Friday at 2 pm CST via the Ringside Wrestling app.

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